Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday - Just Checkin' In

Just checking in this morning.  Let's take a look at yesterday and see how I did.  

  • No cookies - Check
  • No chocolate - Check
  • No fast food (Mon-Fri) - Check
  • No coffee house coffee (Mon-Fri) - Check
  • No eating out (Mon-Fri) - Check
  • Get all my water in - Check
  • Work out at least 3 days - Not yet (why is this one so hard?!?!)
  • Minimal snacking - Not bad

  • So over all, it didn't check in too badly.  I didn't work out as my legs had just had it by the time I got home.  Will be doing this today.  Must. get. back. to. exercising.  I say it and I say it yet it just doesn't happen.  I also snacked more than I had intended to but just couldn't seem to get full yesterday.

    Work is still kind of a mess.  We have this one issue that's just killin''s a BIG issue but it's like all consuming.  My boss has been out of the office the last 2 days and she's not going to be happy when she gets in today.  No change in my grandmother's status...thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  This isn't all that unexpected but it's still sad to see it happen.  Not that I wish death on anyone but sometimes it's the most merciful choice.  My allergies are a mess.  We had a wicked windy day yesterday and it's kicked up pollen, weeds, grass, branches, you name it.  My nose started running last night, eyes got itchy and woke up with a headache this morning.  It's supposed to calm down today.  Hopefully my allergies do too.  

    I've noticed that a lot of the longtime bloggers are less inspired, motivated or inclined to blog these days.  There's been a few posts batting around about it.  I can definitely see why that would be.  I mean...if you've hit goal and maintaining may feel that you have nothing to blog about, especially if the main focus of your blog was weight loss.  For those like me who have been stuck at 30 lbs to goal for the last 4 months, it may just seem futile.  How many times can I post "I must exercise" before either a) blogger identifies too many similar posts and disables my blog altogether, b) I lose a gazillion followers, feel unloved and drive a screwdriver through my monitor, or c) I get off my ass and do it.  I'm hoping for C.  But I can see why that wouldn't be real motivating.  Then other bloggers seem worried about B (the followers part).  I know we all love having them and the support is fan-freaking-tastic, but really...these blogs are more like therapy than anything else.  Some think we don't want to hear about your kids or puppies or jobs or why Uncle Al isn't invited over for Christmas anymore.  But, personally, I love blogs like that.  Makes me feel like these blogs are written by real people vs some virtual machine that just spits out posts to keep me occupied while I should be working  have free time.  As for me, I don't care who I bore or if no one ever reads this again.  There's a great amount of accountability in this and I feel that if I were to disappear, I'd start gaining the weight back or just lose focus.  OK...those are my little thoughts on blogging.  I, too, have been asking myself what I'm getting out of blogging since I haven't lost even a pound in MONTHS.  I know what I get out of it.  I get all those feelings out that would bore people in "real life" to tears.  And poor Hubby doesn't have to sit through ALL my mindless ramblings (though he does get most of them).  

    Wow...very random post today.  I'm starting to look toward my next event.  I know I'll be doing one in April (thinking of a 10k vs the 5k) but might see if there is one before that.  Otherwise, it's just another Tuesday in Candyland.  Hope it's a good one for ya. How about some cute panda pics to make the blog more interesting this morning?


    jennxaz said...

    I love reading your blog and how you set goals and are real when you run into bumps in the road...I guess I just like how you keep it real...don't go away!

    Stephanie said...

    Blogs naturally evolve, like friendships. We share our lives with our friends and yeah, we may not be exciting all the time, but if ALL we had to share was weight loss stuff, it would get really boring, really quickly. I know that I care about the person as a whole, not just one part of their lives!

    Jen said...

    thanks for posting this! I've been so bad about keeping up with my blog partly b/c I feel like all I talk about is Mac and I'm sure that's annoying to a lot of people.. I am back in weight loss mode but my blog has never really been all about my band. I guess as long as I keep writing for me and the few people/family members that read, that's good enough right? I meant to comment yesterday on your blog about the hike.. WAY TO GO!!!! So impressed that you did it up and down!! I for sure would have died on the way up and then fallen on the way down, so good on you!! Proud of you!!

    Reggie said...

    Thank you for you post and your blog. As a new blogger and hopefully soon to be bandster I find your experiences very helpful so please keep it coming. I also appreciate the cute panda pics :o)

    Chris said...

    Panda pics are always welcome :)

    I see blogging as a kind of virtual coffee klatch - we're all just sitting around talking, mainly about our band journeys in this arena, but sure, life isn't just about the band. I consider you and the rest of the bandsters to be friends, and hope that the friendships grow and deepen over time as we all learn more about each others' lives.

    It's all good - so keep on blogging, please!

    JRD said...

    Manda, I love your blog - stay put lady!! I initially started my blog to get my thoughts out of my head where they sometimes race around like rabid hamsters on a wheel of despair. I don't really like the physical act of writing with a pen - I don't know why, but I would always start, and never finish one of those journal type thing. But I'm a wicked typer, and I can type 70 words a minute. I also love posting pics and stuff, so my blog was really for me to find a better way to get it out. Then I discovered blogger, and realized there was this awesome community of people, and they wanted to follow me!! I actually lost a follower this week, no idea why, but it's ok, everyone wants to read different things. That's not really what it's about - it's all about you having a forum where you can say whatever the hell you want! And thanks for your advice on the email responses yesterday - I'll have to go check that out!! Happy Tuesday!

    Becky said...

    Hey this was a great post! You re so natural about your attitude. is natural a strange wors for it? anyways thats what comea to my mind.

    love your check list. boy do i need to lay off sugar!!!

    very sorry about all the stress and bad times rolling around. wish you all the best <3

    Andrea said...

    I completely agree with you on the blogging thing! I started out writing this blog for me only and then somewhere along the way I started caring about what my readers thought. Then I realized that its for me and if they don't want to read it they don't have to!