Friday, February 24, 2012

BYOC & Stuff

OK...So Drazil's BYOC this week is a little nuts but here we go:

Okay - it's Friday - which means it's time for BYOC.  Bring Your Own Crazy!

This week I dipped into the family reserves (2 daughters and Rambo) and asked them what they'd like to ask you guys.

#1 comes from Rambo....

1.  If you were going to scratch your ass in public, which cheek would you start with?

Ummmm...I'd have to go with whichever side itches. Why else would I be scratching it?

#2 comes from Watermelon (11 yr. old)

2.  If you were a fashion designer, what's the first item of clothing you'd design for yourself and why.

Work pants.  I now this sounds boring but seriously...I am so freakin' short.  Petites are too long!  I'd love to have a pair of pants that I don't have to hem.

#3 is from me.

3.  Remember last week when I told you to describe yourself in 5 positive words?  This week - turn to your family or anyone next to you and ask them to describe you in 5 words and LISTEN to their answers.

So I'm at work and it's 6:30 a.m. so only one friend is here so far.  I could wait for my oldest friend to get into work so it's someone who really knows me but eh.  Decided to go with convenience.  So this is what she said word for word:
Determined- Honest- Hardworker- Opptimistic (sp)- Friendly (until someone gets on your bad side- hahaha jk)

It's interesting to me that she said "optimistic."  I think from a work perspective, I am.  I guess I spend so much time *itching and moaning on this blog and to Hubby that I don't do it as much to her.  LOL.

#4 is a repeat question and I'm only doing 4 questions today since #3 is kinda long-ish.

4.  Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

Blogland - Great week!  Lots of thought provoking posts.  I think everyone's got the commenting issues under control.  I found a few new bloggers and picked up a few new followers.

Real Life - Can't complain.  Week was going good until...

So now for the actual blog post.  My grandmother may have had a stroke.  We're not sure as we live in AZ and she's in IL.  My mom and dad were at the airport in Kansas City waiting to catch a flight home when my mom got the call.  She immediately changed her ticket to go to Chicago instead.  Very few details as of last night.  All I know is that she can't move or speak.  It could be a stroke or it could just be her body finally shutting down from the Parkinsons.  I hope to learn more today.  While I definitely feel badly for my grandmother, my heart just breaks for my grandfather.  They've been together 60 years and they'll most likely have to put her in a nursing home, leaving my grandfather alone.

Big Hike is tomorrow.  Still haven't decided about the ride arrangements, thinking of making Hubby suck it up and take me but not stay and then come back and get me.  I just don't really want to deal with the park & ride nonsense.  Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

So how'd I do yesterday?  Eh.  No chocolate or cookies but I did have Starbucks.  I had 2 hours to kill before picking up my dad at the airport and coffee houses are great for sitting for a couple hours and reading a book.  I'm OK with this.  I did get all my water in.

In honor of my hike tomorrow, your Friday Funny:


Chris said...

Good luck tomorrow! (what do you say to a hiker to avoid bad luck on the hike? break a leg?!?)

A.J. said...

For reals on #2!! If I ever own a clothing store its gonna be called "Short & Curvy" bc now that I am in Misses sizes pants buying has become very difficult. I am not "tiny" enough anywhere else on my body to fit into stuff from the Petites dept.

Also, I am so sorry for your grandparents. Best wishes for healing!!!

~Sandi @ This one time at 'band' camp... said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother, I hope you get some better news today.

Good luck on the hike tomorrow, you can do this! ;)

RockBand Barbie said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope she makes a full recovery quickly.

I so hear ya on the work pants. Petites are usually too long for me too. It is so annoying!

tz said...

so sorry to hear about your grandmother...It's too bad they don't have homes where both people could be together!

Ronnie said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother, that's always a hard situation. Can't imagine how frightened your grandfather must have been, either. :(

I'm still catching up, so I'm off to the next entry now.