Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back From Vacation

And I'm back!  Miss me much??  So before I get into the vacation recap, I gotta tell you about how tired I am.  For some reason, I have just had such a hard time getting back into routine and re-energizing since vacation.  It's like I need a vacation from my vacation.  So this morning, I get up and get dressed, drive to work, get out of my car, start walking up the stairs of the parking garage and look down.  I'm wearing my brown wedge shoes with my black outfit.  Seriously?  I didn't get dressed in the dark.  I even brought my black shoes downstairs with me.  Doh!  So off I ran to CVS to pick up a cheap pair of flip flops so I don't look like a total mess.  Against dress code?  Yes.  Better than brown wedge shoes?  In my opinion, yes.  

So onward to vacation.  We went to SC to visit my sister and had a really great time!  I'm a little worried about how they're dealing with my brother-in-law's prognosis and treatment.  He seems to be doing pretty well and has already beaten the odds but my sister isn't taking very good care of herself and that hurts my heart.  But we all had a good time.  The girls LOVED playing with their cousins and can't wait to go back.  They traveled surprisingly well.  So good on the plane and in the 3 hour car ride after the plane!  Very proud of them.  So in no particular order (because it would take too long to rearrange them), here are some pics from our vacay.
Ready to go at the airport!

Very excited about her first plane ride

Ready to snooze (yeah right)

We stayed at a hotel the first night before beginning the 3 hour ride to my sister's.  It started at Waffle House where the girls got free hats.

Ready for the beach in Grandma's hat

Maddie with her cousin Mathew

Lori loved the life jacket!

This little guy wandered over and said hello.

Maddie swimming against the current

Me and Lori

Me and my girls

Lori in deep conversation with her cousin

Maddie liking the boat

Lori just kept saying "Go faster! Go faster!"  Her little butt kept bouncing right off the cushion!  She loved it!

Maddie on the slip and slide

My niece showing them how it's done

Lori not quite getting it  :)
So there you have it.  I ate terribly...I went prepared to be good but wasn't prepared for all the junk food in the house all the time.  Also, I drank more than I thought I would and did NOT get back on the wagon when I got home last week.  It is what it is.  I've got my gym bag packed and ready to go today.  I'm attempting to get caught up but will probably miss a few so if something interesting happened, please leave me a comment so I stay up to date.  Nice to be home.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In The News....7-16-12

So I'm taking off for vacation tomorrow and probably won't be checking in so I wanted to leave you some food for thought.  News to follow...first...a small personal victory.

Yesterday, I knew I didn't have a healthy lunch.  I was in meetings from 8-1 and didn't bring a healthy lunch. I brought mac and cheese because that's what I had in the house.  I was faced with the same dilemma for breakfast.  I had a Clif bar sitting in my desk, a vending machine approximately 20 feet away and a Starbucks down the street.  I pondered and debated and finally decided that since lunch was not going to be stellar, I was going to do better at breakfast.  So I walked down to a new diner that just opened up and does some breakfast-on-the-go type items and got bacon and eggs.  I substituted bananas for toast and gave the breakfast potatoes to a coworker.  Better decision?  By far!

Also, I fixed up my tickers.  I still have my overall progress because it's important to not forget how far we've come.  I've added a new one with this last 30 or so still to lose to represent a recommitment to final sprint toward the finish (so to speak...we all know it never really ends and maintenanceville is a journey unto itself but I digress...).

So the news...this article bugs me.

NYC's fat ban paying off

It's not the article that bothers's the title.  5 years ago, New York City banned using trans fat in restaurants.  The article goes on and on about how people were against it for numerous reasons and none of those reasons came to fruition.  It then talks about how much less fat New Yorkers are now consuming because of this ban.  This is all well and good but nowhere in this entire article does it talk about WHY that matters.  WHY is this good?  Have we seen fewer prescriptions written for ailments associated with trans fat?  Is their obesity or high cholesterol rates down?  Has is actually helped the public in a tangible way instead of just saying "They're taking in less fat?"  The reason this bothers me is because NY is home to other regulatory type initiatives like the No Free Refills Initiative and the Big Gulps Are Evil Group.  I'm not saying Big Gulps are healthy but I'm a bit of a libertarian and I believe if people want to drink 8 gallons of soda a day and get to be 1540 pounds, that's their business.  As long as I'm not paying for your medical bills, I don't really care.  The title makes it seem like we're getting real results out of this ban but goes into very little detail, outside of purely trivial trans fat volume numbers, as to HOW that ban is paying off for New Yorkers on an honest level.  Questions, thoughts, concerns, confusions?  

Another story that caught my eye was this one:
I was waiting for another surgery horror they lost all this weight because they've been in a coma since undergoing WLS.  But this was not the case.  This father/son team got the lapband in 2009 and have been quite successful in doing so.  Both men were morbidly obese and for a teenager, he was starting his life on a very difficult path.  I liked this quote from his doctor as I think should serve as a good reminder to all of us who undergo WLS.
"The main thing we talk about is motivation," Liu says. "If they can't change their lifestyle, they aren't going to lose more than 30 to 40 pounds."
That might seem like a lot to some, but most who undergo the surgery have 80 to 100 pounds to lose. And if they don't eat right and exercise, they'll most likely gain it all back  
This falls right in line with our "It's not a magic wand mantra."  We can't argue with this and I don't think it was presented in such a way to frame WLS as "not working" or something that makes it "easy."  I also liked how they talked about what the duo can eat now.
Carbohydrates are pretty much off-limits as well, Matt says. Before the surgery, he would usually have a sandwich, chips and soda or a few pieces of pizza for lunch. Now he eats maybe half a chicken breast and half a cucumber. Dinners used to be double servings. Now he orders off the kids' menu at restaurants and can barely eat half.
It shows how the portions are cut but that he's not living off pudding and shakes. Overall, I was surprised to see such a positive portrayal of lapband patients in the news.  Usually it's the horror stories of WLS or the success stories of people who do it "naturally."  Don't get me wrong, I love the success stories but it's nice to see the positive side to WLS too.  The article wasn't open to comments so I also didn't have to endure the fat bashing that always seems to follow articles such as these. last one because things like this crack me up.  From the "DUH" section of the paper, 
Really?  I really hope this wasn't a government funded study.  Good grief!  OK...let's get into it.
The more TV kids watch in early life, the thicker they get around the waistline and the weaker their muscle strength, a new study finds.
I'm shocked.  How about you?  Basically they polled people in how long kids spent watching TV per week starting at 2.5 years old.  Then when they were 10 years old, they put them through a series of physical fitness tests and found that the more TV kids watched, the less physically fit they were.  *SIGH*  And why is this study important?  Because apparently people never realized this.  The article goes on to explain.
"Kids who watch more TV are known to be less involved in physical activity and less inclined to play sports, but we found there is actually a potential risk in decreasing their athletic performance with too much television," says Fitzpatrick. "This can influence their health as adolescents and adults."
So there you go.  They learned that not only are kids less likely to WANT to be active, they won't be as good at it.  I can't believe they had to publish this.  I can't believe this is NEWS to some people.   Really??  I guess I give people too much credit or something.  

There you have it folks.  Little Tuesday tidbits for you.  Tonight will be spent getting the kiddos ready for the trip.  I bought all kinds of things to keep them busy on the plane.  We'll see how they do.  I'm going to try to fit everything all of our clothes and overnight things we'll need into one suitcase and then give the girls each their own backpack with stuff for the plane.  I'm hoping it all fits.  I'm a little bummed Hubby can't come with us but I'm hoping it pays off with a permanent position and at least I have my mom coming along to help out.  She's crazy good with my girls.  I'm optimistic about staying mostly on plan during my trip as we're visiting family so more eating at home vs out.  I have plans to formally work out at least one day while we're there and try to get more activity in as I go.  **Special note to Jenn - this doesn't mean a vacation for you.  I've still got my phone and a reminder to text you every day.  Go get 'em!  I'm proud of you for working out yesterday...keep it up!**

I hope y'all have a fabulous week and great weekend!  Stay strong in your choices and confident in your journeys.  I look forward to reading all about your accomplishments when I get back. 
I kid! I kid!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 1 was good

I noticed my ticker gave me the dreaded warning that it hasn't been updated in 80 days.  *SIGH*  I'm updating it today to get rid of that awful message and that's all I'll say about that.

I did weigh myself this morning.  The trouble is I forgot to weigh myself last week so I'm not really sure where I started.  According to MFP, the last weight I had on there was 158 so that's what I'll take.  This morning I was 156.5.  So that -1.5 from last week and still 1.5 from my lowest.  At least I'm back on a downward trend.

I didn't eat terrible this weekend but wasn't on my best game either.  I had macaroni and cheese for dinner last night if that gives you an idea.  But I also made some really good choices out as well.  I'm probably not going to make it to the gym this week.  Friends are watching my girls today and tomorrow so I need to pick them up right when I get off.  I may try to hit a Zumba class but we'll see.  I leave for SC on Wednesday.  My sister and I are going to hit up the Y at least once while we're there and there'll be beach going and what not.  But there will also be some more indulgence so I'm just hoping to maintain this loss when I get back.

I went to Goodwill this weekend to pick up some books for the girls for the airplane and snagged 2 Size 12 skirts off the rack.  I'm wearing one this morning...a cute little solid blue skirt (a la Pan Am Air).  Gotta tell ya...feeling a little sassy in it and the best part is it was only $2.50.  I haven't tried on the other skirt yet but it's a wrap around thingie that I gotta figure out.  :)

Work will be busy the next couple days as I get ready to leave on vacay.  I've got meetings from 8-1 today...just solid.  Oh well...After Wednesday, I've got a whole week and a half free of this place.  How about vacation Monday DEMotivator?

Friday, July 13, 2012

How I Do What I Do

So I've picked up some new followers here the last week or so and have gotten some questions about my workout regimen, my diet, the band (fill levels, etc.) and so forth.  So I'm going to give a little run down.

Exercise:  OK...I am so hit and miss with this.  But when I'm top of my game (and I really really was for like 13 months and then slacked for 9), I combine cardio with strength training.  A lot of women don't like strength training because they don't want to get "bulky."  Trust me when I say it takes a heck of a lot more work than most of us are willing to put in to become bulky.  What it will help with is toning and inches and generally feeling good about everything.  Is exercise necessary for weight loss?  No.  Absolutely not.  Is it necessary to be healthy?  Probably.  I also don't think you need to join a gym to get your exercise in.  I do.  But that's just me and I don't get enough regular activity in to lose weight without it.  I'd love to get more generally active doing things like rock climbing, kayaking, etc.  And I'd love it if I could ride my bike to work, but that ain't happening but it all COUNTS.  For me...It's 30-60 minutes of cardio and then 30 minutes of strength training.  At least right now.  I'm training for the Warrior Dash and have to work on my upper body strength.  The cardio can be anything but it tends to be the treadmill.  Yesterday, I did 8.5 miles on a stationary bike so I like to change it up.  The classes I've tried and liked are Zumba and Step with circuit training.  I'd LOVE to try crossfit but the budget does not welcome it right now and it's my opinion that if you're going to do crossfit, you must go to a certified place because you risk serious injury if you don't do it right.

Wanted to add that despite my unmotivation yesterday, I DID go to the gym.  I got in a great workout and felt good about it.  Must remember how nice it feels.  Not working out today as we're going swimming but I'll be sure to tread water and run around in the pool to get some activity in.  :)

Food:  The goal is Paleo.  That is no processed food at all (no grains, rice, pasta, dairy, anything from a box).  Try to eat as naturally and organically as possible, the way caveman did.  I'm not full on paleo.  But I'm trying and I think eventually I'll get there minus the dairy.  I can't see giving up cheese and milk forever.  Yesterday, I faltered and had rice with lunch.  Still below my calories for the day.  I keep track of my calories right now with MFP (which drives my husband crazy!) but paleo doesn't think you need to track that at all.  I won't get into the Science of paleo and why it works and why it's better and all that.  Truth is, I just like the idea of getting rid of all the chemicals and processed junk that we probably shouldn't be ingesting.  Many of you are now saying, "It sounds a lot like low carb, Manda..."  And you're right.  It's very similar.  Except you aren't counting anything or doing math like sugar - fiber - sugar alcohols = net carbs and stuff like that.  Also, there are no limits on fruits and vegetables.  The only thing they're kinda nitpicky on is corn is a grain and peanuts are legumes and both are no-no's.  Obviously, I'm not quite here yet but I'm working on it and am trying to incorporate a more paleo lifestyle day by day.  I seriously believe in moderation though.  I don't have any "never" foods.

The Band:  I have 6.5 cc's in my band (I think).  I also THINK it's a 10 cc band.  I have been banded 2 years this coming August (expect a big ol' post about that).  I can eat WAY MORE than 1 1 /2 cups of food.  The band does not stop me from eating because me being the quick learner I am, I've learned that if I eat slowly enough, I can eat whatever I want and however much of it I want.  The truth is though is that I feel satisfied on 1 1/2 cups of food and won't be hungry again for a few hours.  That being said, I could probably use a fill and may go in and get one soon.  But I like that I don't PB often or get stuck often or things like that.  I like that I can eat out with little worry of having to rush to the bathroom.  I've seen the horror stories of being too tight for too long and the damage it can do.  I'm just trying to avoid it.  Earlier, I said I have no "never" foods.  Well, I don't but my band does.  Basically, it's fast food Chinese.  I will PB on cheap sweet and sour chicken every. single. time.  But otherwise, I can eat it all...bread, soft pretzels (very slowly), cake (again, slowly...for some reason, cake's a tough one), biscuits, tortillas (they're tough but I can do it).  I know when I'm eating Sonic blasts and fried stuff all the time that the only thing that kept me from gaining the last 6 months was my band.  I can eat like crap and maintain.  Good to know but not where I want to be.

So there you have it.  How I do what I do and what I strive to be.  Nothing too complicated about it, I'm afraid.  So now I need some help from you.

I guess the issue I'm having with unfollowing people is because google did away with FriendConnect in March or something.  Is anyone else getting the error when they try to manage their blogs that they can't locate the information.  I can add blogs to follow but can't unfollow any because I can't manage them!  With new followers coming along, I'd like to follow along but running out of room and have a lot of bloggers on my scroll bar that haven't blogged in over a year!  Please help if you can!  I'm getting nowhere with getting help from google and I don't want to have to create a whole new blog or whatever to fix this.  

In light of my frustration with technology, our Friday Funny:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

TTT 7-12-12

Time for a Ten Thing Thursday, courtesy of Laura Belle (I think).

  1. I hit the gym yesterday...surprisingly hard.  I walked for 60 minutes and worked my way up to a 5% incline.  I burned almost 300 calories.  That's pretty sweet.  I also did 20 minutes of my weight training.
  2. I HAD to hit it hard at the gym because I did waver from my sugar detox yesterday.  I had an ice cream sandwich.  Ugh.  Must get better at resisting temptation when people bring stuff to work.  I was all set to resist cake but the ice cream sandwich got me.  I haven't had one of those in YEARS and it was so worth it.  I still ended the day 100 calories below the goal and that was my only stray on the sugar in the first 3 days.
  3. Blogger is being a butt and won't let me unfollow people.  Everytime I click on "manage blogs" it tells me it can't pull the information for me.  Anyone else having this problem?  No offense to anyone I stop following, but it's time to do some housekeeping...if Blogger will let me, that is.  
  4. I'm feeling pretty good about how I'm doing this week.  I've gotten a couple questions about paleo and my work out regimen so I may do a post about that tomorrow or next week.  
  5. I have to do my midyear review before I leave for vacay.  I'm getting all my ducks in a row for when my boss does something really crappy.  I gotta tell ya...if I get anything lower than a "meets expectations," the fit is going to hit the shan....big time.
  6. One annoying thing about flying with kids is booster seats.  It's cheaper to take ours than rent them with the car (so annoying) so I've got to fly with them.  Now according to the airlines' website, it doesn't count as one of your 2 carry ons so you can do that or you can check it for free.  That's nice but now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do. We're not checking any other luggage so it's kind of a pain to check this and have to wait around for it when we get it.  On the other hand, I don't like the idea of hauling around these 2 booster seats on top of all of our other carry on luggage through airports and we have a stop along the way...sounds exhausting.  I'll probably end up checking them unless any of you have a better suggestion???
  7. So the inlaw drama isn't over.  Now my mother in law is coming to visit.  To recap, my father in law came 2 weeks ago without her (they are not divorced) and for some unknown reason, even though they're both retired and have nothing better to do, my mother in law is coming August 2nd.  I have no idea why she couldn't just come with her husband 2 weeks ago.  They're so annoying.  Beyond annoying...they seriously stress me out.  Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.  I told my husband we should have a rule that they must visit together so we don't get double the time of stress.
  8. 6 Days until vacay and it can't come soon enough.  (Part of me wanted my mother in law to say she was coming the week before she is so we wouldn't be here.  It would serve her right after everything she's done.  Yep...I'm mean.  What can I say?)
  9. This one's going to serve as my political/current event rant for the day, no need to get all offended by it as I usually don't say much around here but there are a few things bugging me:  I don't think Daniel Tosh should've apologized for sparring with a heckler (and let's face it, that's all she was).  The two party system is destroying America.  Why is the Treyvon Martin (sp?) makeshift memorial being moved to a freakin' museum?!?!  Regardless of what side of the issue you're on, surely this seems like overkill.  And again, no matter what side you're on, how can someone get a fair trial in a city that is now housing a memorial for the victim in one of its museums?!?!  The Supreme Court ticks me off.  In my opinion, the Supreme Court should be immune to politics since the justices are appointed for life.  It's not like they have to run for re-election or anything so why must they bring the politics into every decision they make?  Interpreting the constitutionality of a law should not come down to party lines.
  10. I'm not sure if I'm going to the gym today.  I brought my gym stuff but I honestly don't really feel like it.  I'm hoping that motivation strikes me before I leave work so that I drive to the gym and get it done.  It could just be that I'm extra tired this morning (for no apparent reason) so the gym doesn't sound inviting RIGHT NOW but will later.  Let's hope that's the case.
So I'm rockin' this week (at least in my humble opinion)!  What about you?  Have you taken the bull by the horns and taken him for a spin?  Have you tried a new class or new exercise or found a way to burn some calories around the house that you'd like to share?  Ronnie started a new blog all about her Keto lifestyle.  Head on over and see what it's all about.  I've looked into Keto a bit and overall, I like the premise.  So what's on your plate this Thursday??

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hump De Hump Day

Don't ask about the title.  I think I've run out of creative ways to title my posts.

Despite being pulled into a call that left me leaving the office 30 minutes late yesterday afternoon, I made it to the gym.  I ran a mile (13:03) and then did my weight training.  I swear there's something up with the gym's air conditioning though as I was absolutely sweating buckets by the time I left.

How did I eat?  Pretty good.  I had an unexpected lunch out with a couple of coworkers.  We went to Chili's.  Not a lot of great options there.  Even their "lighter choices" have almost 750 calories!  I went with a grilled chicken sandwich sans bun and a side salad instead of fries.  I looked up this meal on their nutritional info section of their website and they say "as served" is 1200 calories!  That's my allotment for an entire day! So I'm thinking taking out the bun and fries probably got me down to about half that so I feel OK about it.  For the day, I came in about 100 calories over.  I'm OK with this as my main goal is whole healthful foods, cutting out grains and sweets.  I also guesstimated lunch and maybe overestimated dinner a smidge.  I also don't like how MFP doesn't give you calorie burning for weight lifting.  Really?  I mean...maybe I just haven't figured it out yet but it seems like you can only keep track of reps and sets if you're lifting.  We all know you're burning calories with the strength training but I digress.  My reason for tracking is more for accountability than being hard on myself with calories as calorie counting isn't my ultimate goal.

We tried a new paleo dish last night.  Sauteed sausage with sauerkraut.  To be fair, I'm not a big of fan of sauerkraut but we tried it anyway.  Basically, saute 2 sausages (sliced), add diced peppers and zucchini after it's brown and saute together for about 5 minutes.  Add 2 cups of sauerkraut and cook until warmed through.  Voila.  It was pretty good.  Kids weren't huge fans but Hubby liked it a lot and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Quick and easy.
Not my pic but pretty close to how it looked
So overall a pretty good day.  I'm going to the gym again today.  I think I'm just going to walk for an hour and then do some weights.  My legs are pretty tired from the 2 days in a row of running (Sad, I know).  It is Wednesday which means we're half way through this week and I am exactly one week away from vacation. I am so ready.  And with that thought, how about a (few) Hump Day Happy Thought(s) to keep us on the motivation train?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Too Good Tuesday

I made it to the gym yesterday.  Yay me!  So I try not to do the same thing at the gym every time I go.  I don't make big changes, just small ones.  For instance, unless I'm doing a class, I do the treadmill every time.  The only difference is HOW.  Sometimes I commit to a certain time or a certain distance.  Depending on what I do on the treadmill determines the rest of the workout.  Then I add weights or the elliptical or whatever.  Yesterday I did my 5k routine but instead of attempting to run the whole thing at a pace that didn't make me feel like I wanted to die, I pushed the envelope on the speed while I was running.  So my overall time stayed pretty much the same because I had to walk more but I was dripping sweat by the end of the workout so it felt really good.  I just looked back and saw that I shaved 3 minutes off my last 5k run on the treadmill.  Not too shabby.

I also had one Ick-out moment at the gym.  I had set my phone down in the cup holder of the treadmill and it got gum stuck to it!!  EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!  Seriously, who does that?  Who puts their gum in the cup holder at the gym?  Very poor gym etiquette if you ask me.  It was also very poor timing.  They clean the machines at least twice a day at this gym and the gum was still sticky (YUCK!) so I know it's not the gym just slacking on the cleaning.

So how am I eating, you ask?  Pretty darn good.  I was right on plan yesterday.  I'm back to tracking on MFP..we'll see how long that lasts as I'm not big on the tracking.  I'm attempting to detox off of sugar this week.  I'm eliminating rice, bread and sweets like chocolate, cake and candy.  It's a good start.  I'm going to SC next week and while I'll definitely indulge, I don't want to go too nuts.  So far, so good.  Day 1 was a success and sometimes just getting off to that good start is enough to keep you motivated for Day 2.

So a big, albeit rather unnoticed, day at work yesterday.  When I started this job at the beginning of the year, I was given 1 year to complete certain tasks to get our group compliant.  Come March, they brought it down to 3 months.  I'm convinced my boss was setting me up for failure because ultimately it was HER action plan I was working on and she needed someone to blame our lack of compliance on.  Well, ladies and gents... yesterday...approximately one day before my deadline of today...I submitted the last requirement.  Done and DONE!  This was a huge deal for me.  There's something about knowing someone finds you incompetent or lazy or whatever that motivates me to show off.  Not in a good way.  As soon as I can break free of this position, I definitely doesn't create loyalty in a worker.  But it motivated me to show her "Look *itch...I get it.  I get what you're about and if you think you can intimidate me or're wrong.  You don't know who you're dealing with so I'm going to take every opportunity I can to exceed at what I'm doing so your boss knows you're completely worthless."  Spiteful?  Maybe.  I was going to celebrate with a glass of wine last night but didn't.  I know I'll be having a happy hour night out with my sister in SC so I'm just saving it for then.  But I admit....couldn't be happier with how I got this done.  So happy, I'm nominating myself for the nonexistent Employee of the Month Award...I'd like to thank the academy... that's a lot of patting myself on back today.  Must actually get some work done now.  Hope y'all are having a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Week, New Outlook - Still Deaf

The wedding was actually pretty fun.  Ironic little story here.  I ended up at the same table with someone who graduated the same year I did from the same high school.  I didn't catch her name and I have absolutely no idea who she is.  To be fair, she has no idea who I am either.  We definitely ran with different crowds.  I could've graduated a year early but chose not to so most of my friends graduated a year before me and I kind of phoned in my senior year by only going half days and working 2 jobs.  This woman was on senior class council and hung out with cheerleaders.  I really wanted to hate her but truth was she was pretty funny and even hugged me as we were leaving.  I had my niece snap a quick pic of Hubby and I before we left.

And, of course, then my girls wanted to be in one.  They didn't come to the wedding...

Also, I had to share my total mind*uck trick that occurred last week.  So I was looking for a new outfit for my birthday.  I was trying on all kinds of tops and bottoms and just couldn't find anything I really cared for.  I finally did but before that I tried on a pair of pants with this hanger.

I couldn't get them above my knees.  I was like "WTF?!!?!"  Surprisingly though, I was like...well, every size 12 is different depending on style and designer so I'm not going to let this get to me.  But I double checked the inside tag and found this...No wonder I couldn't get them above my knees!

The NSV here is obviously not that Size 4's still don't fit me.  It's the fact that I didn't immediately break down in tears at the thought the size 12 didn't fit.  The old me would immediately start the negative self talk but not this time.  So there ya go.

Weekend here was hot and didn't do much of anything.  Just wasn't motivated.  My girls were still awake when we got home from the wedding so they were pretty tired and grumpy Sunday so we mostly hung out at home, which was fine by me as I was pretty wiped and still can't hear anything out of my left ear.  Update on that:  Went to the doc on Friday afternoon and was told the infection is gone but fluid is still there.  That could take up to a couple weeks to drain.  Wonderful.

And now we're current.  Came in today to find a couple new followers.  Welcome!  I've got a week and a half to vacation and am seriously counting down.  And since outside of being deaf, I'm feeling so much better, I'm hitting the gym after work today.  Jenn, expect a text from me!  So most of you probably won't appreciate the DEMotivator for this week.  I was looking for something related to marriage or weddings or something like that and the geek in me just couldn't resist this one.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Letters

Let's link up...


Dear Corporate Health Center:  You were advertised as being an alternative to urgent care and the minute clinic when all you have are registered nurses who can't even write a simple prescription for antibiotics for a freakin' ear infection.  No wonder you're're basically a school nurse.  Which is fine if all I need is aspirin or a quick blood pressure check...but don't advertise coming to you for ear pain, specifically (yes...this is actually on the poster by the elevator) when all you do is tell me to go to a minute clinic for antibiotics and give me some sudafed and send me on my way.

Dear Z Pack:   You suck.  I took the last of the 5 day dose this morning and still can't hear jack out of my left ear.  Back to the Minute Clinic I go this afternoon.

Dear Ego:  I know you're bruised.  I know you feel like you don't have any friends after the birthday crap last weekend and that self esteem issue is starting to rear it's ugly head.  I know it's a REALLY bad weekend for this as you have that uppity wedding to go to where all those snotty people from the bridal shower will be.  But you look good in the dress you bought, you have cute shoes and handbag to go with it.  It's an open bar and is bound to be pretty at the botanical garden.  Try not to worry about other people and just enjoy it.

Dear Humidity:  I live in Arizona which by definition is a desert.  That means it's supposed to be arid...a.k.a "DRY."  WTF is up with the humidity hovering around 70%?  I know that's low for a lot of you out there but for us here where the average is about 13%, it's just freakin' miserable.

Dear Evil Boss Lady:  My illness was not brought on my allergies and I didn't call in Tuesday just to make you actually have to do something.  I came back yesterday and you didn't even ask how I was feeling. selfish *itch...would it kill you to at least feign interest in anyone but yourself?

Dear Gym:  I have no abandoned you after only a week of attendance.  I just haven't had the energy, respiratory ability or stamina to attend this week.  I'll be back.

Dear Youngest Daughter:  You passed your assessment and get to start kindergarten in August!  We're so excited!  What made me laugh was your reaction.  You looked at me like I was nuts as if to say "Where else would I be going in August?"  I know you'll do great!  It does make me feel a little more babies in daycare...

Dear Pocketbook:  With no more babies in daycare, you're actually going to start seeing some cash flow!!!  Wahoo!

Dear Blogland:  I'm sorry I've been absent this week.  I am caught up and should be consistent again.  And Friday Letters or no...we can all use a Friday Funny:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sick and Tired

Of being sick and tired.  So I had all kinds of things I was going to post about this week and haven't posted at all.  Long story short, I've got a burst ear drum and laryngitis all caused by an upper respiratory infection.  I left work early on Monday (I WILL do a venting post about my company's "health center" as to why I went in at all on Monday), called in Tuesday and had Wednesday off for the 4th.  I debated coming in today as I'm still not feeling all that well.  My voice is back, at least and I have a biweekly call I facilitate so had to handle that.  I could've worked from home but not knowing what my day looked like, I thought it was better to come in.  So that's basically been it.  I'm behind on work and behind on blogs but wanted to let y'all know that no, I'm not off the wagon in some terrible way.  In fact, for the first time ever, I haven't wanted to comfort myself with really crappy food.  Does that mean I'm eating great?  Not really because I haven't been up for cooking but it's been 3 meals a day with minimal snacking so I'll take that for that now.  Hope y'all are having a better week than I am.  I'll be trying to catch up on blogs throughout the week but may not be commenting much.