Friday, July 13, 2012

How I Do What I Do

So I've picked up some new followers here the last week or so and have gotten some questions about my workout regimen, my diet, the band (fill levels, etc.) and so forth.  So I'm going to give a little run down.

Exercise:  OK...I am so hit and miss with this.  But when I'm top of my game (and I really really was for like 13 months and then slacked for 9), I combine cardio with strength training.  A lot of women don't like strength training because they don't want to get "bulky."  Trust me when I say it takes a heck of a lot more work than most of us are willing to put in to become bulky.  What it will help with is toning and inches and generally feeling good about everything.  Is exercise necessary for weight loss?  No.  Absolutely not.  Is it necessary to be healthy?  Probably.  I also don't think you need to join a gym to get your exercise in.  I do.  But that's just me and I don't get enough regular activity in to lose weight without it.  I'd love to get more generally active doing things like rock climbing, kayaking, etc.  And I'd love it if I could ride my bike to work, but that ain't happening but it all COUNTS.  For me...It's 30-60 minutes of cardio and then 30 minutes of strength training.  At least right now.  I'm training for the Warrior Dash and have to work on my upper body strength.  The cardio can be anything but it tends to be the treadmill.  Yesterday, I did 8.5 miles on a stationary bike so I like to change it up.  The classes I've tried and liked are Zumba and Step with circuit training.  I'd LOVE to try crossfit but the budget does not welcome it right now and it's my opinion that if you're going to do crossfit, you must go to a certified place because you risk serious injury if you don't do it right.

Wanted to add that despite my unmotivation yesterday, I DID go to the gym.  I got in a great workout and felt good about it.  Must remember how nice it feels.  Not working out today as we're going swimming but I'll be sure to tread water and run around in the pool to get some activity in.  :)

Food:  The goal is Paleo.  That is no processed food at all (no grains, rice, pasta, dairy, anything from a box).  Try to eat as naturally and organically as possible, the way caveman did.  I'm not full on paleo.  But I'm trying and I think eventually I'll get there minus the dairy.  I can't see giving up cheese and milk forever.  Yesterday, I faltered and had rice with lunch.  Still below my calories for the day.  I keep track of my calories right now with MFP (which drives my husband crazy!) but paleo doesn't think you need to track that at all.  I won't get into the Science of paleo and why it works and why it's better and all that.  Truth is, I just like the idea of getting rid of all the chemicals and processed junk that we probably shouldn't be ingesting.  Many of you are now saying, "It sounds a lot like low carb, Manda..."  And you're right.  It's very similar.  Except you aren't counting anything or doing math like sugar - fiber - sugar alcohols = net carbs and stuff like that.  Also, there are no limits on fruits and vegetables.  The only thing they're kinda nitpicky on is corn is a grain and peanuts are legumes and both are no-no's.  Obviously, I'm not quite here yet but I'm working on it and am trying to incorporate a more paleo lifestyle day by day.  I seriously believe in moderation though.  I don't have any "never" foods.

The Band:  I have 6.5 cc's in my band (I think).  I also THINK it's a 10 cc band.  I have been banded 2 years this coming August (expect a big ol' post about that).  I can eat WAY MORE than 1 1 /2 cups of food.  The band does not stop me from eating because me being the quick learner I am, I've learned that if I eat slowly enough, I can eat whatever I want and however much of it I want.  The truth is though is that I feel satisfied on 1 1/2 cups of food and won't be hungry again for a few hours.  That being said, I could probably use a fill and may go in and get one soon.  But I like that I don't PB often or get stuck often or things like that.  I like that I can eat out with little worry of having to rush to the bathroom.  I've seen the horror stories of being too tight for too long and the damage it can do.  I'm just trying to avoid it.  Earlier, I said I have no "never" foods.  Well, I don't but my band does.  Basically, it's fast food Chinese.  I will PB on cheap sweet and sour chicken every. single. time.  But otherwise, I can eat it all...bread, soft pretzels (very slowly), cake (again, slowly...for some reason, cake's a tough one), biscuits, tortillas (they're tough but I can do it).  I know when I'm eating Sonic blasts and fried stuff all the time that the only thing that kept me from gaining the last 6 months was my band.  I can eat like crap and maintain.  Good to know but not where I want to be.

So there you have it.  How I do what I do and what I strive to be.  Nothing too complicated about it, I'm afraid.  So now I need some help from you.

I guess the issue I'm having with unfollowing people is because google did away with FriendConnect in March or something.  Is anyone else getting the error when they try to manage their blogs that they can't locate the information.  I can add blogs to follow but can't unfollow any because I can't manage them!  With new followers coming along, I'd like to follow along but running out of room and have a lot of bloggers on my scroll bar that haven't blogged in over a year!  Please help if you can!  I'm getting nowhere with getting help from google and I don't want to have to create a whole new blog or whatever to fix this.  

In light of my frustration with technology, our Friday Funny:


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Have a good weekend lovebug!

Cat said...

Have a great weekend. I'm so interested in Paleo, but giving up some of my go to foods like milk, yogurt and high fiber cereal etc just scares me!! Let us know how it goes!

jennxaz said...

hope you have a great weekend!!!!!

Leigh C. said...

Although my diet is not specifically Paleo, it is very similar and I can use a lot of Paleo recipes to fulfill my needs. I may switch to full Paleo when I am on maintenance. Have a great weekend:)

Ronnie said...

I think I'm going to switch to Paleo when I get to wherever I want to be... plus cheese. Precious cheese.

I wish I knew how to help you unfollow people, but I'm just as lost as you! :(