Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Letters

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Dear Corporate Health Center:  You were advertised as being an alternative to urgent care and the minute clinic when all you have are registered nurses who can't even write a simple prescription for antibiotics for a freakin' ear infection.  No wonder you're're basically a school nurse.  Which is fine if all I need is aspirin or a quick blood pressure check...but don't advertise coming to you for ear pain, specifically (yes...this is actually on the poster by the elevator) when all you do is tell me to go to a minute clinic for antibiotics and give me some sudafed and send me on my way.

Dear Z Pack:   You suck.  I took the last of the 5 day dose this morning and still can't hear jack out of my left ear.  Back to the Minute Clinic I go this afternoon.

Dear Ego:  I know you're bruised.  I know you feel like you don't have any friends after the birthday crap last weekend and that self esteem issue is starting to rear it's ugly head.  I know it's a REALLY bad weekend for this as you have that uppity wedding to go to where all those snotty people from the bridal shower will be.  But you look good in the dress you bought, you have cute shoes and handbag to go with it.  It's an open bar and is bound to be pretty at the botanical garden.  Try not to worry about other people and just enjoy it.

Dear Humidity:  I live in Arizona which by definition is a desert.  That means it's supposed to be arid...a.k.a "DRY."  WTF is up with the humidity hovering around 70%?  I know that's low for a lot of you out there but for us here where the average is about 13%, it's just freakin' miserable.

Dear Evil Boss Lady:  My illness was not brought on my allergies and I didn't call in Tuesday just to make you actually have to do something.  I came back yesterday and you didn't even ask how I was feeling. selfish *itch...would it kill you to at least feign interest in anyone but yourself?

Dear Gym:  I have no abandoned you after only a week of attendance.  I just haven't had the energy, respiratory ability or stamina to attend this week.  I'll be back.

Dear Youngest Daughter:  You passed your assessment and get to start kindergarten in August!  We're so excited!  What made me laugh was your reaction.  You looked at me like I was nuts as if to say "Where else would I be going in August?"  I know you'll do great!  It does make me feel a little more babies in daycare...

Dear Pocketbook:  With no more babies in daycare, you're actually going to start seeing some cash flow!!!  Wahoo!

Dear Blogland:  I'm sorry I've been absent this week.  I am caught up and should be consistent again.  And Friday Letters or no...we can all use a Friday Funny:


jennxaz said...

Dear Panda, so glad you are back, I have missed you news articles and satire...hope you have a great time at the wedding because you are a blast to hang out with and a total cutie patootie! Miss you

Danielle said...

Hello! Have fun at your wedding! Enjoy the scenery if nothing else! Thanks for being open in your letters! Excited to read more!

your newest follwer...Danielle

Patrick said...

No need to be sorry. Be well and stay funny! Have a good weekend!


RockBand Barbie said...

Although it was a long time ago, the day I no longer had to pay for daycare was a very happy one!!

I feel your pain on the wedding! The one I have to go to is an outside wedding...and it's still 105 here (with 90% humidity).

Hope you are feeling better!

Ronnie said...

Oh crap, do they have to do some evaluation for kindergarten there? Here you just sign 'em up and drop 'em off.

What happened at the birthday party? :(

Jen said...

Dear Manda, you have been missed in blogland. Even if you are sick, we find that no excuse not to blog (totally kidding here!) Please have fun at the wedding, b/c we all know that you will look fantastic! And you are a hoot, and we feel lucky to count you as a friend.

And hallelujah for the wallet!!!

xo, js

Stacey said...


If I were anywhere near Az, I would totally go to that wedding with you and show them how snotty is supposed to be done. When needed, I can be the queen of snot. :)

I am your friend!

PS: Enjoy the heck out of the open bar.

Steph said...

I know you can enjoy the weekend. Just know you look great, enjoy people watching and let other drunk people make idiots of themselves. Sorry about the heat though. With those humidity levels in the AZ heat, I would want to kill myself. In Florida at least we get the ocean breeze. Try and stay cool!!

Momee3021 said...

Your letters are great - I hate your boss too! Open bar - that should take care of all your worries. Yeah for your Kindergarten girl!!! Have a great weekend and crank the AC.

Nicholl Vincent said...

yay for your youngest daughter!!


have a good one!