Monday, October 31, 2011

Haunted Weigh In 10.31.11

162.5.  You may have noticed that I have been toggling with this number for quite some time.  I have certainly noticed.  *sigh*

I have an appointment for a fill this afternoon.  I definitely think I need one.  I'm nervous that I haven't lost much, if anything, since my last appointment but Doc has never been judgey with me before so I doubt he will be this time.  And maybe being on liquids through Halloween night is a good thing...I mean...will keep temptation at bay.

So I didn't dress up this year.  One of the things I was most looking forward to about losing weight was being able to buy a Halloween costume right off the rack. Not settle for whatever they had in the "plus size" section or having to special order one online.  This year, I think I could've pulled it off, but I didn't even try.  1) Nowhere to really wear a costume this year.  2) Without a party, I just didn't want to shell out $30 plus accessories just to prove I could. 3) A part of me was still scared that the "one size fits most" still wouldn't fit me.  I tried on my witch's costume from last year (I always go as a witch to work...figure it matches my personality) and it was like 3 sizes too big.  Yay!  But it did leave me without a costume.  I'm OK with that.  Next year, come hell or high water, I'm buying a skimpy, barely work appropriate costume.  Just putting it out there.

I'm not feeling particularly well today.  I've been battling a headache (and yes, I'm calling it the same one) since Saturday.  Today I'm feeling a little nauseous but I think that's because of the headache.  I'm hoping it goes away or else it's going to be a very long day.

Tonight should be fun.  We were invited to a friend's house so the girls can go trick or treating with their daughters.  We're going to take turns handing out candy and taking the kids around.  The girls will love and it'll be nice to have an old fashioned kind of Halloween with chili and a bunch of kids running around.

That's all I got.  Hopefully I'll have at least a costume pic of my daughters up.  Hope you all have a very safe and fun Halloween and, of course, I leave you with a DEMotivator with a spooky twist:

Friday, October 28, 2011

BYOC 10.28.11

It’s Friday and time for BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy! A couple of questions we answer to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break. Copy to your own blog and enjoy!

This week my questions are going to themed…as in they are all about blogging and just to throw you off – there are more than 5 this time!! 

1. When did you begin blogging? Do you plan to do it a long time or do you think you’ll stop after a while? 

October 2009.  Probably not...well, maybe.  I don't know.  I haven't really thought about it.  I did stop once but it was brief and I've been pretty consistent.  I think if I stop finding a benefit to doing it, then I'll stop.  

2.  What do you enjoy more - blogging yourself or reading other’s blogs?

Equally - definitely can't decide between the two.  I find writing on my own blog to be very therapeutic, albeit boring for others to read sometimes.  But I love reading about other people's experiences and feel like I'm actually getting to know people.  Also, some bloggers so entertaining...their writing is just witty or clever and the way they explain things can be really powerful.  Their personalities just shine through. 

3.  What’s the biggest thing blogging has taught you? Biggest surprise about blogging?

That people, as a whole, really aren't that different from one another.  Biggest surprise - over 170 people listen to little ol' me ramble on about nothing.  Fascinating...
4.  Have you met any other bloggers in real life – solely because of your blog or theirs?

I have not been fortunate enough to meet any bloggers in real life yet.  I hope too though.

5.  Does your blog have a general theme as in one topic or do you cover everything and anything?

Lapband and weight loss.  I throw in stuff about my family once in awhile too.  
6.  Are you public or anonymous? Whichever you are – do you ever wish you were the other?

Public.  I don't hide but I don't really advertise that I blog.  
7.  What’s your best blogging advice for a new blogger?

Get personal.  There's a difference between being anonymous and not being truthful.  Sometimes it seems people are timid about putting out the intimate details of their lives for whole world to see on the internet.  Go figure.  But what's the point of blogging about your life if it's not really who you are.

Also, if you want followers, you're gonna have to follow people and comment!  I try check back with new followers and follow them in return but I don't always have time to check my Followers tab.  Leave me a comment and I'll be sure to check you out.  I think most other bloggers feel that way too.  
8.  Does anyone in your real life read your blog/know it’s address? Do you wish they would or wouldn’t?

My mom, hubby and BFF.  That's it.  Sometimes I wish they didn't because it makes it difficult to vent about them, not saying I WOULD...just saying that knowing they read, I never will.  
9.  Do you enjoy blogging or do you view it as a chore? How often do you blog?

I enjoy it.  I blog every other day or so..mostly on days I work because I don't have internet at home (that's changing soon! Yay!)

10.  Do you tell people in your real life that you blog? Or keep it a secret?

Outside of the people who know about it listed above, I keep it a secret.  I'm not real open about my lapband in "real life" so I don't want people I work with or went to high school with or whatever finding out.  If they stumble upon it, that's one thing but I don't advertise.

And it wouldn't be Friday without a Friday Funny - in honor one of the funnest holidays of the year (Look for pics of my girls on Monday)...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Got It!

The job, that is.  Wahoo!  It's a lateral move but comes with a raise (possibly a substantial one...still negotiating) and more autonomy and room for growth.  I'm a little nervous as it's something I've never done before but it's an opportunity to learn something new and gets me out of this clustereff I've been deal with in my current role.  They want me to start 11/1 (So quick!) or 11/15.  My current manager and new manager are going to work it out so nobody's left in a lurch.  VERY excited!  We went to dinner last night to celebrate (still working on the whole not rewarding myself with food thing) at Olive Garden (I know, I know...for foodies out there, don't hate me but I still like Olive Garden). I had a bread stick, salad, all the mussels, some of the shrimp and scallops and maybe a half cup of pasta (tops).  Then the four of  us shared the pumpkin cheesecake.  Sooooo good.  Thank you all for crossing your fingers for me.  I really appreciate the support I get here.

The family has a busy couple days ahead.  We have a "Pumpkin Walk" at my oldest daughter's school tonight.  Then she and her sister both have Fall Parties at their schools tomorrow.  Then my youngest daughter has her Fall Festival tomorrow evening.  Saturday, Hubby has plans with friends from afternoon into the night.  Then Sunday it's pumpkin carving and caramel apples.  Good stuff.

Not sure if I've mentioned but my eye has started twitching again.  It went away for a month or two and now it's back.  Not really sure why.  I'm hopeful that getting out of this job will get rid of it for good but I'm almost convinced that it's mostly my youngest daughter's Tyrannical Three's causing it but I digress.  I picked up one of those gel masks that you can make warm or cool.  I had read that warm compresses can help.  Two nights of doing it...still twitching but I'm not giving up.  It makes me look pretty freaky though and I've included a pic to prove it.
Creepy, no?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trainer Becoming Obese On Purpose

OK.  I hate to even point anyone to this guy given the international attention he's getting and I'm a little annoyed by him but I'm interested in everyone's thoughts.  Here's the link - fit2fat2fit.  And here's the gist.  This trainer guy who was all buff and hot and what getting fat for 6 months.  Then he's going to spend another 6 months taking off the weight to show the obese out there how easy it all is.  He expected to gain 50-60 lbs in his six month fitness hiatus.  He's gained 70 so far and has a month to go.  He's an "inspiration" to thin and fat people everywhere.  Overweight people are praising him for "finally understanding what obese people go through" and thin people are praising him for "thinking outside the box."  People who have lost a whopping 30 lbs are "inspirational" to those who are struggling.  Most of this I'm getting from the comment to his blog.  Now...I think this guy's intentions are good.  I do.  I just don't think he realizes that it's accomplishing nothing.  All he's doing is feeding the stereotypes.  My thoughts on this:

  • He's not really feeling like an obese person feels.  He set out to be fat for 6 months.  He knows at the end of this 6 months, he's going to start losing this weight and be back to his old self in a year (theoretically).  That is NOT what people who struggle with their weight their entire lives feel.  They feel hopeless.  They don't feel like "Give me 6 months and I'll be buff again," because, chances are, they weren't buff to begin with.  Many of us have been fat or chubby or whatever our entire lives.  No matter how he spins it, he still sees it a temporary condition.  For those of us on this forum, this was not the case.
  • He misses working out, he misses eating right.  This is someone who works out for a living and lived at the gym.  I think it's safe to say none of us were those people (some of our more successful folks have become these people but it took a big lifestyle change to get there).  I'm not sure that 6 months away is enough time for your body to completely forget what it's supposed to do.  He's never yo-yo dieted before so he hasn't completely jacked up his metabolism yet.  This weight will come off easier for him than it would for people like you and me.  Fact.
  • He's been blogging about how he feels as he's gaining weight, physically and emotionally.  Recently he wrote about not being able to keep up with his 2 year old daughter and how it must feel knowing that you're not being a very good parent.  While I agree that not being able to keep up with your kids is a big motivator for a lot of us and it sucks...I wouldn't say I was a bad parent before I lost the weight.  Seemed judgmental to me.
  • In fact, the WHOLE thing seems judgmental to me.  "Look fat people of the world!  I am now one of you!  Let me show you the way!"  Because you know, fat people don't know why they're fat and they don't know how to lose weight.  Let's face it.  Most of us could educate half the thin people of the world on nutrition, benefits of exercise, calories in/calories out, carb levels and what they do to your insulin levels, effects of ketosis, etc.  Just because we KNOW doesn't mean that we DO it and that's been the problem the whole time.  
  • To purposely get fat is just idiotic.  I'm sorry but it is.  No one who is really concerned with the struggle people face would do this to themselves because to them, it's a gimmick.
  • I feel evil because I want it to blow up in his face and he stays fat forever.  Am I going to hell?  I think so.
So there you have it.  I'm open to debate so if you disagree with me, by all means...please express yourself.  Just keep it respectful.  I'm not trying to hate on anybody because I do think he has good intentions overall (and he's a publicity hound) but I just don't think he "gets it."

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weigh In 10-24-11

162. Maintaining.  I guess it's somewhat comforting to know that with making poor choices and not exercising as much as I need to that I'm maintaining.

Weekend was good.  We worked on teaching my oldest daughter to ride her big girl bike.  We're making slow progress on that front.  We watched three movies over the weekend.  Keep in mind, we get movies from the library so these are not new by any means but on the off chance that you watch fewer movies than I do, I'll provide quick reviews.

The first was a kids' movie that I was not impressed with at all.  Legend of the Guardians.  It's an animated film about owls but it is WAY too intense for kids my daughters' ages (3 and 6).  It's about the "pure owls" kidnapping young owls and brainwashing them and turning them into slaves.  So 2 of the captured owls, get away to get help from the "guardians" owls.  The imagery of the torture and battle scenes are just way too much.  I'm surprised my kids even followed most of it and I wouldn't be surprised if they're terrified of owls now.  Not good.

The second was Thor from those masterminds at Marvel Comics.  This wasn't a bad flick but there wasn't much too it.  It wasn't nearly as good as Captain America or the Ironman movies.  In my opinion, too much happens on his home planet and not enough on Earth.  Natalie Portman isn't in it enough to establish a real character for her or chemistry between her and the guy who plays Thor (who is a hottie by the way).  I've definitely seen worse but all it did was get me excited about the Avengers movie coming out this summer.

The last one was Limitless with Bradley Cooper.  This movie was a lot better than I thought it would be but it leaves a lot of loose ends at the end.  Basically, he takes a pill that allows him to use all 100% of his brain as opposed to like the 20% we normally use.  It did make me think of all we could accomplish if we had access to the same little pills he had but whether or not it would be a good thing is debatable.  For instance, there is one character who gets a hold of the pills but remains an idiotic thug.  So smarter doesn't equal realizing violent crime isn't a good thing.  Also, there's a blood drinking scene I could've done without but not bad overall.

Still waiting to hear about the job.  I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll hear something this week.  And now for your Monday DEMotivation:

Friday, October 21, 2011

So How'd I Do?

Eh.  I ate my chicken, cheese and lunch.  Had 2 bites of the girls' cookies.  Had the pulled pork WITH the bun with coleslaw and sweet potato fries.  So I didn't have the apple later since I had the bun.  Definitely better than the day before.  Today I've got a breakfast sandwich that I'll eat here in a little bit, the rest of the pulled pork (without the bun) and cole slaw.  Goal: No snacking today.

I did call the doc for a fill yesterday.  I have an appointment on Halloween.  I also made my health insurance enrollment selections.  They're changing our plans entirely and the lap band doc is a "specialist" which means I'll be paying out of pocket until I hit my deductible.  No bueno.  That'll add up quick.  So gotta get to a good restriction place before the end of the year...meaning not too loose AND not too tight.  We'll see how this shakes out.  This health insurance thing is really ticking me off.  All the preventive care is free but now we've got to hit deductibles and co-insurance maximums before ANYTHING else is covered at 80%.  AND they're taking out significantly more per paycheck.  So here's hoping we don't have any major issues in the coming year because a $3000 deductible is pretty daunting.  Ugh.  I'm not going to get all political on you guys but these increases and these changes suck and I don't see it getting any better anytime soon.

So yesterday morning, the hiring manager for that position asked if I was available for the third interview yesterday afternoon.  So I had my third interview with HER boss.  I think it went pretty well.  We seemed to have a good rapport.  It was still kind of short but it could just be because they don't have to drag examples out of me.  I'm learning how to toot my own horn.  Or it could be because they feel no need to ask anymore because they've pretty much already made up their minds...either yay or nay.  So I've gone through all the interviews.  All I can do is sit back and wait to hear something.  I hate the waiting but at least I'm not nervous about interviews anymore.  I think I've done all I can do.

This weekend is going to be VERY low key as I have NO money until payday on the 31st so it's going to be a lot of hanging out at home this weekend with my kids who have been driving me crazy the last few days.  I don't know if it's something in the air but they just aren't being good.  So I leave with a kid related Friday Funny:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can I Get Through 1 Day...

Without eating like crap?!?!?!?

I'm not convinced.  Yesterday was just a crapfood festival.  Not as bad as this past weekend but I had Sbux for breakfast, half a chocolate muffin, Mexican food for lunch, a snack bag of Fritos and then country fried steak for dinner.  No bueno.  *sigh*  It's not even the type of food that's bugging me as much as the fact that it's all store bought, restaurant, processed crap.  If I had made every one of those things at home, I would've felt a little better about it.

So what's the plan for today?  I brought some deli chicken and cheese for breakfast.  I brought my own coffee with just my bit of cream and sugar as opposed to the calorie laden caramel machiatto I had yesterday (Yes...I know you can order this one "skinny" but I didn't, OK?!?!  So get off my back, OK?!?!!).  I brought left over whole grain pasta for lunch, even measured just a cup of it.  Going to attempt to get through the day without snacking.  Having pulled pork sandwiches tonight (but I'm not going to have the bun) with cole slaw.  Maybe an apple with nutella later tonight assuming I don't blow it before then.  And,'s not a primal day but at least it's a home cooked day which is as good as it's gonna get right now.

Other part of the plan?  I am calling the doc today to make an appointment for a fill.  After reading so many blogs and lapbandtalk and all that...I am terrified of becoming too tight.  Not only can it cause serious problems with the band but it just sounds so absolutely miserable.  So I've kept my band fairly loose.  However, I'm due.  I'm snacking, looking for food, not holding out 3-4 hours like I was.  So I'm sucking it up and calling the doc and, to be perfectly honest, I want a BIG GIRL fill.  I need something to remind me about what the hell I'm supposed to be doing.  I've been drinking SODA for god's sake!  Yep...bubbly, carbonated, sugar laden, calorie infested SODA!  Egad!

I'm recommitting to my "lifestyle changes" that have been posted on my blog since even before I was banded.  Let's review the Candyland Rules, shall we:

  1. No Fast Food except Chick-Fil-A - ummm...right...gotta get back to this one.  SERIOUSLY.  I think I somehow convinced myself that Subway isn't fast food.  Well it is.  Time to get over it.
  2. No Soda - Addressed this earlier.
  3. Take Daily Vitamin - I've actually been super good with this one.  Once I discovered gummy vitamins, it's been smooth sailing.
  4. Use Stairs at Work - I've been good about this too...not all the time but most of the time.  I should actually replace this with my 30 minutes of activity a day rule.  Hmmm...I'll ponder that.  

Finally, thanks for the all compliments on my last couple posts.  I do admit that I don't mind taking pictures nearly as much as I used to.  And it is so nice to have people tell you how cute you are all the time.  LOL.  The feedback's definitely welcome when the scale isn't moving and you know it's all your fault.  Ahem...moving on.

I leave you with a cute panda pic...just because.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

So it's Wednesday.  The magical day where the weekend is glimpsing out from around the corner and there's hope that...yes...Friday will eventually make its weekly appearance.  And no, it's not all that wacky but it's not "wily" either, nor "wild" so y'all get "wacky."

Heard something fun on the radio this morning.  If you take the last 2 digits of the year you were born and add it to the age you are this year, it will always equal 11 or 111.  For instance, I was born in 1981 and I turned 30 in June, 81 + 30 = 111.  My youngest was born in 2007 and turning 4 in November, 7 + 4 = 11.  It works!  Kinda creepy but a fun way to kill some time this morning.

I had my second interview yesterday.  I feel so-so about it.  It was a little short.  It's been my experience that short interviews aren't good signs but they didn't really have that many questions either.  I was given a "homework assignment" during my phone interview on Friday and have forwarded that to the hiring manager this morning already so hopefully she'll be impressed with that.  She said to expect third interviews to take place with her boss in the next week or so.  I gotta think they're weeding people out throughout this process and they aren't just making everyone go through all these hoops.  So far I've had an HR screening, telephone interview, and an In person interview with the manager and one of her colleagues.  Not to mention, my "homework."  I do find it frustrating that people who have worked a heck of lot less and are a lot more incompetent are just handed these promotions here lately while I jump through hoop after hoop but I digress.  I really need out of my current role and the more I talk with the hiring manager for this job, the more I think I'd like it.  And, as promised, a picture...Please excuse the dirty bathroom and bad lighting.

Meanwhile, Hubby is gearing up for going out on his own at the beginning of the year.  He keeps flip flopping between whether this is a good idea or asinine for trying it in this economy.  I think it's a good idea but it's definitely a risk and you never know how these things will go.  But there's no time like the present and since it doesn't seem fate is going to step in with any good fortune any time soon, it's up to us to make good things happen!

Activity levels have definitely dipped this week.  It got hot here again which makes me lazy.  I don't want to be outside running around when it's 100 degrees out.  It's freakin' October!  It should NOT be in triple digits by now!  

So that's Wednesday.  And to leave on a positive note...a Hump Day Happy Thought.
“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” -Devon Dashelle Wesley

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weigh In & Long Weekend Recap

162. -1/2 lb since last week and maintaining my lowest. The way I ate the last four days, I'm VERY happy with this. I've been off work since last Wednesday and you can tell.

Thursday - Spent the day with my girls. We went to the park and then walked over to Jamba Juice for a morning treat. It's nice being within walking distance to some stuff. The girls loved it and it was a special little thing for them. We did a little Goodwill shopping, movie watching and hanging out.  I also discovered Chocolate Covered Potato Chips.  Luckily, these aren't AS good as they sound.  Chocolate covered pretzels are better but I admit...they were pretty darn good.

Friday - Went out to breakfast with my girls, packed for my weekend away with Hubby (This wasn't really a weekend away...more like a mini staycation but it felt so nice to have a little "us" time). Got the girls packed, did a little snack shopping, had a phone interview for an internal posting. Dropped the girls off at my mom's house (she was kind enough to watch them both Friday AND Saturday nights), checked into the hotel and we spent Friday night at a 40th Birthday party for a friend of Hubby's. It was a lot of fun. Drank a bit too much. Hubby had his first, "Am I stuck or too drunk and that's why I'm nauseous?" moment. Turns out he was stuck and didn't realize it. Aaaah....good times. I snapped a quick pic of my outfit (had to text it to a friend to see if it looked good enough to go out in public in) and here it is below. I got lots of compliments about my weight loss throughout the night as a lot of the people hadn't seen me in awhile. And I wasn't socially inept all night so all was well.

Saturday - Hubby and I slept in...late enough to where we just grabbed lunch when we were finally up and moving. We walked around Old Town Scottsdale, remembered why we don't go down there much (VERY touristy), came back to our room, napped, hung out, did...other...stuff...ahem. Later we grabbed drinks and dinner.

Sunday - Woke up when we felt like it (so nice not getting woken up at 6:30 a.m. by my youngin's), picked up the girls. As a reward for their reward chart for the week and earning extra stars for being good for Grandma over the weekend, we went to Build A Bear. Not sure if they have this in the UK, Canada or Australia so for my foreign followers...a quick rundown. Build a Bear Workshop is a store at the mall where you get an unstuffed stuffed animal (you can pick from about 2 dozen) and they change throughout the seasons. You get to stuff them, put a little heart in them, buy little outfits for them and spend a bundle on little accessories for these stuffed animals. You get little birth certificates and everything. After spending a small fortune, my girls were so excited to have their new little friends and we had pretzel bites, let them play and made our way home. A special note to Draz - I think my youngest takes after you...She was obsessed with buying shoes for her new friend. I told her maybe she'd get some for her birthday in November but she couldn't get over wanting to buy matching shoes for her stuffed animal. I thought of you. NSV on Sunday: I have a second interview for that internal posting on Tuesday so I need an outfit (All my appropriate interview stuff is either way too big or still too small). I found a very cute brown skirt and jacket at Sears and the skirt is a size 12 and the jacket is a size MEDIUM! The jacket's a bit stretchy which explains the size difference but still...a MEDIUM!!! I'll take a pic after my interview on Tuesday to properly give credit to this NSV.

So there we are.  Back at work today and just not feeling it.  I have a lot of catching up to do and prepping to do for my interview.  The hiring process for this position is a bit drawn out so not expecting to hear anything any time soon but hopefully it'll pan out.

For your Monday DEMotivation:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Intermittent Fasting, NSVs - Long Post

Weigh In yesterday.  162.5.  +.5 since last week.  Eh.  I'm alright with this.  #1:  Didn't drink hardly any water Saturday and Sunday so I know I'm holding on to some.  #2:  Having some BM issues - all I'll say about that.  #3: Food choices have sucked.  Portions OK but choices no bueno.  So there it is.  Not too worried about it.

stolen from another blog
Activity level was really good this weekend and I had a couple NSV's to boot.  Went hiking Saturday, mall walking Sunday and house cleaning on Monday.  When we went hiking Saturday morning, about a gazillion people decided that since it's the first nice weekend we've had in AZ since May (read: not scorching hot), we had to park hell and gone from the trail than we normally would've.  So I decided that the big trail looked to flat, wide and boring so we did a little trail UP the mountain (as opposed to along the wash).  Riiiiiiight.  Well, turns out that once you reach the top, you can either go back down the way you came or keep going looking for another way down.  We decided to keep going...I far can another way down be?  Riiiiiight.  Read 3 peaks later, we found a VERY step drop down.  With two little girls in tow and a hubby who isn't good with heights, it was certainly an adventure.  I wish I would've taken a camera for some of it.  There were parts we actually had to lower the girls down to Hubby since they couldn't scoot down.  Good times.  They were troopers though.

Here's where the NSV's come in though.  We hiked for 2 1/2 hours, up and down and I actually got winded at times because it was like taking stairs up a mountain.  We get all done and we're taking a little snack and water break before heading back to the car when my girls inform us, in no uncertain terms, that they are NOT walking all the way back to the car.  So I jogged (that's right - jogged...after hiking for 2 hours) back to the car and drove up and got them.  And I wasn't even sore the next day.  I've come such a long freakin' way from this time last year with my fitness level.  It felt so good.

The second NSV happened the next day.  I was wearing one of my Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts, not so much because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month as they're the only t-shirts I have that still fit.  I bought 4 of them last year for the 3 Day.  I remember my partner and I bought matching t-shirts for the walk and they barely fit me.  I bought the largest size they had and they felt tight.  Now, I'm swimming in them.  I thought they still fit, but honestly they're too big.  Good stuff.  Great reminders of my progress this weekend.

So Intermittent Fasting.  Primal guru Mark Sisson has this to say about Intermittent Fasting:
Sometimes, you should just say no. You’re not gonna starve if you go eight hours without eating. Your body isn’t going to immediately start burning muscle for energy if you don’t get something, anything, into your system (especially junk food). Your muscles won’t deflate if you miss a workout. The gym won’t close, and your weights aren’t going to rust over into obsolescence. You have to say no and be okay with saying it – no guilt involved. Makes sense to me.  We've talked about skipping meals, specifically breakfast, etc. before.  Throughout his blog and website, he talks about the benefits in great detail and leads you to other sites that do as well.  He's a big fan.  He's NOT a big fan of calorie restriction over a long period of time.  A day or two here or there does it.  
And when it comes to working out:  
Skipped Meal = Intermittent Fasting
Skipped Workout = Recovery Day
I'm not saying we can use this as an excuse not to work out but again...a day here and there is important to give your body a chance to rest and catch up with the work you're putting in.  So some benefits (backed up by some research in rats and stuff):
  1. Longevity
  2. Improved blood lipids
  3. Compliance - (Com -what?)  Mark says "The obese (read: the ones who need the most help and often have the worst time sticking to a diet) were able to “quickly adapt” to alternate day modified fasting, which meant on fasting days they’d get 26% of their normal caloric intake. They were also able to maintain physical activity despite the fasting."  Mmmmkay...we'll see about this.
  4. Cancer - More from Mark "Calorie restriction is proven to fight cancer cell proliferation in mice, but researchers found that intermittent fasting was just as effective"
  5. Growth Hormone
  6. Neurological Health - "mice who ate larger meals more infrequently saw greater increases in brain and overall bodily health. Still another study found that IF was beneficial for peripheral nerve function in mice by promoting the maintenance of the neuronal pathways responsible for locomotor performance."  So it's good for your brain.  Cool.
  7. Autophagy - I had to look this word up.  I'd never heard it before.  Definition by google - 1. the eating of one’s own body.
    2. the nutrition of the body by its own tissues, as in dieting.  
    Sounds gross but basically it's like a cleanse and the benefits of this, according to Mark consists of maintaining muscle mass and reduces the negative effects of again.
  8. Mental well being and clarity - it's like a "reset" button.
So MandaPanda, are you fasting?  Yep...and not really just for all the reasons above.  I had a "come to Jesus" moment last night and I was scarfing down Jack in the Box and found myself with a very upset tummy later.  There's a reason I wanted to cut out fast food.  Ick.  Here's the other messed up thing.  I made dinner for the girls last night.  They had homemade cheese crisps, sliced ham and carrots.  Why didn't I just eat that?  Since I hadn't cooked, I have no left overs to bring for lunch today but since I still feel kind of gross anyway, I'm skipping some food.  Give my body a chance to "reset."  So no breakfast or lunch for me and we'll see about dinner.  Really this is no different than that 5 day pouch test, only it doesn't go as long.  So there ya have it.  This will also allow me to rehydrate properly since I did such a poor job of it over the weekend.  Happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Yep...So I've got nussin' to talk about today so BYOC it is.


1. If you were given $1,000,000 that you had to spend ONLY ON would you spend the money?

I don't need nearly that much to get the stuff I want.
A house I love.
New wardrobe for me and Hubby.
Activities for my girls - anything they want to do.
A real honest to god vacation with my girls.
A real honest to god vacation with just me and my hubby.
2 new cars.

That's about it.  I'd be completely content with this.

2. Who would you say is the one person that's had the most influence on your life? By that, I mean the person that has molded you in to the person you are today?

This one is so hard because I believe that everyone shapes us in some way or form.  I think parents always play such a big role in who we become.  Whether you rail against becoming your parents or you idolize them and try to emulate them, you can't escape their influence.  I know this is especially true for me in both respects.  I met my hubby when I was 18 and regardless of what the government might say, you're not all growed up at 18.  I know he has helped "mold" me into who I am today and when you become a parent and you're lucky enough to have a partner in that endeavour, it definitely makes a difference in what kind of parent you become.  If you're a single parent, you can do it your way (the "right way" lol) all the time.  Compromise not necessary.  If you have a partner, compromise is going to have to happen.  And I'm not sure if people think this way, but I know my kids have shaped me.  They make me want to be a better person, a healthier and better me.  I'm not sure if anyone could mold another person more than children.

3. What is your normal morning routine? Are you a bear in the morning, or is the morning your favorite part of the day?

Definitely not a morning person.  I get up, pee (if it's a Monday, I then weigh. LOL), do my make up, get dressed, start the coffee, get my lunch together and out the door.  I eat breakfast and everything after I've had my coffee at work.  I'm lucky that my Hubby does the morning routine with the kids so his schedule is much more hectic.

4. If you're a Facebook and Twitter user, which do you prefer and why? If you're just a Facebook user, what do you think of the new changes? 

Technically I'm on Facebook but I never log on.  I don't tweet.  I generally HATE social media (funny coming from a blogger, eh?). I don't need to know that the girl who I went to school with in 2nd grade just ate lasagna.  I just don't need to be that plugged in.

5.  Repeat was your week in real life and in blog land this week? 
 Blogland - Abuzz with excitement about the weekend in Chicago and great picture posts to read through.  It has totally jazzed me up for next year.  I just got to get my finances together to be able to pull it off.  I won't be blogging much, if at all, next week as it's my daughter's Fall Break so I'm out of work on Monday, Thursday and Friday and alas...that is where I do my blogging but I'll try to check in.

Real Life - Eh.  Work is work.  The weather is finally starting to cool down which I LOVE!  I'm thinking we may go on a hike tomorrow morning if Hubby is up for it.  Eating has been so-so.  Food hasn't been so great but  portions have been OK and Starbucks has been cut out completely so far this week.  After my loss last week, I'd hate to see a gain on Monday but it is what it is. You'll notice the activity has been really good and it feels good to be active again.

I was telling my hubby that while I think it's sad that Steve Jobs died (he was only 56) and I understand that he was such an innovator and influenced pop culture in an unprecedented way, I don't understand why people who had never met the man in person are feeling the need to leave flowers and makeshift memorials in front of Apple Stores.  I also don't understand people lining up for miles to catch a glimpse at the royal family or holding vigil at Michael Jackson's Neverland.  Guess I'm just not the type.  But I realize that it's big news so in honor of Steve Friday Funny:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Blogger, Old Band

Happy Hump Day to one and all!

First, a little business...please go visit A.J. at Wanna Pet My Port???  She was banded in 2010 but has just started blogging and she's pretty hilarious.  Warning to Draz if you check her out...she talks about burps and poop.  Just to let you know.

Things are doing alright here.  I hit 80% with primal yesterday and got my 30 minutes of activity in.  It's really so easy now that a buddy and I are walking during our lunch break.  I finally mapped our route and it lands right about at 1.3 miles.  Not a bad a little jaunt.  Of course anything I do on top of that at home is gravy.

Ages ago, I bought a yoga DVD.  I had tried Pilates and it scared the crap out of me.  So I bought a mellow am/pm yoga DVD.  The idea is that you do the a.m. routine in the morning (duh) and it "energizes" you and you do the p.m. at night and it allows you to wind down and relax.  I did it twice and it hasn't made its way back into the DVD player since.  I don't wake up early enough in the morning to bother with it but I may start doing it with the girls on weekends.  We'll see.  But given my propensity for night terrors and my girls' habit of getting all wired right before bed, I'm thinking of trying this before bed to see if it helps us all calm down and get prepared for a good night's sleep.  I'll let you know how that goes.

So I haven't provided much detail on what's happened at work that has my panties in a bunch but it's really gotten to the point where I dread coming in.  Every single day.  I hate it.  Basically, they did a "repurposing" (don't you love corporate BS like that?) so my boss swapped with another boss and then they moved my whole group under a new boss who then reports to yet another new boss who has been with our company all of a year and has no idea what our group does.  So not only do I have a new boss, but I have a new boss' boss and a new boss' boss' boss (Catch all that?).  Lovely.  Anyway, they basically don't have a lot of respect for our group and I think they think we're a waste of resources so there's a lot of changes coming down the pike.  Every day I come in, there's another change, another announcement, another lie they're getting caught up in (and yes, they've been lying and they must think we're REALLY stupid as to not be finding out the truth).  Anyway, this is all very sad for me because while I've complained about my job before and how it really wasn't anything I was passionate about, I liked it.  I felt like I made a difference.  I'm GOOD at what I do and I really didn't mind coming in and doing it every day.  So to start dreading coming to work on Sunday afternoon is just too much for me.  So I've been looking for another job within my company for a couple weeks now.  Not even a nibble.  Very disappointing.  I'm getting my external resume ready to go to start applying outside of the company but it's all just very stressful.  Hubby is still looking for another job while preparing to go out on his own in the new year so I know stability is important so staying with this company is probably the smarter move but I'm fairly certain this is all leading up to my group ultimately going away so I don't feel secure where I am anyway.  Needless to say, this has been contributing to my stress eating but I've been trying to keep in check the last week or so.

So enough of all about a Hump Day Happy Thought?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tough Love Tuesday

So, this is going to be a little ranty so forgive me but I've been seeing some blogs pop up in the last couple weeks of people in just a really bad place with their weight loss.  From the newly banded, "I've never heard of Bandster Hell before" blogs to the "I've been banded for 9 months and I've only lost 10 lbs" blogs to the "My name's MandaPanda and I can't control my grease intake" blogs.  Now I understand these struggles and I want to be as supportive as possible because I KNOW how hard it is to stay on track and how hard it is to keep muddling through when that scale refuses to budge week in and week out but I also often wonder if anyone in Blogland or real life is giving these people some of the tough love they really need.  Hubby tries to give it to me delicately but he knows that hormonal Panda will go ballistic on his butt if he's too tough.  Some trends that I'm seeing is that for some reason, regardless of how many blogs we read, bulletin boards we visit, horror stories we read, etc. we still think that WLS is some kind of magic wand.  So for those of us who have been messing with the same 2-5 lbs for months, here's the tough love that everyone in Blogland is too nice to provide:

  • There is no WLS that is going to cause your hand to come up and smack you in the face if you choose to eat high calorie crap.  Period.  There just isn't.  I would love if every time I looked at a Sal.t.ed Caramel, my hand just smacked me in the nose.  It doesn't and it won't. 
  • The band may not cause you problems with bread, pasta, tortillas, corn, cake, etc.  And even if it does cause you problems, are you strong enough not to try it anyway?  WLS cannot FORCE you to go low carb.
  • No WLS is going to pull you out of bed and into a gym or onto the bike path or on a mountain trail or put you on a bike and make you MOVE.  I'm not saying you need to exercise to lose weight.  I think you DO need to exercise to be healthy.  Period.  And I DO think it helps you lose weight.  
  • Band specific:  If you cannot eat real honest to god solid protein, YOU. ARE. TOO. TIGHT.  I know everyone loves that feeling of eating a few bites, feeling satisfied and full for hours.  But you're still eating.  If you're too tight, you're going to resort to slider foods (and let's be honest, it's probably not going to be protein shakes) to get by.  The band is not supposed to close up your stomach to the point that you cannot eat.  You will not lose weight this way.
  • Visit your doc.  If you aren't losing weight, don't feel ashamed, don't feel like a failure.  Your doctor works for you and has a responsibility towards customer satisfaction.  What he can't do is read your mind or visit your house or call you every month to see if you're still at a good fill level, if you're struggling, if you're frustrated or if there's something he can be doing to help you get to that next level. Take ownership of your health.
  • Re-evaluate.  Are you really doing EVERYTHING you can do to lose weight?  I know we all look into WLS because we cannot stomach the idea of yet another diet.  Counting carbs, calories, points, etc.  But you WILL need to make changes and if these are the types of things that will help you progress to the point where it is second nature to you, then that's what needs to happen.  Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If you ballooned up to 350 lbs by eating enchiladas, ice cream and fast food (raising my hand here) every day then you aren't going to lose weight by doing these exact same things.  If I could naturally eye ball how much a cup of food is, I wouldn't have gained weight to begin with.  So I measure.  My lunch goes into a one cup Tupperware.  Eventually, my mind will get it...muscle memory or something and I won't need to do that.  But I'm not there yet.
  • Specific to bloggers:  Don't disappear.  We all know what weeks or months with no posts means.  It means you fell off the wagon.  You don't want to log on everyday and write about how you aren't doing what you need to do to be successful.  I understand that...I really do.  But eventually, you get sick of writing it and it may even compel you to do something just so you can write that you did it.  
  • Don't give up!  You can do it!  If you've fallen, pick yourself up and do whatever it takes for you to reach your goals.  
So there you have it.  Tough love for anyone who needs it. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weigh In...Month Wrap Up

162.  -3 lbs from last week and an all new low!  I'll definitely take that!  My eating over the weekend wasn't great but the activity level was right and the portions were relatively small.  Feels good to see the scale move downward.  September ended and so did the 30 Day Primal Challenge.
So that's how things wrapped up.  2 days at 100%.  12 days > 80%.  16 days < 80%.  10 days with >30 minutes activity.  OK...So not a fantastic challenge effort but I think it got me thinking more about what I'm putting into my mouth and I like kind of tracking how I'm doing with that.  You'll also notice that the last week was stellar on the activity front.  I had an active Saturday as well.  That being said, I'm extending my challenge out to include the month of October.  A new tracker is at the top right and we'll see how things shake out.  The goal?  To improve on September.  Baby steps people.  Baby steps.

Another Goal for October.  Lose 3 lbs to hit 70 lbs down total.  I can do this!

Weekend was good but for some reason, I can't, for the life of me, think of what I did the last two days.  Lots of quality time with the girls.  They picked out what they wanted to be for Halloween and we got their costumes.  My youngest is going to be a pumpkin and right now, my oldest is going to be a little devil.  We'll see how long that lasts.  We already have a devil costume that my youngest wore last year (It'll work for the older one) but I have a feeling she's going to want to be something different all said and done.  We'll see.  We watched the Lincoln Lawyer last night.  Good movie and Matthew McConaughey was yummy, as usual.  I highly recommend reading the book though.  It was way better.

That was the weekend in a nutshell.  I can't wait to see all the posts about Chicago and see what you ladies did over the weekend.  Here's hoping that this week at work is better than the last week at work.  Can't get much worse these days.  And your Monday DEMotivation.