Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Blogger, Old Band

Happy Hump Day to one and all!

First, a little business...please go visit A.J. at Wanna Pet My Port???  She was banded in 2010 but has just started blogging and she's pretty hilarious.  Warning to Draz if you check her out...she talks about burps and poop.  Just to let you know.

Things are doing alright here.  I hit 80% with primal yesterday and got my 30 minutes of activity in.  It's really so easy now that a buddy and I are walking during our lunch break.  I finally mapped our route and it lands right about at 1.3 miles.  Not a bad a little jaunt.  Of course anything I do on top of that at home is gravy.

Ages ago, I bought a yoga DVD.  I had tried Pilates and it scared the crap out of me.  So I bought a mellow am/pm yoga DVD.  The idea is that you do the a.m. routine in the morning (duh) and it "energizes" you and you do the p.m. at night and it allows you to wind down and relax.  I did it twice and it hasn't made its way back into the DVD player since.  I don't wake up early enough in the morning to bother with it but I may start doing it with the girls on weekends.  We'll see.  But given my propensity for night terrors and my girls' habit of getting all wired right before bed, I'm thinking of trying this before bed to see if it helps us all calm down and get prepared for a good night's sleep.  I'll let you know how that goes.

So I haven't provided much detail on what's happened at work that has my panties in a bunch but it's really gotten to the point where I dread coming in.  Every single day.  I hate it.  Basically, they did a "repurposing" (don't you love corporate BS like that?) so my boss swapped with another boss and then they moved my whole group under a new boss who then reports to yet another new boss who has been with our company all of a year and has no idea what our group does.  So not only do I have a new boss, but I have a new boss' boss and a new boss' boss' boss (Catch all that?).  Lovely.  Anyway, they basically don't have a lot of respect for our group and I think they think we're a waste of resources so there's a lot of changes coming down the pike.  Every day I come in, there's another change, another announcement, another lie they're getting caught up in (and yes, they've been lying and they must think we're REALLY stupid as to not be finding out the truth).  Anyway, this is all very sad for me because while I've complained about my job before and how it really wasn't anything I was passionate about, I liked it.  I felt like I made a difference.  I'm GOOD at what I do and I really didn't mind coming in and doing it every day.  So to start dreading coming to work on Sunday afternoon is just too much for me.  So I've been looking for another job within my company for a couple weeks now.  Not even a nibble.  Very disappointing.  I'm getting my external resume ready to go to start applying outside of the company but it's all just very stressful.  Hubby is still looking for another job while preparing to go out on his own in the new year so I know stability is important so staying with this company is probably the smarter move but I'm fairly certain this is all leading up to my group ultimately going away so I don't feel secure where I am anyway.  Needless to say, this has been contributing to my stress eating but I've been trying to keep in check the last week or so.

So enough of all about a Hump Day Happy Thought?


Leslie said...

I'm sorry work is bringing you down, I know how that feels when you don't feel secure in your position. I'm sending you virtual hugs. :)

A.J. said...

First off, thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! for my shout out!! It totally stinks that you have to worry about the instability in your position. My Hubs and I were in a similar situation early in our banding process and it was a huge distraction from our process. My fingers are crossed that you feel better at work or find an even better opportunity.

Andrea said...

Sorry about your work situation I know that sucks! Hopefully you will find something new soon or things will get better at work.

Nora said...

Ugh, what a mess. I had that feeling of dread years ago, and it is just so draining and tiring- certainly not something you want to put up with on a daily basis for months at a time! Best wishes finding another position.

~Lisa~ said...

Ohhh it sounds sooo horrible.. I too dreaded going into work, although the particular job that I did was very rewarding and amazing - the place, the people, the very nature of the company ruined every accomplishment I may have felt on any given day.. I ended up leaving eventually - 30 pounds heavier. I feel your pain, Lovely Lady...


I love the photo - thank you... I needed to see that today..

Stacey said...

So sorry to hear about the work situation. You are awesome and someone will recognize....soon! Good luck to you and hubby both! :)