Monday, November 2, 2015

Day 117 Weigh In and Halloween Recap

PreOp Diet Weigh In: 226
Surgery Day Weigh In: 218.5
Day 103 Weigh In: 196.5
Change Since Weigh In: -2
Total Loss:  29.5

2 lbs down in 2 weeks.  I'll take it, especially since I didn't work particularly hard this weekend.  We had our Halloween party on Friday and it was a great success!

Me & Hubby

Kill Room

Food spread

Bar before ice, beer and mixers
Then Saturday, we got to do the Halloween stuff with the kids.

After all that excitement, I seriously couldn't handle doing anything else on Sunday so I finished up my first cross stitch project instead.
Great weekend!  And so sad to see it end and get back to work.  Work sucked last week so I'm hoping for better this week.  I'm also going into my last week of my first class since going back to school.  So far, so good on that front.  Hope y'all enjoyed the Halloween festivities without gorging too much on the candy.  We now begin the silly season.  November is sure to be busy!  Let's all stay on the healthy train!