Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm Alive...Barely


OK...So I've sat down to write this post a number of times the past couple months.  Of course, the more time that goes by, the easier it is to let it go.  I had been thinking of resurrecting this blog the last few days and as if they could tell, a few very sweet bloggers reached out to see how I was.  Special thanks to Jeannette, Dawnya, the favorite AZ bloggers and my Texas sweetheart Ronnie.  So how and where have I been?

I am not as far off the wagon as you may think.  I am hovering right around 167 but I feel squishier.   The food is not good and exercise is nonexistent.  Yes, I have a plan which I'll get to later.  Right now we're just catching up.

So I moved to FL and how is it?  Fabulous!  The family loves Florida.  We've gone to the beach often and my kids can't get enough of it.  Our street has lots of kids and we're close enough to walk to school.  Right now we're just renting but I love this house and wish the owners would be willing to sell it to me.  Our house has become THE hang out house.  We often sit in our front driveway and neighbors will wander over with their own chairs and we'll have a few drinks and hang out.  We even had a cookout with our next door neighbor over the weekend.  Hard to believe that ME...the introvert...has created the neighborhood hub.  Weird, right?

Work is work.  I have the same job working for the same skinny bitch.  It's easier dealing with her from 2000 miles away.  Working from home is definitely different.  For someone who doesn't like people, I miss the interaction with my coworkers.  I was in Phoenix briefly a couple weeks ago (Sorry AZ Bloggers - didn't have a free minute!) and it was nice to be able to see everyone at work again and this way I know they don't forget about me out here.  I've been traveling a bit for work...New Jersey in February and Omaha last week.  I might have one trip out to Cali before the summer but then I should be home for awhile.  Hubby, the girls and I are planning a trip to Phoenix at the end of July to visit my parents so that'll be fun.

Alrighty...well, that's my life folks.  Not very exciting I'm afraid.

Why am I blogging?  I want to start over so to speak.  3 years ago, this all started with a very simple plan.  Get the portions under control and walk.  I was training for the 3 Day and all I did was walk and a little weight training.  True enough...I walked for MILES.  But you know what?  I find myself missing that walking.  I find myself missing having HOURS to just BE.  So I'm going back to my roots a bit.  The other thing I did?  I blogged.  Religiously.  And yes, it's easy to blog when it's new and you're obsessive.  Well...enough time has passed that it's new again.  I was successful when I was checking in.

Last night I decided to take a walk after the kids went to bed.  I had decided in the morning that I was going to start going for a walk every day.  Of course, it was pouring rain and thundering and lightning after the kids went to bed.  Not another excuse.  I grabbed my umbrella and out the door I went.  3.2 miles later, I was home.  Soaked but feeling so good that I had done it!  So that's the plan, my friends.  Eat as best I can but not obsess and walk.  And maybe throw in a few kettle bells once in awhile.

I hope all of you are doing well.  I am also going back to reading blogs because I know how much that support can mean and I apologize to anyone who has needed that support and hasn't gotten it from me.  I haven't been in a great place and I needed some selfish time.  I have no prayer of "catching up" so I'll start reading today and maybe see y'all around...if anyone is still checking in here.

Happy Tuesday!