Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday 1-30-13

Last Weigh In: 165
This week: 164.5
Loss:  -.5

I'll take it.  It's moving in the right direction with minimal effort on my part.  So it's been almost a week again since I posted but I promise I'm really trying to stay on top of stuff.  Work is crazy.  I'm on all call this week and my boss has loaded me up with stuff.  I also found out I'll be in New Jersey in February for work so if any bloggers are in the Newark area or willing to drive to the Newark/Edison area, please let me know...I'd love to meet you!

So week in review?  Not really.  But just some random thoughts.

In AZ, you can enter to win cars at the mall and then your name gets put on all kinds of sales lists.  I wonder what lists you end up on when you sign up to win a tractor/mower...

I didn't take the time to rotate this one so our exercise for today will be turning our heads to look at it.  That's right...they sell frozen tur-duc-hen here.  Weird...

New wheels..can't remember if I posted it already but I bought myself a beach cruiser.  Love it!  I haven't been out to ride it yet but I will...I will.  We're also in the market for a new car as Hubby's car has started to slowly bleed to death by way of an oil leak.  Ugh.

What the hell is beef bacon???  Isn't bacon, by defnition, pork?

Why did I only lose a 1/2 lb this week?  Maybe because I am lacking willpower...
 I didn't move my dining room table because he was all torn up and we were down to only 2 chairs that weren't nasty or broken.  It took me weeks to find a kitchen dining set I liked but wasn't too expensive as we're renting and not looking to really "furnish" this house.  I found one on Amazon with free shipping.  Apparently, free shipping means it arrives looking like this..

I'm so annoyed by this.  I've emailed the company with pictures asking for a replacement tope.  We'll see.  I'm not hopeful seeing as they're an "online furniture store" with no phone number.  Argh!

That's about all that's going on in my world.  I'm working a lot, dealing with the kids' stuff and generally just surviving.  Hope y'all are all doing well!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bad About Posting

This has never been my issue but it seems to be happening.

So last week's weigh in was null.  I lost and gained 0.  I wasn't surprised especially after the big loss the week before.  Since then my food's been terrible and I drank way too much.  So to recap the weekend.

Wednesday - Found out I'm getting a raise and a bonus this year.  Wahoo!

Thursday - Lori was diagnosed with the flu.  Lovely.  3 pharmacies later, we found one that had tamiflu in stock.  Luckily, that seems to have gotten it from getting too nasty.

Friday - Hubby came home early with flowers.  Isn't he sweet?!?!

Saturday - We took the girls to the circus (and yes we infected everyone there with the flu.  Bite me.  Those tickets were $40 apiece!

Sunday - I went to a wine tasting with my next door neighbor.  That's right.  Just the two of us...her hubby was kind enough to play designated driver and take us and pick us up.  I drank WAY too much but had a good time and I think we could get to be good friends.  :)

Monday - I was hung over and we didn't do a whole lot of anything.  LOL.  The guys came to haul away our empty boxes and papers.  Am I completely unpacked?  No.  But we only had 30 days for them to come out and we're MOSTLY done.

That brings us to today.  Back at work after the long weekend and hating it.  Interesting how even when I don't have to actually GO to work, it's still a pain in the butt.  Oh well.

Weigh in is tomorrow.  I'm not optimistic.  I'm having a hard time committing.  2 years of that crap.  I've had about enough.  I'll be catching up on blogs in the next couple days.  I apologize for being absent.  :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Seafood Salad!

So excited!  So we found a market here called Fresh Market (I think Amy W's talked about it before).  Anyway...for my AZ friends, it's like a cross between Sprouts and Whole Foods.  They have 6 different seafood salads to choose from at like a little bar (sort of like you find the antipasto bars and stuff).  I picked 2 and tried my first one today for lunch.  It had HUGE shrimp in it and unlike what you find in AZ, you can tell it's fresh and mostly shrimp vs mayonnaise.  Very yummy.  Forgot to take a picture.. maybe next time.

The girls finished their first week of school on Friday.  In my opinion, it was a success.  My oldest is having some not so happy feelings about being the new girl and the whole move but she's making friends and doing well so far with the schoolwork.  I think she just needs some time.  My youngest has taken to it all quite well so it seems.

The weekend...good and bad.  Friday night, I had quite possibly my most ungraceful moment of my life and hurt my back.  I bruised it and am pretty sure I pulled something in the process.  Ugh...Been popping Aleve like candy all weekend.  We went to the beach Saturday for a few hours.  The water is freezing but my girls insist on getting in.  Who am I to tell them no?  (Their mother, you say?  Bah!) We finished unpacking all but 4 boxes over the weekend so hope to finish that up this week.  Yesterday we ran some errands, did some grocery shopping, found my new favorite little market mentioned above and took a nap.  Food was not on target.  *Sigh*  Am I the only one who struggles with the weekends?

I'm doing alright with it today though so hopefully that carries through out the rest of the week.  Hubby starts working 11 hour days today for the next month or so.  This will make it much easier to eat at home throughout the week.

How about you?  Is this week going to be a great week?  I think so!

Here's a Monday DEMotivation to get you started.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Letters 1-11-12

Dear Keyboard:  You're about to be replaced.  The sticky space bar has GOT to go.

Dear Boss:  Great end of year review!  I'm hoping when you say "well rewarded for (my) hard work this year," you mean in the financial sense.

Dear FL Weather:  You're going to take some getting used to.  I'm chilled walking the girls TO school but then sweating walking BACK.  And everything seems wet...all the time.

Dear Working From Home:  You rock but you take some getting used to.  Yesterday, I was on the phone with my boss, getting ping'd from a vendor and Maddie drops a full jar of pickles in the kitchen. Yikes!  But everyone in my office is sick and I'm not.  :)

Dear Bank Account:  I know this move has been expensive but get ready to shell out a little more this weekend.  We need to buy a new dinette set, cabinet thing for the girls' bathroom, new keyboard, nightstand for Maddie, storage bins and maybe a new bike for Lori.  Whew.  Hang in there.  February's coming and it's bound to be cheaper.

Dear Hubby:  See the letter to bank account.  Also, so proud of you and how you're doing with the new job.  This is going to work out great...I can feel it.

Dear Sister:  I'm so excited we'll be seeing you in February!

Dear Mom and Dad:  Come out anytime.  I know you miss the girls and honestly, Hubby and I could use the break.

Dear Stomach:  Do you want Starbucks or lunch out?  You can have one or the other but not both.  It's called moderation!

Dear Weekend:  We are using you to unpack.  IF we make good progress tomorrow morning, we'll go to the beach but enough fudging around.

Dear Friday:  Thank God you're here and you're so funny!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

TTT 1-10-13

I have no idea if I'll hit 10 things today...let's give it a try.

1.  I'm feeling good about my food.  I'm holding off on starting up the gym or treadmill time until I can figure out a good work/family routine and work around it.  I'm not saying there's no time for it but right now I need to focus on one thing at a time.

2.  Still loving Pandora...I think most people would HATE what she picks for me but that's what I heart it so.

3.  New Year = All or Nothing?  Absolutely not.  Reading a lot of posts about people "falling off the wagon" or "already failing at their new year's resolutions or goals."  You can't fail unless you stop trying.

4.  I'm finally biting the bullet and getting my docs together to get my passport.  I've been putting it off for years (I'm just lazy and it seemed like a waste of money since I never go anywhere).  Now I'm missing out on a business trip to Toronto because I don't have one.  I'll be rectifying this ASAP.

5.  Here was the big news in my new neck of the woods yesterday - Shark found in breakers in Jacksonville Beach.  See the video here. Because...ya know...snakes and gators just aren't enough around here.

6.  The flu is sweeping the nation with 41 states reporting widespread cases of influenza.  Remember...get all your vitamins and wash your hands often!

7.  Since I'm on a news kick (easy way to kill a few items), let's talk about this one - the year's best overall diet! The winner was the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet.  This isn't for weight loss, merely for health.  Weight Watchers topped the weight loss list.  I like how both of these don't sweepingly eliminate whole food groups and instead focus on moderation.  Visit the link for more information.

8.  Hubby and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in August.  I want to take a full week off and have a second (actually first) honeymoon.  We only took a couple days when we first got married.  I'm thinking maybe a Caribbean vacation or the keys even...Hawaii maybe?  Any suggestions?

9.  Working from home is tougher than I thought.  I don't like people that much but I kind of miss the interaction.

10.  I just found out someone tried to break into my coworker's house this morning.  She saw his hand coming through her bedroom window.  She screamed and he ran off.  So scary!  Very thankful she's OK.

Happy Thursday everyone!  One more day til Friday...we can make it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh In 1-9-12

Weigh In Wednesday is here!
Weight Last Week: 168.5
Weight Today:  165
Difference: -3.5

Oh yeah!  That's right...That's a 3 lb loss!!  Most of it water?  Probably but who cares?!?!  That's a 3 lb loss baby!

So I'm feeling really good about that as there's been no exercise... just a concentration on food and then not obsessing on the weekend.  So happy to finally see a loss on the scale.  It's a great start to the new year!

The girls had a great first day yesterday!  My youngest said that the material is a little harder (I think she's just nervous) but that the teacher and kids are nice and that she likes it.  My oldest says the material is about the same, just a different format/procedure.  I spent about an hour with her teacher in the morning getting the lay of the land and she seems very nice.  Here's hoping Day 2 goes as well as Day 1.

I'm also trying to figure out what our routine should look like.  Unlike in AZ where I was off when I picked up the girls, I have to put in another couple hours at work after I pick them up from school so we have to change things up a bit with homework and play time.  Of course, we don't have extracurriculars to figure out yet.  Maddie thrives on routine, so I hope we can settle into something resembling a new normal in the next week or so.

In work news, I'm doing a peer interview today for an open position in our group.  He's from Ohio so I'm already not thrilled.  LOL.  On top of that, I believe his old role was more similar to what I do now as opposed to what we're hiring for.  So is he qualified?  Absolutely.  For my job...that's a moral pickle for me.  I mean...we don't need 2 people who do what I do and the role we're hiring for is technically a step down from what I do.  I'm hesitant to hire my replacement, ya know?  We'll see how this goes.  

Here's a Hump Day Happy Thought to get us through the week...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do You Hear It?

Silence.  The children went back to school today.  *Sigh*  It's so nice and quiet in here.  Wishing I would've taken the day off work.  Maybe next month sometime.  :)

I'm nervous for them...Will they make friends?  Will they understand the material or feel completely lost?  I will say the school and classrooms are completely different from AZ and they have actual textbooks and what not.  I don't know who was more or them.

But for now...I'm going to enjoy the quiet and actually get some work done today.  Weigh In day tomorrow.  Keeping fingers crossed.

I'm torn somewhere between this...

And this...

Monday, January 7, 2013

One More Day...

Until the girls start school.  The school was closed for the entire winter break so we couldn't get them enrolled until this morning.  Honestly, I had a lot of anxiety about getting them enrolled and all the documentation that's required.  It all went surprisingly smoothly this morning.  They start bright and early at what looks like a great school in the morning.  So just one more day of trying to work from home with them here "helping" me.  It cannot come soon enough.  While I love my kids...the 2 week break from school was definitely long enough.  :)

The weekend was good but boring.  We ran some very little unpacking done and that was about it.  Food was not good.  I must get better about this on the weekends.  Weigh in is Wednesday so I'm hoping to see a loss with being on better behavior the last week.  It will be my first loss in MONTHS so here's hoping.  If not, I definitely can see where I need to improve.

Otherwise, not much going on my neck of the woods.  Trying to get to something resembling normalcy in the next few days/weeks.

A little Monday DEMotivation:

Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Coming Together

My van finally got here yesterday!  Just in time for Hubby to run his car into a curb in the rain and need the tire repaired.  So I'm still carless today but at least it's here.  This was our first experience having movers move us instead of doing it ourselves.  While I'll take this over the alternative any day, it's not without its challenges.  Feels like you do a lot of waiting and if you're an impatient person (such as myself), that's tough.  I've only got a few boxes to go in my office and I should be good to go in there.  Then we're down to the "What the heck do we do with this?" boxes.  I hate those.  I also have an organizational dilemma in the girls' bathroom.  They have one of those sinks without a cabinet or drawers underneath.  I have no idea what to do with all their bathroom crap...lotions, powders, hair ties (oh lord...the hair ties, headbands, I the only one that seems to horde these things?), etc.  Any suggestions?

I did alright with food yesterday.  Dinner could have been better but portion was good and still no snacking.  My water intake improved also.  Slowly but surely folks.

Let's share the love a little bit this Friday.

Holly at 300 lbs Down was interviewed for The Revolution of Health for the guy from the Biggest Loser Ranch.  You can check that here.

Chelle is going through a rough spot with the declining health of her grandma...please send her some hugs here.

And another addition of "In the News with Panda..."  I know I did a segment yesterday but this was too good to pass up.  This isn't a news article but an opinion piece on CNN regarding advancing the rights of fat people...fat acceptance if you will... Full article is here and, as always, my comments are in blue.

Another recent study found people who were "metabolically healthy" and overweight or obese had no higher death risk than metabolically healthy "normal" weight people.
I take an interest in the topic because I'm fat and because I don't have a death wish. I'm also interested because, like so many fat people, I've encountered weight discrimination when I seek routine medical care. I was 26 years old when I was denied the right to purchase health insurance. I had no significant history of illness or injury. I was just fat. That day, I became a fat rights activist.

A fat rights activist?  Really?  I'm not saying discriminating against fat people is good or ok (I've ranted about this before) but talk about fighting a losing battle.  

As a fat activist, I help as much as I can, but I'm no federal agency.
One woman called in the middle of the night, hoping I knew of an MRI she could use for an important test. The machine at her local hospital, which she'd used before, was being guarded by a technician who strictly enforced the weight limits. The tray that slides in and out of the machine could break. Instead, she was denied potentially life-saving information in a crisis. How many of the deaths blamed on weight are actually caused by medical equipment -- everything from blood pressure cuffs to surgical instruments -- that fails to accommodate fat people when we need it most?
I'll never forget the teenage girl who was told by a nurse practitioner that her complaint would go away once she lost weight. Luckily, she had the nerve and the parental backup to get another appointment and the prescription necessary to treat her condition. How many of the deaths blamed on fat actually happen when people are diagnosed as fat instead of being diagnosed and treated for an illness?

For the sake of argument, how many normal sized people would be denied life saving tests if this woman had broken the MRI machine?  Medical equipment is sized for average people.  I understand how humiliating it is.  I do...truly.  One blogger I follow was once told to go to the ZOO for a medical procedure because it was the only place with a machine big enough.  Are fat people animals?  Absolutely not but is it everyone else's problem to figure out a way to accommodate us or is it up to the individual to know where to go in case of an emergency?  Just as I knew which restaurants didn't have chairs Hubby or I would fit or if they only had booths, etc...we need to know which hospitals can accommodate larger folks.  As for the second paragraph...I agree, the diagnosis should never be "you're fat."  However, the article doesn't tell you what her ailment was...slightly high blood pressure?  Borderline diabetic?  Maybe instead of jumping to a prescription, we should try altering the lifestyle FIRST.  Just a thought. 

Then there are the fat people who did everything their doctors recommended to lose weight ... and died from dangerous diet drugs, from starvation diets, from mutilating weight-loss surgeries. I also hear from many people who live with the devastating physical and psychological consequences of such weight-loss attempts.

"Mutilating weight loss surgeries?"  I don't feel mutilated, thank you very much.  Would you call someone who has had knee replacement surgery or has a scar on their head from brain surgery "mutilated?"  Didn't think so...and you talk about fat bias? I have no issue with the other points.  Oftentimes, doctors suggest unhealthy remedies to lose weight.  I am of the belief that doctors don't know squat about nutrition and if they've never been obese, they really don't get it.  However, no doctor FORCES people do these things.  These are most likely people who feared for their health or REALLY wanted to lose weight and went to their doctor for help.  The docs did what they thought was right.  These doctors aren't doing the research on diet and exercise and metabolism.  Bariatric doctors and nutritionists do and even they're wrong a lot of the time.  No excuse for putting people's lives at risk to lose weight.  No excuse at all.  The article continues on to talk about medical professionals' personal opinions of fat people and the biases there.  Again, no argument.

These biases don't improve medical care. Two pioneers of the Health At Every Size approach, psychologist Deb Burgard and health promotion expert Lily O'Hara, analyze existing data to point out that using BMI as a proxy for metabolic health mislabels 51% of healthy people as unhealthy. Meanwhile, 23.5% of the thin people with risky indicators will not be screened or treated early because they "look" healthy.

I've talked about this as well.  Thin does not equal fit and fat doesn't necessarily equal unhealthy...yet.  I'll get to that at the end.  We all mostly agree that BMI is crap also.  

Here's a finding from the recent research that didn't make the headlines: For people over 65, being fat wasn't associated with increased risk, not even for the fattest old people. When do most people die, in our increasingly long-lived society? Over age 65, perhaps?

She links just about every other study for her statistics except this one.  Is it because she made it up?  Or is it because the study was crap from the get go.  What did they consider fat?  Was it just fat or was it morbidly obese?  There IS a difference.  She also doesn't say what they're at risk for...falling, complications of surgery often needed past the age of 65 (knee replacements, hip replacements, etc.  Anesthesia for fatter people IS riskier...sleep apnea anyone?), death?  I think she means death.  I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

I also learned this week that a highly accurate way to predict a person's risk of dying is to see how easily they can get up from the floor. I'm trying to imagine how different our health care system would be if, instead of focusing on weight and weight loss, caregivers did the sitting-rising test instead.

Sorry...this is just stupid.  How many of you at 250 lbs + easily got up off the floor?  One of the hardest exercise for me is sit ups.  Also, at 230 lbs, I could not just sit up when laying flat and guess what, at 168 lbs, I STILL CAN'T!  Am I healthier now than I was 70 lbs ago???  OF COURSE!  

Some closing comments.  For every research study she lists, I could list one that counters it.  Statistics can be manipulated to make a case for any side of an argument.  Do your own research.  Also, she was 26 with her first run in with medical bias with fatness and her other example was a teenager.  The longer you're obese, the more problems you'll have.  My father was fine until he was in his 50's...a triple bypass and Type II diabetes diagnosis later...not so much.  To say that you can be fat and healthy isn't necessarily wrong. But to say you'll ALWAYS be fat and healthy is unlikely.  This woman isn't doing anyone any favors.

Alright...I've ranted enough today.  How about a New Year's Friday Funny?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 2

We're on to Day 2 and so far, so good folks.  I had a healthy breakfast and lunch yesterday with a decent dinner.  No outside snacking.  Feeling really good about that.  I was STARVING when I went to sleep last night though.  I woke up today not starving.  Go figure.  I  knew it was in my head last night because I was hungry WHILE eating dinner.  Do you ever do that?  You're in the middle of the meal and you just know you're still hungry and you're still going to be hungry when you're done?  How is that possible?  Because your head messes with you, that's how.  For the last 2 months, I would just give in to that voice but not last night.  Last night I decided I would power through.  Mind over matter...I am NOT wasting away.  My stomach is NOT going to start eating itself if I go to bed hungry for one night.  And you know what?  It worked.  I'm having my coffee this morning and am in no rush for breakfast yet.

I'm focusing on food for the next week or 2 and then will figure out how to incorporate my exercise again.  I really miss working out.  (Yes, I just said that.)

Random Thought.  I love Pandora.  My mom got me a little ipod clock/radio thing for Christmas and I hook up my iphone and set it to pandora and rock out to 90's pop.  What I don't understand is how Britney Spears has a greatest hits album???

I'm bringing back an oldie but goodie feature of my blog where I talk about diet, fitness, and general health stuff in the news and give you my take.  I missed doing this for awhile but I have an opinion about everything so there ya go.  With the dawn of the new year and everyone resolving to lose weight, the news and morning shows are abuzz with the fad diet advice.  CNN is no exception.  Check out this little gem at their website - Retro Diet Tips that Work.  As per tradition, my comments are in blue.

The theory here is that people are shying away from gimmicks and embracing the natural food markets and turning to things like grapefruit and rice cakes (rice cakes are natural?) for dieting.  But also, these foods make us feel homey...

"Nostalgic feelings often make people gravitate towards classic diet items," says Susan Albers, a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic Family Health Center and author of "Eating Mindfully."
"My clients tell me that they eat cabbage soup or low-fat cheese because those are things their mothers used to eat while dieting."

Really?  I know when I think of comfort food, I always rush right to cabbage soup!  

After all, low-fat cottage cheese is a great source of satiating protein; research shows that eating grapefruit can reduce insulin levels, and aid in weight loss; and rice cakes, which are low-cal, give you a lot of bang for your bite. Even baked potatoes -- diet terrorists during the low-carb craze -- can help you lose.

OK...I give you that...these are low cal.  The problem comes with how many you eat and what you put on them.  Rice cakes plain?  When was the last time you ate a plain rice cake?  You don't.  You add peanut butter or something equally fattening (I'm actually a proponent of PB...don't get me wrong) and you eat about a million of them.  Same thing with baked potatoes.  A normal size baked potato, not so bad.  Giant baked potatoes have become the norm and we load them up with butter, cheese and sour cream...not to mention bacon bits.  And there isn't much nutritional value in a potato or a rice cake or even grapefruit.  

"Things like Jell-O, cottage cheese, and cabbage have low calorie density, meaning they have few calories per ounce," Rolls says. "Foods such as air-popped popcorn and rice cakes have high volume, in that they are aerated and trick your mind into thinking you're eating more than you are. Both are effective for weight loss." Some may even have pound-melting superpowers.
"High-calcium foods (yogurt and cottage cheese) and high-fiber foods (like fruit and vegetables) may increase weight loss by either blocking the absorption of other calories or by enhancing metabolic efficiency," says weight control specialist Stephen Gullo, author of "The Thin Commandments Diet."
"We may not understand all the ways this works, but if you're losing weight, does it really matter?"
I love this!  They say there's scientific research backing this up and then go on to say they don't understand how it all if there's a magic weight loss fairy going around looking for people eating these foods and zapping them with their magic wands, making them thinner.  Puh-lease.

I don't demonize any food groups.  Even candy has its place occasionally.  Seriously...sometimes you just need that skittle to maintain your sanity.  I get it.  And I'm not saying these foods don't have a place in your diet but nowhere in this entire article does it say eat protein.  Nowhere...they say get your protein from cottage cheese.  Mmmkay.  I don't like how they act like eating these foods aren't a fad...that going to "retro diet foods" isn't a fad.  Just using a word like "retro" makes it a fad!!!  People...a little common sense.  A balanced diet is the way to go.  For those of us least for me...I feel fuller on protein and stay fuller longer.  Just sayin'...

OK - Last tidbit...need some help!  I need some new bloggers to follow!  A lot of my old bloggers have stopped blogging altogether so I need some new fodder.  If you're new to me and I'm not following you, please leave a link!  If you know of any good ones out there, let me know.  Thanks!

Alright.  That's all I got for today.  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year - Part 2

So a look back...

2012 GOALS

  • Complete 5 5k's - I did 4...I would've nailed this if not for the relocation.  I'm OK with it.
  • Active kids - Both signed up 2/9/12 - Am going to get them involved pronto here in FL
  • Be CONTENT - Actually...yes...very much so 
  • 100 Push Ups - Check! 10/15/12
  • 100 Sit Ups - 33 - Pitiful.  
  • 1 Pull Up - 1 with 50 lb assistance - sigh
  • Find a Hobby - Hitting the gym and doing 5k's seriously became my hobby this year.  I feel working out and beaching (is that a verb?) will be 2 this year.
  • Warrior Dash - 10/20/12 - 1:26
  • Be Kind to Myself - Much better...Self esteem has gotten a MUCH better
  • Hit GOAL - Miserable fail on this one

Not so shabby really.  Stellar?  No.  Abysmal?  Not at all.  I conquered some serious fears this year...Warrior Dash, trying new classes, pushing myself physically, getting out socially... And I feel better for all of it.  

I've slacked the last month.  I've eaten too much in volume, too much crap and drank too much booze.  That ends today.  I've had my coffee and a healthy breakfast and lunch and that's it today.  I haven't had Starbucks in over a week.  I'm off to a good start.  So goals in 2013?

There's only one goal in get to GOAL.  I'm done messing around.  There's a new ticker and a new commitment.  I've said it before but I'm beyond saying it now.  I'm doing it.  It begins with Weigh In Wednesday.  

WIW:  168.5 (not bad considering).

The goal?  28.5 lbs

Stretch?  38.5 lbs

There may be mini challenges, 5k's, different events, work out goals, etc. that get me here but it's all about hitting this number.  I'd like to say it's all about more than a number on the scale and it we know it is.  It's about the health, it's about the physical fitness of it all and about LIVING but I'm vain and this number has a little to do with it.  I haven't really put forth the effort in the food department in 2012.  The exercise was there but the food wasn't.  Let's get back to the basics of the band which is ALL ABOUT THE FOOD.  Let's get back to putting it all together...not just half assing it.  Let's do this!

Happy New Year - Part 1

So it's been about 3 weeks since I last blogged...probably my longest hiatus since starting.  Did y'all miss me and my endless rambling?  I'm sure you did.  So I'm dividing my new year's post into 2...the first is a recap of what I've been doing the last 3 weeks...the second will be more goal focused.

3 week recap in pictures!

I spent my last week in Phoenix living with my parents and visiting friends before I left.  Maddie was Student of the Month so we went to her special breakfast at school.

We had Christmas with my folks and it was great!  The girls got good stuff and got to decorate and make cookies and all that great seasonal stuff that was severely lacking in our own house.

Once in FL, we didn't have any of our stuff, so we did some of this...
This sign says to be careful of manatees.  Pretty cool,huh?  This is about 2 miles from the new house.

We may need to buy a

Taking it all in.

And of course, Christmas got thrown in worries though...Santa made it to our house...

Then we did more of this...

Finally the stuff arrived and we've been doing a lot of unpacking!

Kids got a little stir crazy so we visited a lighthouse.
Hubby in maroon  :)

View from Top

Very windy and cold at the top

Walked up these - 229 steps to the top!

Still trying to get unpacked but Hubby, however, is a bad influence and we still wind up here...

Important to note that the water is ridiculously cold and the children are probably going to catch pneumonia.  Mother of the Year right here folks! 

There you have it folks.  3 weeks in a nutshell.  I started back at work on Monday...working from my home office.  It's definitely different than going into an office every day especially since the kids are still on break.  We haven't started messing with the school yet as the office has been closed for the holiday.  I have LOTS of anxiety about that.  I also can't get my FL driver's license because their ID requirements are CRAZY. I have my SSN card, birth certificate, marriage license and old driver's license but still not good enough.  I need my marriage CERTIFICATE.  That'll take about a month to get from AZ so looks like it'll be awhile before I get my FL license.  Residency stuff is a big deal around here too.  Since none of the bills are in my name, Hubby has to come with me to state that I live there with him despite my name being on the lease.  Wow.  Just wow.

Next post will be goal oriented and I hope to have that up and posted by end of day with a look back and a look forward.

Happy New Year everybody!