Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Letters 1-11-12

Dear Keyboard:  You're about to be replaced.  The sticky space bar has GOT to go.

Dear Boss:  Great end of year review!  I'm hoping when you say "well rewarded for (my) hard work this year," you mean in the financial sense.

Dear FL Weather:  You're going to take some getting used to.  I'm chilled walking the girls TO school but then sweating walking BACK.  And everything seems wet...all the time.

Dear Working From Home:  You rock but you take some getting used to.  Yesterday, I was on the phone with my boss, getting ping'd from a vendor and Maddie drops a full jar of pickles in the kitchen. Yikes!  But everyone in my office is sick and I'm not.  :)

Dear Bank Account:  I know this move has been expensive but get ready to shell out a little more this weekend.  We need to buy a new dinette set, cabinet thing for the girls' bathroom, new keyboard, nightstand for Maddie, storage bins and maybe a new bike for Lori.  Whew.  Hang in there.  February's coming and it's bound to be cheaper.

Dear Hubby:  See the letter to bank account.  Also, so proud of you and how you're doing with the new job.  This is going to work out great...I can feel it.

Dear Sister:  I'm so excited we'll be seeing you in February!

Dear Mom and Dad:  Come out anytime.  I know you miss the girls and honestly, Hubby and I could use the break.

Dear Stomach:  Do you want Starbucks or lunch out?  You can have one or the other but not both.  It's called moderation!

Dear Weekend:  We are using you to unpack.  IF we make good progress tomorrow morning, we'll go to the beach but enough fudging around.

Dear Friday:  Thank God you're here and you're so funny!


jennxaz said...

my hubby complains about the lack of socialness of working from home...he does take it to starbucks or a few other coffee places for a couple hours in the afternoon just to get a different change in scenery. But count your lucky stars you aren't sick! dang it everyone is!

Connie O said...

Your letters made me smile.

I like the type of cabinet that goes over the toilet--what do they call it? A spacesaver or some such thing? I want one for my bathroom, which has severely limited storage space.

Vanessa said...

I love Friday Letters - going to steal them!

Sam said...

I love it and I think I need to take note of the letter to your stomach, that is definately one thing I should also do :o)

Cat said...

You are adorbs! I love the letter to your bank account. Soooo understand!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Good luck with the unpacking!!!

responsibility199 said...

Ah Florida... thought allot of FLA this morning when scraping ice from windows in 12F air.

Stay grateful!