Monday, October 24, 2011

Weigh In 10-24-11

162. Maintaining.  I guess it's somewhat comforting to know that with making poor choices and not exercising as much as I need to that I'm maintaining.

Weekend was good.  We worked on teaching my oldest daughter to ride her big girl bike.  We're making slow progress on that front.  We watched three movies over the weekend.  Keep in mind, we get movies from the library so these are not new by any means but on the off chance that you watch fewer movies than I do, I'll provide quick reviews.

The first was a kids' movie that I was not impressed with at all.  Legend of the Guardians.  It's an animated film about owls but it is WAY too intense for kids my daughters' ages (3 and 6).  It's about the "pure owls" kidnapping young owls and brainwashing them and turning them into slaves.  So 2 of the captured owls, get away to get help from the "guardians" owls.  The imagery of the torture and battle scenes are just way too much.  I'm surprised my kids even followed most of it and I wouldn't be surprised if they're terrified of owls now.  Not good.

The second was Thor from those masterminds at Marvel Comics.  This wasn't a bad flick but there wasn't much too it.  It wasn't nearly as good as Captain America or the Ironman movies.  In my opinion, too much happens on his home planet and not enough on Earth.  Natalie Portman isn't in it enough to establish a real character for her or chemistry between her and the guy who plays Thor (who is a hottie by the way).  I've definitely seen worse but all it did was get me excited about the Avengers movie coming out this summer.

The last one was Limitless with Bradley Cooper.  This movie was a lot better than I thought it would be but it leaves a lot of loose ends at the end.  Basically, he takes a pill that allows him to use all 100% of his brain as opposed to like the 20% we normally use.  It did make me think of all we could accomplish if we had access to the same little pills he had but whether or not it would be a good thing is debatable.  For instance, there is one character who gets a hold of the pills but remains an idiotic thug.  So smarter doesn't equal realizing violent crime isn't a good thing.  Also, there's a blood drinking scene I could've done without but not bad overall.

Still waiting to hear about the job.  I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll hear something this week.  And now for your Monday DEMotivation:


Amanda said...

Bikes always scared me as a kid so I was a slow learner myself!

WOW that is an intense kids movie with very adult themes...

Butterfly said...

My 7 year-old son loves Legend of the Guardians, while I thought it was a bit dull myself, our church showed it for movie night this past Friday. He was thrilled to go again. I guess that is why its a kids movie LOL He was afraid of Owl's til he saw this movie, I'm sorry you didn't like it.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

162 is amazing...keep it up!

~Lisa~ said...

162 is absolutely TERRIFIC!! Sounds like a good weekend - a very good weekend!!

Ronnie said...

I really liked Limitless, too! But you're right... the ending did leave a bit to be desired. :/