Friday, October 21, 2011

So How'd I Do?

Eh.  I ate my chicken, cheese and lunch.  Had 2 bites of the girls' cookies.  Had the pulled pork WITH the bun with coleslaw and sweet potato fries.  So I didn't have the apple later since I had the bun.  Definitely better than the day before.  Today I've got a breakfast sandwich that I'll eat here in a little bit, the rest of the pulled pork (without the bun) and cole slaw.  Goal: No snacking today.

I did call the doc for a fill yesterday.  I have an appointment on Halloween.  I also made my health insurance enrollment selections.  They're changing our plans entirely and the lap band doc is a "specialist" which means I'll be paying out of pocket until I hit my deductible.  No bueno.  That'll add up quick.  So gotta get to a good restriction place before the end of the year...meaning not too loose AND not too tight.  We'll see how this shakes out.  This health insurance thing is really ticking me off.  All the preventive care is free but now we've got to hit deductibles and co-insurance maximums before ANYTHING else is covered at 80%.  AND they're taking out significantly more per paycheck.  So here's hoping we don't have any major issues in the coming year because a $3000 deductible is pretty daunting.  Ugh.  I'm not going to get all political on you guys but these increases and these changes suck and I don't see it getting any better anytime soon.

So yesterday morning, the hiring manager for that position asked if I was available for the third interview yesterday afternoon.  So I had my third interview with HER boss.  I think it went pretty well.  We seemed to have a good rapport.  It was still kind of short but it could just be because they don't have to drag examples out of me.  I'm learning how to toot my own horn.  Or it could be because they feel no need to ask anymore because they've pretty much already made up their minds...either yay or nay.  So I've gone through all the interviews.  All I can do is sit back and wait to hear something.  I hate the waiting but at least I'm not nervous about interviews anymore.  I think I've done all I can do.

This weekend is going to be VERY low key as I have NO money until payday on the 31st so it's going to be a lot of hanging out at home this weekend with my kids who have been driving me crazy the last few days.  I don't know if it's something in the air but they just aren't being good.  So I leave with a kid related Friday Funny:


Amanda said...

Ohhh good luck with getting the job!! 3rd interview sounds promising for sure.

Lets not talk about my eating...yours sounds great compared to mine! :)

Leslie said...

I'm glad the 3rd interview went well and I wish lots of luck.

Don't even get me started on insurance. BAH. We have really good coverage right now but trying to figure out what is going to happen when the baby comes gives me a major freaking headache.

Nora said...

Hooray for the third interview going well!

Lee Ann said...

ugh yeah don't get me started on the cost of health insurance and health care for a family! glad to hear the 3rd interview went well and have a fun quiet weekend with the fam. :)

~Lisa~ said...

Health Insurance - just don't get me started.... Sounds like all the interviews went well - I've got everything crossed for you!!

Jen said...

I have a fill on Halloween too!! Too bad we don't have the same dr or we'd finally get a chance to meet!
Glad to hear about the 3rd interview! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Ms. M said...

We will be having a low key weekend due to lack of funds too! I'm thinking board games and movies. And probably leaf raking for Mr. Husband based on how windy it is outside right now. It will be good for him, lol.

Fingers crossed the short interview means they already love you and want you for the position. They'd be crazy not to!

Ronnie said...

Mmm, sweet potato fries! I've had those twice within the last week... it needs to stop. But they're soooo good.

I'll be sending you good vibes for the new position... I bet you'll get it! :)

Kristin50 said...

Sometimes having no money is a blessing, it causes us to find things to do with our kids the old fashioned way, and I frankly believe it teaches them great lessons.

I know it is stressful and for that I am sorry, I hope that you get your new job.

As for someone who works in healthcare you are very correct in saying that it will not be getting much better, I see it getting far worse. Until Americans stand up and tell the Insurance companies that they are not going to take it anymore, healthcare will be in the mess it is in!

Andrea said...

Good luck on the job! I'm sure you did great! My health insurance options are horrible this year too!