Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Too Good Tuesday

I made it to the gym yesterday.  Yay me!  So I try not to do the same thing at the gym every time I go.  I don't make big changes, just small ones.  For instance, unless I'm doing a class, I do the treadmill every time.  The only difference is HOW.  Sometimes I commit to a certain time or a certain distance.  Depending on what I do on the treadmill determines the rest of the workout.  Then I add weights or the elliptical or whatever.  Yesterday I did my 5k routine but instead of attempting to run the whole thing at a pace that didn't make me feel like I wanted to die, I pushed the envelope on the speed while I was running.  So my overall time stayed pretty much the same because I had to walk more but I was dripping sweat by the end of the workout so it felt really good.  I just looked back and saw that I shaved 3 minutes off my last 5k run on the treadmill.  Not too shabby.

I also had one Ick-out moment at the gym.  I had set my phone down in the cup holder of the treadmill and it got gum stuck to it!!  EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!  Seriously, who does that?  Who puts their gum in the cup holder at the gym?  Very poor gym etiquette if you ask me.  It was also very poor timing.  They clean the machines at least twice a day at this gym and the gum was still sticky (YUCK!) so I know it's not the gym just slacking on the cleaning.

So how am I eating, you ask?  Pretty darn good.  I was right on plan yesterday.  I'm back to tracking on MFP..we'll see how long that lasts as I'm not big on the tracking.  I'm attempting to detox off of sugar this week.  I'm eliminating rice, bread and sweets like chocolate, cake and candy.  It's a good start.  I'm going to SC next week and while I'll definitely indulge, I don't want to go too nuts.  So far, so good.  Day 1 was a success and sometimes just getting off to that good start is enough to keep you motivated for Day 2.

So a big, albeit rather unnoticed, day at work yesterday.  When I started this job at the beginning of the year, I was given 1 year to complete certain tasks to get our group compliant.  Come March, they brought it down to 3 months.  I'm convinced my boss was setting me up for failure because ultimately it was HER action plan I was working on and she needed someone to blame our lack of compliance on.  Well, ladies and gents... yesterday...approximately one day before my deadline of today...I submitted the last requirement.  Done and DONE!  This was a huge deal for me.  There's something about knowing someone finds you incompetent or lazy or whatever that motivates me to show off.  Not in a good way.  As soon as I can break free of this position, I definitely doesn't create loyalty in a worker.  But it motivated me to show her "Look *itch...I get it.  I get what you're about and if you think you can intimidate me or're wrong.  You don't know who you're dealing with so I'm going to take every opportunity I can to exceed at what I'm doing so your boss knows you're completely worthless."  Spiteful?  Maybe.  I was going to celebrate with a glass of wine last night but didn't.  I know I'll be having a happy hour night out with my sister in SC so I'm just saving it for then.  But I admit....couldn't be happier with how I got this done.  So happy, I'm nominating myself for the nonexistent Employee of the Month Award...I'd like to thank the academy... that's a lot of patting myself on back today.  Must actually get some work done now.  Hope y'all are having a terrific Tuesday!


jennxaz said...

that is awesome about work! You totally deserve someone who recognizes what an asset you are. The gum thing is so gross!
Good for you on your times. I am only averaging 17.30 min pace at 2 are rocking it girl!

Chris said...

Ew on the gum. Seriously, who does that?!? (I sat on a piece of hard candy on the train yesterday, too, so I feel ya. Gross.)

But WOOT on the work success! Employee of the Month, indeed - way to go!

RockBand Barbie said...

That gum situation is nasty!

At my last job my boss was notorius for setting you up to fail. She would put you in a position that she knew you didn't want to be in...which is what she did to me. I'm sure she thought I wouldn't last a day. I did, but I made sure I got out of there as soon as I could. Working for someone like that sucks.

Ronnie said...

You go girl! Just when she thought she might have gotten you... done-zo!

I have no idea why women are so catty. Why can't we all just love each other?

Patrick said...

Gum in cup holder is wrong in every language on the planet. Stay motivated, you have an awesome week happening here!

Kristin50 said...

You are amazing, your an asset to whom ever has you around! Even though you beat up on yourself at times, I know you know this is true!

Love you lady and Congrats on the times wow!

The gum is just plain disgusting....what a dumb ass! LOL