Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shred - Day 1

Didn't happen.  I had every intention of starting the 30 Day Shred dealie yesterday.  I was all geared up for it.  A friend of mine for work even remembered to bring me the hand weights I need for it.  Then I did laundry. 2 weekends ago, my dryer overheated.  I wasn't particularly surprised by this as I have a small, ancient stackable washer and dryer unit in this townhouse we're renting and I had been doing laundry all day.  By the end of the day, I had an error code of E7 showing up and it wouldn't work.  So I googled "maytag" and "e7" and learned that I have a 1985 Maytag MS1000 Series stackable washer and dryer and my dryer was overheated.  Fine.  We let it rest, reset it and then managed to finish the load I was working on.  Cut to Sunday, I put a little load of whites into the washer and suddenly I smell something burning.  I can't figure out what would be burning so I follow the smell right to my washer.  Hubby comes over and with it still running (we're brilliant), he shimmies it out of the laundry closet a bit and there's SMOKE coming out of the back of it! we're in touch with our landlord and hope to be getting this taken care of this weekend.  But laundry still builds up so I was at my mom's house until 9 pm last night (I'm an early riser) doing laundry, managed to get one of those headaches (not sure what's up with that) while I was there and just couldn't bring myself to do the Shred when I got home. An excuse?  Maybe but it is what it is.  Plan tonight - Shred.  Let's do this!

In other news, Hubby's car registration needs to be renewed.  In order to renew it, he has to pass emissions.  In the great state of AZ, you cannot pass emissions if your check engine light is on.  Doesn't matter if it affects the emissions or not, it's an automatic fail.  This check engine light has been on for like over a year (this is an old car that we really have no intention of fixing).  We took it to two mechanics yesterday and we're basically looking at least $2000 to fix the stupid car so it can pass the stupid emissions test!!!  Hubby and I need to discuss what we want to do but I see a trade-in in the near future.  Unless....anyone knows how to fudge a test... if so, ping me.

Ugh.  What else?  Aunt Flo is still in town.  Stupid *itch won't leave.  It's been a full 6 days now.  Lovely.  I'm now remembering why I had been on birth control so long.

So looking towards my next event, Climb to Conquer Cancer.  This is a 5.6 mile hike to the top of a local mountain here in Phoenix...just happens to be the same mountain that the family and I do our family hikes on so it'll be nice.  I'm trying to talk Hubby into doing it.  He's not so sure.  His ankles were pretty sore after the 5k so he's not sure he'd make it.  I also have a question in to the organizers about how we get down.  On the route, there's a bus stop listed at 5.3 miles.  Does a bus bring us down or do we hike down?  Because a 5.6 mile hike is way different than a 11.2 mile hike, yes?  I think if a bus brings you down, I can talk Hubby into it.  I've been googling and it looks like there's a shuttle for anyone who wants a ride down but I can't find anything that specifically says it for this year's hike.  Anyone in the Phoenix area happen to know?.  We shall see.


Nora said...

Any way to disable the wire or bulb behind the check engine light (hypothetically speaking, of course)?

A.J. said...

I hate that emissions testing BS. Here in TN it varies from county to county whether or not it is required and fortunately I have only ever lived in one place that required it. I also hate that you are being forced to make a basically unnecessary financial leap/decision like that all bc of some arbitrary government policy.

I am also very interested to hear your thoughts on the Shred. I looked at the DVD a few days ago when I was at the local Mega-lo-Mart but pre-band I always hated workout videos so there is a part of me that is still hesitant to get any. Although, if the Shred buffs me out in no time I might just have to get over my JaneFondaphobia.

jennxaz said...

bummer on the dryer...mine overheated and it turned out to be a birds nest in my air vent I used a vacuum and a stick to get all the crap out...there was a lot of it. The walk has a shuttle that will take you least it did the last two years. Too bad it wasn't just the gas check engine light comes on every couple of years and its been the damn gas cap..I think the heat eats away at the seal....good luck...that sucks!!!!!

Ronnie said...

I'm sorry about your hubby's car... that's a major bummer. I don't think Texas is that strict, but I could be wrong. :(