Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old Car, New Computer

So we still have our old car for right now.  First shot with a buyer didn't work out but that's alright.  We're still deciding what we're going to do with this heap and we still have a few options to work through.  We did, however, purchase a new computer.  Our laptop has been on its last legs for awhile and is about 6 years old so we were due.  We decided to get a iMac.  I'm not sure if this is a good idea or bad idea but after Vista, we were fed up.  One of the reasons we needed a new computer was so I could work from home.  Alas, for some reason I can't seem to connect to the remote desktop from my mac.  I called our company help desk and they were, as always, helpLESS.  So if any of you are Mac wizards or tech people, I'd love to hear from you if you think you could help me out.

My cold is getting worse.  I woke up this morning all stuffed up with a headache and sore throat.  Gee...working from home sure sounds good right now.  But alas, I'm here at my desk going to try to get through the day without infecting everyone around me.

I've determined that my work is trying to keep me fat.  OK...maybe not my work but definitely people AT my work.  They discovered a new ice cream shop over here that sells ice cream sandwiches for $2.  The cookies are made on site fresh each day and the ice cream is Dreyers. one double chocolate chip cookie with mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich later, I'm sure I had about 1,000 extra calories I didn't need yesterday.  Oh was really good.  But I need to remember that things like that really aren't worth it to have often.  I want to get to goal and I've just got to knuckle down and do what I need to do it.

So last night, I had a hankerin' for ribs so off to Outback we went.  Incidentally I ate 2 pieces of the chicken flatbread, 2 ribs and 2 fries and was done but what was very exciting was just before the food came out, my oldest says " tooth hurts" while it's bleeding all over the place.  This tooth was knocked loose on 2 separate occasions by my youngest daughter's head so we've been waiting for it to get naturally loose and fall out for about 8 months now.  At her last dentist appointment, he said nature would probably take care of it for us.  So off to the bathroom she and Hubby went (with little sister close behind as not to miss the action) to pull out this tooth.  Understand they were about to do this sitting at the table using one of those cloth Outback napkins.  Ummm...gross?  Well, it "hurt too bad" to pull out, so they all shuffled back.  We ate with this thing bleeding off and on.  Well, before the night was done, the tooth was out and Tooth Fairy paid a visit...but seriously???  We're pulling teeth at Outback?  Ick.

So that was the excitement that was Tuesday.  I can't wait for today to be over and to crawl back into bed.  Happy Hump Day everybody!  And this just made me giggle...


jennxaz said...

I can't help you on the mac front...I am a microsoft user, congrats though I bet its pretty cool for personal stuff...I can't believe work doesn't furnish you a laptop. My son is four and is dying to lose a tooth...he always says he thinks his teeth are getting loose...too cute! I hate buying a car...its such a pain! you are an early worker like me!

Leslie said...

I love my mini mac but I am no computer whiz so I am no help to you there.

I love your Hump Day Funny.

My dad was so squeamish when my brother and I would lose teeth, he couldn't even look at us wiggling them. LOL!

Chris said...

Oh my goodness, I feel for you with the Outback tooth drama! Glad it all came out alright, ha!

I'm a windows baby, sorry - hope someone at work can help (usually not someone in the "helpless desk" - ain't that the truth?!?)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you need to talk to the Help Desk supervisor to me.
How do you connect? We use Citrix and if you go to their website you can choose the download for their connector by what sort of machine you have PC or Mac, 32 or 64 bits, etc. Your help desk really should have some sort of direction for you. They obviously can't tell you what machine you bought but they should be able to get you to the site that will get you a connector or just their site if that is how they do it.

Dawnya said...

Okay...that little flyer is totally me. People look at me like I'm crazy.

Congrats on the new computer. I can't believe they wanted to take the tooth out at the table. Totally gross.

Andrea said...

I have a Mac and LOVE it, but unfortunately I have no idea how to connect to a work network on it. Hopefully they can get it figured out because you will love it!

That's so funny about the tooth story!

A.J. said...

I am a total Mac fangirl. Got the Macbook, the iPad, on my 2nd iPhone..... I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. Hopefully, you can get your network going 'cause I think you will love it.

I loved the tooth story --but I love teeth.