Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Random Thought Tuesday

I have nothing specific to post about today...just some randomness.  Maybe bullets?

  • Hubby and Oldest Daughter are sick.  Hubby's had this cold for about a week and Maddie started getting it a couple days ago.  I woke up this morning with a sore throat and headache.  Doesn't look good for the home team.  I just hope my youngest is spared.
  • My girl scout cookies arrived this weekend.  4 boxes.  What was I thinking?  I'm proud to say that my girls have eaten more than I have and so far we've only gone through 1 sleeve (notice I said "sleeve" and not "box") of thin mints so far.  3 days and 1 sleeve...not bad.
  • Instead of girl scout cookies, I've been indulging in ice cream.  Specifically Graeter's Mint Chocolate Chip.  Let me introduce you to Graeters.  They are based out of Ohio and make their ice cream on site.  Hubby grew up on this stuff and it is the best. ice cream. EVER.   It used to be you couldn't get it outside the midwest.  For our 5 year anniversary, I had it SHIPPED to August...but it didn't melt and it was awesome sauce.  Now, it's sold at the regular old grocery store and while I try to just wasn't happening.  *sigh*  
  • Landlord came by last night and measured our laundry closet for a new washer/dryer unit.  He's trying to get it delivered and installed this week.  This needs to happen as it's starting to pile up again.  Seriously...we all only wear one set of clothes a does it accumulate like that??
  • Our landlord is getting redeployed to Afghanistan.  He's already done 3 tours between there and Iraq and hopefully this will be his last 6 month stint.  His brother was just killed by an armed robber not too long ago and his daughter's brother died not too long ago too.  How much should 1 family have to bear?  And here I am...worried about my washer and dryer.  Selfish much?
  • Work is getting better... I think I'm starting to get in a little bit of a groove but it's still kind of a mess.
  • One of my favorite shirts to wear to work is officially too big to wear anymore.  I'm wearing it now but into the donation pile it must go.  While I'm always glad to bid adieu to the big sizes, sometimes it's sad to say goodbye to something that's been so loyal.
  • 30 Day Shred tonight, come hell or high water.  Must get it done.  
  • Hubby may be selling our crappy car today or trading it in or whatever.  I've empowered him to do whatever he wants with it.  I just want to be done with it.
  • So Hubby MIGHT be on his way to a contract with the state doing lawyer stuff.  Please keep fingers crossed that this works out.  It could be very good.
  • Perry Joyce had an interesting blog post here about how the sweet spot for banded folks to lose weight is 12-18 months and then it becomes harder.  I am totally with her on this.  It seems I was cruising pretty good until about the 14 month mark and suddenly it got a whole lot harder.  I guess a number of things happen and she touches on them pretty takes less energy to just walk up the stairs than it used to at 230 so my day to day activities just aren't going to burn as many calories as they used to.  But, but, but....just because it isn't as easy anymore doesn't mean getting to goal is any less important or achievable.  Regardless of whether we're 1 year out, 3 years out or even 5 years out...we can reach our goals!
  • Aunt Flo finally left town on Friday and is now back today???  WTF is THAT?
  • I told Hubby to go buy a new computer PRONTO.  I want to be able to work from home on days I feel like this.  
Alright...these are the things batting around my crazy noggin this morning.  I'm hoping to make it through the day without having to do too much talking because my head throbs when I talk.  So far, I've only got one meeting scheduled and it should be a short one.  I seriously have no less than 12 meetings in any given week and am expected to report on something in half of them.  Today is a light day.  Tomorrow - not so much.   In the time it's taken to write this post, my nose has started running...seems to be a quick progressing kind of cold.  Luckily, my "new" position comes with high walls so I won't be infecting anyone while I'm here.  I'm one of those that says "When you're sick, stay home," but here's the dilemma:  Hubby has had this thing for a week and it gets progressively worse around Day 4.  I can't take over a week off of work.  Hmmmm...decisions, decisions.  Alrighty...hope y'all are having a happy Tuesday...or at least a CONTENT Tuesday.  


Leslie said...

I hope your youngest is spared from the dreaded cold and that everyone recovers quickly.

Your random thoughts sound like my brain, just different thoughts. It's amazing what goes on in our brains.

I think one sleeve of girl scout cookies gone is close to a miracle, at least it would be in my house!

jennxaz said...

I hear you on the cold....I am still trying to shake mine and its been almost a week! I hope you get a new car....yippee! and the washer/dryer. I do 4 loads of laundry twice a week and there is 3 of us....that is what I say...where does all this laundry come from!

Lucy said...

I hope you all feel better and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Stacey said...

I am so glad I do not have that ice cream here. I am struggling with Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet Cake. Luckily, it is so rich that I am satisfied with one spoonful!

Maria said...

I ordered some Girl Scout cookies this year too. Must find a way to dispose of them that doesn't involve actually eating them!