Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So my hubby was out to get me yesterday.  I came home to find oreos.  Yep...that's right...OREOS.  Only the best chocolate cookie E.V.E.R.  So I ate them.  And when I say I ate them, I don't mean I had one...or two...or even three Lord help me!  I binged on oreos.  But that is done.  Outside of the oreos, I felt I had a good day.  I had brought breakfast and lunch to work and did not snack outside of that.  I've also gone back to eating off of a small plate so dinner was a small plate of bbq chicken and macaroni and cheese - no seconds.  Then the oreos.  How did the other stuff go?

No Starbucks - Check
Water - Check
Cookies - Well...I already fessed up to the oreos.  I'm harping on the subject...I know.

To be perfectly fair, I do NOT think Hubby was intentionally sabotaging me.  He doesn't always read my blog and I know if he knew I had planned on no cookies, he wouldn't have bought them even though we had a coupon for a free package (so he may have bought them but not told me about it).  Which reminds me...seriously?  FREE oreos???  This is why we're fat, America.  One thing is for certain.  Hubby and I need to get on the same train of thought.  I'm ready and raring to go on gluten free paleo type stuff and while he's the one who's all gung ho about that, we haven't exactly taken any ACTION to do it.  With this week's meals already planned and groceries already bought...I'm thinking Monday...Sunday to plan and buy...Monday to cook.  Will keep you posted.

Today is Ash Wednesday.  I actually do plan on going to mass and my no chocolate rule starts today so I'll be tracking that as well.  Random question - is mocha chocolate?  I'm hoping that avoiding the chocolate will help me shake some of these sweet tooth cravings I tend to get later in the day.  We'll see if it works.

So SB1 struck again yesterday.  You remember these characters?  She happened to notice Patty eating a lean cuisine for lunch.  Now I personally know that Patty eats these just about every day but it's not for health purposes.  It's for convenience reasons and she's eaten them as long as I've known her.  Anyway...SB1 noticed this on her desk and said "Oh!  Did our conversation yesterday inspire you?"  I heard her respond "No...I eat these all the time," and move on.  I realize this is none of my business and doesn't affect me in any way but seriously?!?!  She's lucky I'm too much of a wuss to go to HR about her behavior because I think it's rather inappropriate and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere.  Here's the other thing I don't get.  It was truly up to her as to who she hired for these positions and if she really believes that Patty and I are this lazy and stupid, then why hire us????  Ugh.  I know I shouldn't let it bother me but it ticks me off.

Moving on from that...thank you all for your sweet comments on the cake yesterday!  I must admit I was pretty proud of it when it was all said and done.  If money were no object, I would totally go to culinary school to learn pastry stuff or apprentice at a bakery.  I really love putting that stuff together.  Just what a former fatty (Am I a former fatty at this point?  I keep thinking I am but maybe I'm still a current fatty?  Will have to ponder...when did you determine you weren't fat anymore?) work in a bakery.  Ha!

I love short weeks!  It's already Wednesday and somehow I'm meeting-free today at work so I might actually get some stuff done.  I have a random question (aside from the one up top) for y'all...I'm in the market for new phones for Hubby and me.  We've had ours for years and our contract expired quite awhile ago which means I can finally get a new phone.  Is iphone the way to go or is a different brand of smart phone just as good?  

And since I'm in a pretty good mood this morning but not feeling particularly inspirational...I've included some tidbits I came across this morning that I just liked.  Happy Hump Day!


jennxaz said...

I love oreos' my hubby does too but then he does not have a weight problem. Nice admitting you caved and had some...glad you got back on the wagon. I missed the cake pic so I am going to have to go back and check it out! I LOVE my iphone and you also have an apple computer so I would think you would want to do the whole cloud thing with all your technology and then you and your husband can share stuff. Plus I think there are more apps available to the iphone.....but I am partial

A.J. said...

One of the biggest challenges I have faced as a couponer is how to not buy the cookie, crackers, etc when it is so cheap it's basically free with coupons. It's tough.

As for the phone, I say iPhone all the way. Although, full disclosure --- I am total Apple whore. Ever since I got my first MacBook 6 yrs ago. I am now on my 2nd MacBook, 2nd iPhone, and 1st iPad. They all work seamlessly with each other and have from the word go.

Chris said...

iPhone iPhone iPhone! I've had mine since August and I love it - especially all of the free apps that list nutrition info for restaurants (and Words with Friends, hee!)

Oreos were yesterday - today's a new day, so move onward and upward! (or I guess that should be 'downward'!)

Dawnya said...

Android phones are just as good (if not better than iphones). I say go for the droid.

You were never a fatty!!! I hate that word. You were just a woman with weight issues. if you can't go to culinary school right can stll perfect your class. Look for free cake decorating classes...they have them all over.

Andrea said...

I would totally go for the iPhone! I think Mocha would be considered chocolate.

Love the inspirational quotes!

Ronnie said...

I smell sabotage! I would have told him, "We're both banded... let's get it together, babe!" :(

But, I realize that's easier said than done (especially when you have kids, because you can't deprive them of crap food allll the time).