Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, Monday

So it is.  Ugh.  Something about getting out of bed this morning just wasn't happening.  But I did it and made it into work on time.  Go figure.  Another NonWeigh In Monday.  It still feels weird but also freeing.  I still don't think I'm losing.  I had a soft pretzel with chili cheeze dip for dinner last night so obviously the choices haven't been stellar.  So the weekend...

Friday, I surprised Hubby with a date night.  I arranged for the kids to stay the night at my mother's and picked up Hubby and started our evening with an afternoon movie.  We saw Haywire.  It wouldn't have been my first choice but that night was about him so that's what we saw.  It was surprisingly good.  It's an action movie so you can't expect too much depth or twists but it was entertaining.  It starred Gina Carano who, according to my husband, is the best female MMA fighter of all time.  She did really well and would make a great leading lady in any action film. She's feminine enough that you almost forget she could whoop your ass in a heartbeat.  There was also an impressive supporting cast including Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas (YUM) and the guy who played Magneto in Xmen: First Class (forget his name).  Anywhoozle...good flick.  Then we had dinner at Melting Pot which is a local fondue place.  We skipped the entree and just had the cheese and chocolate fondues.  Then it was home for a little lovin' and off to bed.  I slept in until 8:30 the next morning (which was heaven) and then we had breakfast out.  It was a much needed night together and I need to do that more often.  Saturday was spent heaping attention onto the kids.  My oldest daughter was super good in school in January and my youngest was better than usual in the mornings so they got treated to new outfits for their build-a-bear stuffed animals, a new stuffed animal from the Disney Store, playtime at the mall and a trip to Barnes & Noble.  Sunday, Hubby woke up feeling absolutely terrible (he's been fighting a cold) so the girls and I gave him a little extra rest time and started our morning off with a hike through South Mountain.  It was a short hike but the girls enjoyed it and it gave Hubby an extra hour of sleep.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning, grocery shopping and just hanging out.  We watched the Super Bowl...good game.  I had no stake in it as I didn't care who won but the commercials were fairly entertaining.

Our washer/dryer is still broken.  Landlord was supposed to come over sometime this weekend to take measurements, etc. because he thinks he's just going to buy a new unit.  He didn't.  We had a text conversation last night and he's supposed to come today.  We shall see.  He's definitely NOT the most responsive landlord we've ever had but he's also not the worst.  He's being redeployed to Afghanistan for 6 months so we're going to have to make some arrangements regarding rent and how to handle incidentals.  I'd be fine with just handling them ourselves and deducting it from the rent but we shall see.

Nothing special going on this week.  The 30 Day Shred is becoming a 60 Day endeavour as I'm not doing it everyday.  Hmmm....  Oh well.  The goal this week is to get it in 4 times so we'll see.  In light of some negative comments people are getting from brave Anonymous sources, I give you your Monday DEMotivator:


jennxaz said...

What a great wifey and mommy! I had a tough time getting up and getting into work today too...ughhh mondayyyyyyyyyyy

Jen said...

I was struggling to get my booty out of bed this morning as well! Sounds like a fun weekend! I have only heard good things about that movie. Melting Pot - YUM!! Love it, but haven't been to the one here yet, only in Minneapolis and then I had a baby shower at the one in Chicago.. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Mondays at 5 AM are the worse. Yuck
Haywire is on my list of movies to see too. I am glad to hear you liked it.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Your date night sounds perfect. How sweet of you!

Ronnie said...

Love the date night! Glad you two got an evening away.

Hope the landlord gets your washer/dryer fixed soon. :(