Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday - About Time

So still not feeling great about myself but doing better.  I worked from home yesterday so got to have lunch with Hubby which is a nice midweek treat.  The car is still being worked on but my mom is helping out today so I'm in the office on my regular schedule.  I really hope we get this car back before Monday.  Date night tonight so excited about that.  This morning is already dragging so probably not a good sign that the rest of the day is suddenly going to perk up.  I came into work this morning to find a Fun Dip Valentine on my desk.  No idea who it's from but I'm going to add it to my girls' VDay stash so I'm not tempted.

I officially signed up for the Climb.  Yes, I had been procrastinating but I'm signed up and ready to go.  I think I can do it without too much of a problem.  I know I could walk it if it were flat but this is uphill.  Could be interesting.  Will try to take pics.

Tonight is date night and getting started on my friend's cake for her son.  I got the rice krispy part molded (thanks to Hubby) last night.  I am baking tonight and working on the "wheel" and then tomorrow morning will be spent frosting and assembling.  I got it pretty well planned out but still nervous that it won't turn out.  The party is also in the town we used to live in that's 25 miles away from us now so hoping the cake makes it there.  That's a bit of a drive.

I'm thinking of jumping on the Gluten Free wagon.  My oldest daughter is constantly complaining about her stomach being upset.  Another odd thing is it takes her FOREVER to have a bowel movement.  This has been ongoing for quite some time but it isn't something that stops her from playing or bouncing off the walls so I've never been too concerned.  But last night, Hubby and I started discussing it and think we need to see what can be done.  I don't want to take her to a doctor for it because it comes and goes, doesn't interfere with her activities and I don't want a barrage of tests done for an upset stomach when it's most likely a dietary issue.  I think if it were a lactose issue, it would've shown up earlier in life and she doesn't get much dairy day to day anyway.  But gluten could definitely be a factor so I'm going to start researching what types of foods are gluten free, find some recipes and go from there.  I think going back to a paleo-esque lifestyle will be helpful in this endeavour as well.  Draz and Stephanie have both tried going gluten free with varying degrees of success but if any others have done it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Outside of this birthday party, no big plans this weekend.  I need to clean my house top to bottom and organize my kitchen.  My mom and dad fixed up a cabinet and made an island for us so I have more storage counter top space in my tiny kitchen.  I love it!  It's going to make putting this cake together SO much easier and make me feel like I have an actual kitchen again.  But gotta get my stuff in it and reorganize.  Nice long weekend which is also nice.

Special shout out to Andrea who is doing the Color Run on Sunday!  Good luck and have fun!

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Sarah said...

Have fun tonight.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see a [icture of the cake.

RockBand Barbie said...

I have done a completely Gluten Free diet before and I felt like a new person! It is very difficult to always follow a gluten free diet, so I am not completely gluten free now, but it has decreased drastically from what I used to eat. I used to take 3 fluid pills a day because I retained so much fluid. Since going Gluten free (and now just decreased gluten) I haven't taken ANY fluid pills

Can't wait to see your cake!!

jennxaz said...

have fun tonight! I have never done anything gluten free before so nothing I could say would mean anything!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the shout out! It was so fun!

I haven't had any experience with doing gluten free, but I know a lot of people have had really good success with it.