Monday, February 13, 2012

Content Weekend

From a food perspective, this weekend wasn't too bad. From an exercise perspective, it was nonexistent but it's alright.  I'm not worried.

So last week, BOTH my girls got signed up for stuff offered at their schools.  My oldest is taking a drawing class. I know I'm probably a bit bias but I think she has real talent for art, especially for a 6 year old and I'd like to embrace that.  Her first class was Friday afternoon and she loved it!  My youngest got signed up for a program at her daycare which is basically a weekly PE class.  They use parachutes and balls and dance, jump, etc.  It's supposed get kids to enjoy being fit and active.  I like this idea a lot.  Her first session was Thursday and she had a lot of fun.  She loves Coach Ryan and it breaks up the week a little bit for her.  So for those of you following along, both my girls are signed up for 1 activity which was one of my goals for the year.  Wahoo!  I'd still like to get them both into a dance, gymnastics or swim group but one thing at a time.  Friday was also when my computer issues got resolved and I was able to work from home which I was infinitely grateful for given how I was feeling.

Saturday was spent doing laundry the entire day at my mother's.  The new washer/dryer was supposed to be installed Saturday afternoon but I didn't want to wait around in case something went wrong and it didn't get delivered.  Instead of being annoyed that I had to spend my whole day Saturday doing laundry, I was content to spend the day with my mom and my girls and visit and catch up.  It was rather nice.

When I got home Saturday afternoon and found out that the new washer/dryer could NOT be installed because the valves have corroded and need to be replaced by a plumber, I was initially upset.  But then I was content that I am a renter and this isn't really MY problem.  It's an inconvenience but not my expense, nor my responsibility.  Two minutes after the washer/dryer guys left and our toilet inexplicably overflowed without even being flushed, I was irate.  They had obviously messed with SOMETHING.  Then I was content that it did not flood on to the carpet and again, relieved that I am a renter and it's not my problem.  When our landlord refused to pick up his phone for the hour we panicked and tried to reach him for guidance on how we should handle said plumbing issues, Hubby and I let it go and continued with our evening.  If our landlord isn't going to stress, why should we?  Saturday evening was spent with friends and wine (too much wine) and the plumbing issues were well forgotten as the evening wore on.

Sunday morning brought breakfast at one of my favorite bagel places (yes I can eat bagels in the morning as long as I go slow) and another trip to my mother's house to wash all the towels that were used to sop up the flood.  I could've been annoyed to have to do yet more laundry.  But instead I was content to visit with my mom and dad, enjoy a dip in the spa with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and take in the beautiful Arizona weather we had this weekend.  Towels were dry and it was back home to find that the plumber had arrived on time and was working away.  New valves have been installed but toilet still not fixed as we found out later.  Plumbers heading back out today.  Sunday evening, the girls got tucked in, Hubby and I started watching Season 2 of The Walking Dead, which is an AWESOME show if you don't mind zombies.

Overall, the weekend had the potential to be annoying and even what some might consider "bad."  For me, it was what it was.  We are no worse for the wear having dealt with any of it.  Today is Monday and while getting my butt out of bed this morning held no appeal whatsoever, I made it in and am ready to face the week.  I'm feeling much better than last week so I feel Day 2 of the Shred coming on.  I know, I this rate, I'll never make it to 30 days...but I never said I was going to do 30 days IN A ROW.  hehe.  Of course, that was the original intent but sometimes plans need to be flexible.  Overall, I'm proud of how I dealth with this weekend and the stresses that came with it.  I'm finding myself in a very zen place with it and that feeds in to my approach for the coming year.  And with that, I give you your Monday DEMotivation:


chloes_countdown said...

how amazingly zen of you!!! :)

jennxaz said...

Wow! your my hero..I would have had multiple melt downs in that time but I like how you went with the flow because really things were out of your control so what choice did you chose well my friend!

Chris said...

And I thought I was busy! good for you for not throwing down the freakout, though - you really did handle things with poise and grace!

RockBand Barbie said...

wow..I probably would have thrown myself in the floor and had a crying fit like a two year old if I had to deal with all that on one weekend...then I would have drowned my sorrows in the biggest brownie I could bake. Good for you for not doing either!!!

Ms. M said...

Sounds like you made the best of a trying weekend! I don't know that I would have had the patience. But hallelujah for the benefits of being in a rental! :)