Monday, February 6, 2012

Make a List Monday

Robyn has started a new tradition and for now, I'll join in.

The category for Make A List Monday is: Places you would like to visit in the world again or for the first time.  It can be a Country, State, City, Park, place of interest, amusement park, or whatever you are interested in visiting.

1.  Beliz - Ever since I saw this picture...

2.  Italy, especially Venice

3.  Germany - my grandmother grew up in a village called Sigmaringen (sp?)...I think it'd be neat to see it.

4.  Australia

5.  Hawaii - I've been but would love to go again

6.  The Caribbean - see a beach theme?  I especially want to go to one of those adults only resorts...once I'm hot and sexy, that is.

7.  Disney World - I use to go every other year when I was a kid.  I'd love to see it through my daughters' eyes.


A.J. said...

I totally LOVE that you just owned up to wanting to go to one of the freaky-deaky adults only resorts. You get the honesty star for today!!!

Ronnie said...

Hehe, love the list! :)

Elizabeth said...

Love it.... The Belize pic is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, adult only resort... that sounds like fun.

Stephanie said...

You've got a great list...Belize looks great! I've heard hedonism is interesting...there is is wild size and the prudeish side. I'd just be afraid my boobs would burn!

o.c. bandster said...

Ok...I have been to an adults only resort BUT Hedonism is a CLOTHING OPTIONAL adult resort! We saw some of those guest while kayaking on my honeymoon. Wow

jennxaz said...

great list!

Jen said...

several years ago (like 10) my husband and I and another couple planned a trip to Jamaica and Superclubs (who owned Hedonism at the time) had this great deal where you booked your trip for a discounted rate and then 3 days before you went, you found out which of their resorts you were going to (depending who had the availability at the time) You could cross 2 of the resorts off your list if you definitely did not want to go there.. there were two Hedonisms at the time and my husband let me cross off one.. I had nightmares that Hedonism was going to be the place that we got picked to go to.. my husband had his hopes up high but alas we didn't go there.. instead the resort we went to had a clothing optional beach and pool and we ventured over there one day but I kept everything on.. although my big talker husband totally chickened out and only took off his swim trunks while he was in the pool and then put them back on while he was in the pool!!

Sorry for the long winded post!
Love your list!!
those pics make me want to go on vacation NOW!!!