Thursday, August 9, 2012

TTT 8-9-12

Time For Ten Thing Thursday...courtesy of Laura Belle.

1.  It was 95 this 5 a.m.  Ugh.

2.  So I've complained about my boss here before...outside of being incompetent, she's like a fitness nazi who has terrible nutrition advice.  You may have read the first incident here.  That was February and while I've come to deal with her little barbs, it's just as bad as it ever was.  Yesterday she goes off on this tangent about an aerobic strip tease class she went to and went into more detail than I needed to know and put a nasty image in my head.  Seriously...I could've reported her to HR for this convo.  How does she know I'm not easily offended???  But to top it off, she ends this conversation by saying, "You should try it!  It's very un-intimidating (ummm..that's not a word biatch!) and there are people there of all shapes and sizes."  Umm...thanks.  She might as well have said, "You should try it.  There are a bunch of other fat people there too."  Oh How I loath her.

3.  My coworkers and I have started referring to our boss as The Dark Lord a la Harry Potter.  I also might have referred to my mother in law as a dementor a couple times too.  Oops..."it's as if all the happiness were sucked from the world."  Just sayin'.

4.  So my boss' boss asked me to come up with a quick little paragraph about what I want to be when I grow up.  Am I too old to go with "Firefighter Princess Gymnast Ballerina?"

5.  I picked up 3 new followers this week!  So excited to see y'all and welcome!

6.  So I have an afterschool care nightmare.  The place we used doubled the price on us this year which is ridiculous so now I have to figure out something else to do with my girls on Wednesdays.  Stupid school district has a half day every Wednesday where the kids get out at 12:30.  I can't get off until 2.  Bah!  I'm leaning towards a private sitter but it's a tough time to find one.

7.  Ever since I've gotten back from SC, I've had a pain in my left arm.  I can't be sure if it's my shoulder or my elbow as the pain is right between the two.  Could it be muscular or a tendon or something?  No idea what I did to it but I'm ready for it to be better now.

8. we've got an extreme heat advisory here for the next few days and I swear my office is turning the air conditioning off at night.  I am absolutely sweltering when I get in at 5:30.

9.  I think I'm tired of AZ.  It's funny...I go through this every summer.  But when I was in SC, my kids were playing out front and I didn't feel the need to keep the door open or be out there with them the whole time like I do out here.  It may be because I grew up in that same town and know all the neighbors and the neighbors keep an eye out on all the kids and stuff.  But it was just so much nicer to give the kids the freedom to play without me watching like a hawk.  *sigh*  Maybe someday we'll make our way back east.

10.  I'm getting excited about meeting the other AZ bandsters later this month!  It was one thing meeting the Jenns...but 9 of us??  I'm not sure of AZ can handle it!

Hope y'all are having a good week and just keeping telling yourself that tomorrow is Friday...tomorrow is Friday...


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Jealous that you get to meet with other bandsters! I need to find some in the DC area. :)

I'm cracking up at the Dark Lord and dementor descriptors. I know quite a few people that could fit that...


Sarah said...

We did that with the head teacher of the school I just left.
Hate it when boss people think they can talk to their employees like that ... grrr
So excited for your AZ meet up. Take lots and lots of photos please. xx

Ask Me About My Band, My Lap-Band said...

Manda, have any advice on getting readers for your blog?

Brandy said...

I love it here in SC!!!!!

jennxaz said...

August and September are the worst here. August is just plain HOT and September you want it all over but its still HOT! I agree I want to go elsewhere but unlike you I don't know where. I hate humidity so that rules out a few..also hate snow..that rules out more...also don't like a lot of people...maybe a whole in california--lol! your boss sucks--what a socially inept person!

Jen said...

I pretty much say everyday that I'm over AZ!!! I thought I was melting yesterday.. and it's only going to get worse this weekend!

I can't believe your boss..there is a word for people like her but I'm not allowed to say that in public.

WOOHOO for the AZ girls meetup!!!

Elizabeth said...

It is HOT... I hate it... I am over AZ too but I have lived here all my life so I have no idea where I would go lol.

Horrible bosses.... Mine is a runner and told me I should keeping working on the weight loss and then I could maybe try a 5K... whatevs

Also excited for a meet-up!

Sam said...

And people thought HP was a fictional stry :o)have. Boat meting those blogging bandsters, I am jealous!!!!

RockBand Barbie said...

Our kids get out early every Tuesday. I hate it and I can't imagine that parents would like it. It throws our whole day off every Tuesday. I hope you find a good sitter!

Ronnie said...

Your boss sounds like a total bitch. I'd report her to HR, if I were you. Those comments are unacceptable. "Very un-intimidating." Wow.

And I feel ya about the sitter situation, now that I'm looking for a job, I'm trying like hell to find a sitter and it's NOT easy. And daycares are ridiculously priced. What's a woman to do?