Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spinning Revisited

So y'all read my self loathing post about my last jaunt at spinning class last week where I was shunned and turned away because I had broken the cardinal rule of not knowing that you needed to sign up for said class.   I was so embarrassed that I ran like hell out of there, never to be heard from again.  Well...almost.  I tried again last night.  I signed up with the front desk, found a bike, adjusted everything and waited.  Then it started...people coming in and seeing the room was full.  Miss Know-It-All-Smarty-Pants asking them if they had signed up and they had.  Immediately I thought to myself "Self, you DID sign up right?  Yes...double checked twice on how to do it and the guy said I was good to go.  But why are these people hovering if you signed up?  Well, it's possible SOMEONE ELSE didn't sign up, right psycho?"  And sure enough, two people were kicked out for not signing up.  And like me last week, Miss Know-It-All-Smarty-Pants was pointing at them and actually said, "You have to leave.  You didn't sign up. (then turning to the hoverers) He's leaving.  He didn't sign up.  You can use that bike. (and then turning her hawklike gaze upon the girl behind me who was trying desperately to get herself out of there without being noticed) She didn't sign up either! (Queue the pointing) so you can use that one too!"  I really wanted to take a chair to this bitch.  So I turned to the girl behind me and said, "Don't worry...I did the same thing last week."  And she smiled at me...almost gratefully. Now both of these folks were fit.  They looked like they "belonged."  They just didn't know you needed to sign up.  It reiterated how silly I felt for being so embarrassed about it and the instructor was right last really does happen all the time.

So how was spin class.  Well, I have seen the devil and her name is Michele!  Holy gluteal muscles Batman!  Seriously...I was dripping sweat by the time I left...water completely depleted...shirt clinging to my body...could barely get up the stairs last night SORE.  But it was a great workout and you can bet your ass I'll do it again...and I'll sign up...and I'll BELONG...and maybe...just maybe...I'll shank Miss-Know-It-All-Smarty-Pants because people like that SUCK big fat donkey balls.

I also wanted to point something out that is I'm sure glaringly obvious to a lot of you...Thin ≠ Fit.  In my Body Works class...we did sort of these slow burpees type things...down, push up on the step and then back up.  We were supposed to do twelve.  The young, thin little thing next to me barely made it through 8.  I made it through all 12 and could've done more (not many more, but still).  In that same class, we did wall squats.  First...that is freakin' hard!  Second, the "wall" behind me is the glass that leads out to the gym!  Real nice...hope they all got a great view of my sweaty back fat.  I look over at Miss-Young-Thin-Little-Thing and she's embarrassed too and made a joke about the glass popping out.  What do you know?  She didn't like the idea of everyone seeing her nonexistent back fat either.  Who would've thought?  Skinny people are people too!

So checking in on the week so far...
There's my list of No's:
NO Starbucks - 1 so far this week
NO carbonation (easy one but I still list it because it will always be a temptation) - Check
NO fast food - Check
NO eating lunch out during the workweek. - Check

The my list of DO's:
DO work out at least 4 times this week. - 2 down/2 to go
DO drink at least 64 oz's of water every day - Check
DO go to bed at a decent hour - Check
DO resist urges for sweet treats - Check

So far, so pretty good.  And since I'm feeling pretty good about my progress this week...a little Hump Day Happy Thought:


Jen said...

Good for you for going back!! Spinning is no joke and you made it through it!!
I have few friends who are SKINNY and they couldn't do half the things I can do b/c they barely work out so I get your thin not equalling fit thing for sure.

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Way to go!

jennxaz said...

yay!!!! you tried it. I LOVE SPINNING. I would do it everyday if I could. In fact I used to do a class on Thanksgiving that was 2 hours and xmas that was 2 hours at Lifetime fitness....they don't offer spin at my gym and I am really disappointed. Was your whoo whoo sore...I remember it hurt to pee for a couple days afterwards!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I'm so glad you went back! And I bet the girl behind you was SO relieved that you said something. Why does that lady feel like she needs to be all up in everyone else's business anyways? Ugh. She sounds like the insecure one!

Definitely right on with the fit = thin thing. It's an eye opener, isn't it?

H said...

I am glad you went back! And I am so glad you made the girl who didn't sign up feel better about it with Ms. Know-It-All being such an evil buttmunch.

Mari said...

Such wonderful achievements darling! Not only for your 2year post, but for last week's spin class experience not stopping you from going back. And sounds like you are strong and athletic and you do belong! x

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I strongly you suggest you take a huge SHANK to the next class. And then use it. Like the whole time. And report back to me about how great it felt.

Cheri said...

Well if that isn't a satisfying come back after your last spin class experience...then I sure don't know what is. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine55 said...

AWESOME!! I am obsessed with spin -- it's a blast and a great workout! (That girl sounds like such a b*tch! Glad you comforted the other girl who got kicked out!)

Ronnie said...

Haha, skinny people are people, too. Hell, I didn't know that.

Glad you went back!

Beth said...

I can't imagine doing spin....maybe some day. I think it is awesome you went back because you DO belong!