Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Letters 8-24-12


I couldn't link up this week due to blog issues where I found this but I like the letters anyway.

Dear Blogosphere:  Thank you so much for the warm comments on my 2 year bandiversary post.  Also, for all the requests to do blurbs for the BOTB posts.  While I have yet to meet most of you in person and I'll be missing Chicago yet again this year, it means so much to me that y'all like my little blog.  :)

Dear Yolanda:  A coworker recommended I visit your Bodyworks class last night.  Oh boy!  I was wrong about meeting Satan earlier in the week...she was merely your minion.  You kicked my butt and I'm really feeling it today.  See you next Thursday!

Dear Boss:  You're still an idiot but even you had to pat me on the back this week when I made $127k for the company.  Also, thank you for the gently used books and clothes for my was uncommonly generous of you and they love them!  Maybe we're turning a corner in this working relationship...we can hope.

Dear Work:  This week was so freakin busy!  I'm hoping for a lighter week next week.

Dear Scale:  I've been avoiding you...not because I know I've been "off plan" but because I've been very much ON PLAN and I don't want to be disappointed in what you have to say about it.  It seems I stall out when I start working out and it derails my motivation.  So, that being said, I'm avoiding you for at least another week.

Dear AZ Bloggers:  I can't wait to meet y'all on Sunday!  I'm a little nervous but it makes me feel better that Jenn and Jen will be there.  At least y'all already know how crazy I am in "real life."

Dear Weather:  I really hope you clear out for the weekend...we're heading North....

Dear Mayans:  I'm convinced you were right.  December = End of the World.  The world has seriously gone crazy...mothers decapitating their children, the crazy official in Texas who believes a civil war is coming and the cult in Mexico who are believe public schools are built by the devil.  Seriously...what has happened to the world?

Dear Norway:  Your legal system is seriously effed up.  A guy kills 77 people and is ruled sane by the court is only sentenced to 21 years?!?!  How is that justice?   You're anti-death penalty...that's all well and good but 21 years for 71 souls?!?!  Un-effing-believable!

Dear Weekly Check In:
There's my list of No's:
NO Starbucks - 2 so far this week
NO carbonation (easy one but I still list it because it will always be a temptation) - Check
NO fast food - Check
NO eating lunch out during the workweek. - Mostly Check - Going out today

The my list of DO's:
DO work out at least 4 times this week. - 3 down/1 to go
DO drink at least 64 oz's of water every day - Check
DO go to bed at a decent hour - Check
DO resist urges for sweet treats - No Check - 3 cookies this week

Dear Friday:  You make me giggle.


Anonymous said...

Don't let that scale affect you one way or the other. Good for you for avoiding it.

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I've been giving some thought to avoiding my scale as well. I get in my head what I think it will say and if I'm off I get mad...even when I've been on plan. We'll see how long it lasts!

Happy Friday!

adorkbl said...

Yolanda sounds lie a peach! lol. And I am so bummed I am missing the meetup. :(

Ronnie said...

Decapitating children?! What did I miss? :((

jennxaz said...

I hear you on the scale...that thing can so depress and derail me!