Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Worked Out

But not without help.  So yesterday I had a whole list of reasons why I didn't want to...most being emotional.  I had a crappy day at work, was feeling stressed at home and just generally didn't feel like it.  So this was my list:

  • I only got 4 hours of sleep Monday night and I was freakin' tired all. day. long yesterday.  I just didn't feel I had the energy for a trip to the gym.
  • Aunt Flo came to town yesterday so the last thing I felt like doing was getting all sweaty and even more tired.
  • Work sucked.
  • The scale hasn't moved in 2 weeks despite some real effort on my part so working out apparently doesn't matter anyway (oh yeah...I went there).
  • I'm annoyed with Blogger because not only can I NOT unfollow people but I can't seem to block anonymous commenters either.  I'm getting spammed really badly.
  • Feeling generally frustrated by life.
So first, I did what BethAnn does.  I asked myself why I really didn't want to go to the gym...and I didn't have any earth shattering answers other than "I'm tired and I've had a crap day and I just want to go crawl into bed and be lazy."  Well, that's not a great reason, eh?  Yet, I still didn't have the motivation I needed so I did the only thing I could do.  I text Jenn and Ronnie and told them to tell me go to the gym.  And they did.  They talked me right off the ledge and off to the gym I went.  I did the spin class and weight training.  I sweated a lot, hurt a bit during parts of it but I got it done.  I went home and ate dinner...put my kids to bed... followed very shortly by putting myself to bed.  I feel good about it.

Gym day again today.  Just running and weights.  Another crazy day at work beginning now so must get to it.  In honor of my blogging buddies, a Hump Day Happy Thought to get you through:


jennxaz said...

Ah MandaPanda...I was just there last week its so easy to think of execuses not to go but I am so proud you went...not only went but rocked it! AwesomeBlossum!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Way to go! I love how you talked yourself through it all and really examined it (even if you "went there" on the weight loss bit.) I'm proud of you!

Chris said...

Good for you for texting your buddies and really analyzing your motivation! Woo Hoo!!

Jen said...

Wait, weren't you the one who showed me how to unfollow??
I'm so glad you found the motivation to go work out! good for you!

Cheri said...

How neurotic am I that I instantly flash to "are they all trying to unfollow ME?!?!" Pathetic...

Way to go going to the gym! Btw, I was very jealous (in the nicest possible way...yeah honestly, even after my neurotic comment :-D...) of the mini-Boobs get together (that sounds funny!) You all looked lovely, and happy, and that is about the size of a group I might not freak out in. :-) Oh, I was thinking of that btw (yikes, ADD big time today, enough parens yet?) because of you wisely using SUPPORT to get you to the gym!!

Yay you!! Yay support!! Boo spammers!! Hope you have a better day!!

Actually I've slept like crap all week too. I think I'll blame that for this very disjointed yet rambling comment.... with a lot of ........... and (these).

Elizabeth said...

Good for you!!!! :)

Harmony said...

I need to follow your cue. I have been having a crap week and working out is just not something I have a desire to do right now.

Good for you for getting over the hump and going!

Ronnie said...

You rock! Glad I could help "convince" you. ;)

Also, I'm with you. Working out doesn't do much for me, unless my diet is 95% on. Blah.

RockBand Barbie said...

I have been getting quite a bit of that spam too!

Yay for texting buddies!