Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Letters 8-3-12


Dear Hubby:  Happy Anniversary.  As of yesterday, we've been married 9 years.  Some days it feels like just yesterday, other's like I don't remember life without you.  I love you so much!  And for those in blogosphere - I finally scanned a pic from our special day for're welcome.

Dear Work:  It was not easy coming back this week after vacation.  I must say...things are getting interesting around here.

Dear Olympics:  So much drama this year!  The equipment failure at the one swimming event causing false starts.  The challenge for bronze at the men's gymnastics and then the badminton folks throwing games!  So exciting!  You've been keeping me up far too late, however.

Dear Mother In Law:  Ugh.  That is all.

Dear Gym:  Get ready!  Next week, I'm hitting it hard core and every week after that up until the Disney trip in October.  No breaks for either of us!

Dear Old NB Shoes:  I love you.  I do.  You were there for me when I needed someone the most and the custom insoles SAVED my feet during the 3 Day.  But the 3 Day was 2 years and many, many steps ago.  I'm replacing you.  It's time.  Please don't cry.  I'm going to do something awesome with you because you earned it.  I'm going to train in new shoes (once I buy them) but I'm doing the Warrior Dash in you.  One last final hurrah and you can go out in a blaze of glory!  Then I'm donating you to a thing they have there where they'll have you recycled into something awesome.  Vaya con dios my friend.

Dear Daughters' School:  Last year, we got the teacher whose husband died of cancer so we had substitutes all year.  This year we get the classroom where the teachers "job share" so she has one teacher for the first 3 days of the week and one teacher for the last 2.  Really?  Why?

Dear Oldest Daughter:  You did so well in your play today!  Best  Glinda the good witch of the North I've ever seen!

Dear Youngest Daughter:  Getting so big...Went to Meet the Teacher Night for kindergarten last night. You're going to do so well!!

Dear Tankini my mom talked me into trying on yesterday: 15 pounds and 1 boob job to go before I'll feel comfortable in you.  I gotta tell you's not as bad as I pictured and for that...I'm actually going to post it here.   Take it in Candyland...never gonna happen again.

Dear Boss' Boss:  Thank you!  I had an incredibly awesome meeting this morning with you.  You see the potential and the fact that I'm somewhat wasted in this role and you want to serve as a mentor to help me develop my career any way I want to go.  I appreciate the opportunity and it's nice to know that my past and current accomplishments have not gone unnoticed.

Dear Friday:  Thank God you're here!  Gives me an excuse to post silly cartoons!


adorkbl said...

Love the tankini. Looks good! Looking forward to seeing your gym goals!!

Sarah said...

When job shares work together, they often have more passion and motivation than 1 full time teacher. Don't write them off just yet. They may surprise you.

Great news on your meeting with the big boss and the tankini looks fabulous!

Jen said...

Dear Manda - Pink is your color and you look great in that tankini!!!!

How cute is your little one in her Glinda outfit!!!

Jules said...

Love your friday letters! Happy Anniversary! Your kiddos are adorable! MIL, uggh here too lol

RockBand Barbie said... mama :) I think the job share positions here are split by the teacher works in the morning and another in the afternoon. We don't have any teachers at my school that job share...I'm not even sure if they allow job sharing where I am now.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

You soooo pretty in pink! I love that you're back from vacation but I'm sure you hate that fact. :)

Cheri said...

I love your letter to your NB shoes...and that you are going to honor them!

We've had team teachers 3 times, two times it was very good, one time it was very bad. It really was all about who the teachers were, not the team teaching itself. I hope you get the WONDERFUL kind!!!!!

Cheri said...

Oh...and congratulations on the great talk with your bosses boss....that sounds very promising!

Ronnie said...

Seriously? That teacher thing is ridiculous! I would ask to transfer classes, or are they doing that in every room? Grr.

Anyway, maybe she won't like the 3 day teacher so the 2 day one will be a nice break. One can hope it'll work out. :o/

You're looking great in your tankini - that's kinda what mine looks like! Very flattering. :)

Vanessa said...

Love the Tankini!!! Very cute! Great post. I might steal your style!

4 Smith's said...

Manda, we share an anniversary!!! My husband and I had ours yesterday as well!!! Happy anniversary!!!

Also, my daughter had job sharing teachers in the 4th grade and it worked out great!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!