Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In The News 8-8-12

It's time for another "In the News with Panda..."

No place for self-doubt in fitness

Part of CNN's "get healthy" kind of thing has a participant who lost 110 pounds, is a teacher and was determining what theme to decorate her classroom in for the coming year.  She chose sports but talks about the struggle with feeling that fitness "fit" her personality at this point.  Here's a snippet that really struck home to me.

Then the self-doubt came. I started to talk myself out of it, saying things like, “Me? I’m not in perfect shape yet; I still have weight to lose, and I’ll never be in Ironman shape. Will anyone take me seriously?”

But then I realized that it is the commitment and journey that matter. I’m not going to let my insecurities keep me from following my new passion. I WON’T GIVE UP!!

I want to model that commitment for my students. Too many times I let my self-doubt and insecurity prevent me from participating in sports activities. I need to remember that the important thing is to get started on the journey. So I am going with my athletic theme this year. I will share my enthusiasm and journey with my students, and hopefully many of them will be motivated to overcome their own doubts and get moving.

Not only do I admire the change this woman has made in her own mindset and self image but also in trying to pass along the importance of staying healthy to her students.  There's a debate about sports vs fitness in the comments but anything to get our youth up and running, jumping, playing, and exercising is a GOOD THING!

And on to the next one...

Long wait at the doctor's office? Blame the patients

This is one we can all relate too.  I once had an OB/GYN who used to make me wait at least an hour for every single appointment.  I had a similar problem with a pediatrician.  It's bad enough when you're pregnant and uncomfortable in those chairs but try to entertain a one year old for over an hour...a nightmare. This particular opinion piece is here, written by a plastic surgeon who pretty much blames the patients for the problem.  He gives 3 basic reasons why other patients make you wait:

1. Patients show up late.
2. Emergencies.
3. "Oh, by the way"

I think if patients are more than 10 minutes late, make them reschedule.  If they make a scene, they make a scene.  In the case of emergencies (especially with an OB/GYN), we all get that and are pretty understanding.  The "Oh by the way" is what gets me on this one.  He says, "Here is a typical scenario: It's the end of a 10-minute office visit, scheduled as a follow-up for high blood pressure. It's been 12 minutes, the patient has her prescriptions, and the visit is concluding.
"Marie, I think we've covered your blood pressure issues pretty well. Do you have any further questions?"
"No, we're all set."
The doctor begins to open the door and step out.
"Oh, doctor, by the way, I forgot to tell you. I had chest pain last night and passed out in the bathtub. And I have bloody diarrhea.""

I think this is a bit overstated as the "oh by the way" isn't usually as serious as what's brought up here which would undoubtedly lead to a trip to ER.  But also...high blood pressure conversation is just 10 minutes and bloody stool with passing out only warrants and additional 30??  Maybe it's the fact that docs are only scheduling 10 minutes with each patient that's the problem.  Are you really encouraging a dialogue and active participation in your patients' health if you're only giving them 10 minutes to go over all their concerns.  Even if you schedule your appointment with your doctor and say you've got this, this and this to talk about, they don't give you more time for that appointment.  They still expect to get you in and out in ten minutes.  Give me a break.

While I think good patient etiquette is important and all three of these things can contribute to a doctor running late.  There are a number of other things that contribute as well.  My list on top of those 3?

1.  Doctors requiring you to come in for something that could be done over the phone.  I needed another referral to the lapband doc that I had already been seeing over a year because insurance required it.  They made me come in to have a "chat" about it.  My husband is on testosterone meds.  He needs a new script every 3 months.  He goes and gives blood.  Depending on those results, they determine whether or not to adjust dosage.  This can be done over the phone.  But doctors gotta get their copay from you.  Give me a break.

2.  Doctors scheduling just 10 minutes to go over your entire health profile.  Filling out forms over and over and over again so they budget that time in.'re appointment is at 9 but they figure it'll take you 15 minutes just to fill in your name, address, etc. that they ALREADY have as well as information that they don't need at all like SSN (don't get me started on security issues with doctors' offices).

3.  Incompetent office staff.  Generally, even if you find a great doctor, you find their office staff to be rude, slow, unresponsive or just plain incompetent.  This wastes everyone's time.

So that's my take.  My girls started school on Monday...I have no babies left in my house!  Lori started kindergarten is doing great so far.  Here are some pics.



jennxaz said...

cute pics! The girls look adorable. I have canned quite a few doctors if they chronically make me wait an hour...I forgive up to 30min but seriously if it is a pattern..I don't have time for it and I find another doctor. I have also complained about the staff to my doctor telling him how rude it is and its affecting whether or not I will continue seeing him/her. ooh so fired up now---thanks MandaPanda!

Cheri said...

I think reading this made my BP go :-) We spent this morning at the Dr., and I think I did do one "by the way" lol, I asked her to look in my kiddo's ears, to save me a follow up visit to the ENT! :-)

whoops ;-D

RockBand Barbie said...

I am a pretty lucky girl. I never have to wait more than 10-15 minutes at both my PCP and my lapband doctor's office. My hypertension specialist made me wair over an hour once and when he commented on how high my bp was I told him it was probably because he had just made me wait for an hour.

Ask Me About My Band, My Lap-Band said...

Manda, I agree with you about office staff. I wish that more practices started with good HR practices, then their offices may run better. Our family doctor runs anywhere from on time to really late often, but I know he spends a lot of time REALLY listening to our whole family so, we tend to forgive the running late because he is just so good.

The girls are adorable!!!!!!!!! How'd the mama do?????

Sarah said...

So this appears to be an international problem.
What I would like to know is what is there excuse when you are one of the first patients of the day ...
And do they deliberately hire stupid/rude people or are they all specially trained?
Gorgeous photos cheered me right up though xx

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Ooh, self-doubt, my specialty! I feel it a lot as a runner, I have a very hard time identifying myself that way because I always think a "real" runner...looks different? Weighs less? I don't know, but somehow I talk myself into it.

Thanks for posting that article, it's so fascinating to see there is nothing new under the sun and someone always can understand what I'm feeling!

adorkbl said...

I usually wait a LONG time at my surgeon's office. I know that, and plan accordingly. Yesterday my appointment was at 3:10... I didn't get called back until almost 4pm.

On the flip side. I NEVER feel rushed when I am in my appointment, and when I mentioned it to my surgeon once, he said he wants to make sure his patients questions are answered.

So while it is annoying, I appreciate that when it is my turn, I get my time.

Ronnie said...

Oh. Everyone's starting way earlier than us - used to be the other way around. Now we're gonna get out weeks later than y'all and I'll be jealous. Wahhh!