Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Workout Dilemma

We all have it.  There are a select few of us who have a schedule that easily accommodates getting to a gym.  For most of us, it's a constant struggle to find the motivation, alone, to go.  Now add in a busy schedule and couple kids to the equation and it's damn near impossible.  Or at least it seems that way.

This summer, I have been fortunate to have been able to put my kids in camp and hit the gym right after work.  By 4:30 pm, I had been to work, the gym and picked up my girls.  Ready to go home and cook dinner or eat out or whatever no later than 5:30.  Well, it's a different ballgame now that school has started.  I MUST pick up my girls at 2:30.  They are not signed up for after school care and I'm not paying for the Kids Klub at the gym.  So enter the Workout Dilemma.  How do you find the time to do it?  I have set a goal to work out just 3 times a week...this shouldn't be too hard.  Let's examine the options and excuses.

Least Likely Plan:  Work out in the morning.  Buahahahahaha!  I could barely type that out with the straight face.  As it is, I'm up at 4:30 a.m.  Gym opens at 4.  I'd get up at 3:45, stumble to the gym, work out for 45 minutes, shower, get ready and head to work.  Outside of the snooze button which experience tells me will win this battle every. single. time.  I've got the 45 minute workout issue.  I don't think I can make the progress I want to in 45 minutes.  I need at least an hour.  And it wouldn't be my best effort as I can't eat that early so I'm running on no fuel.  AND 3:45 is still the middle of the night.  Nope...not gonna happen.

Work out on the weekend.  Weekend mornings are usually spent lazing.  The kids are watching TV or playing games in their room.  Until about 10 am (assuming we aren't cleaning) our house is pretty laid back.  Perfect time to hit the gym.  The one caveat here is the cleaning item and it's the best time to spend quality time with my kiddos.  But if I hit one weekend morning, fairly harm, no foul.  So there's Day 1.

Work out right after work and pay for Kids Klub.  Eh.  I really don't want to do this.  First, getting my kids to GO is a pain but getting them to LEAVE once they're having fun is an even bigger one.  Plus, I've spent enough on this membership without having to deal with that too.  Now there is ONE day that's perfect for working out right after work and that's Wednesday.  Kids have an early release every Wednesday so we pay for after school care that day so I can head straight in after work.  There's another day right there.

Work out once the kids go to bed.  There are days this might have to happen.  The only reason I balk at this is that by the end of the day, I'm so unmotivated to do ANYTHING.  I wake up at 4:30 a.m. (should be closer to 4 but I leave myself no extra time in the morning) so to get 8 hours of sleep, I need to go to bed at 8:30 pm.  Does this happen?  Pretty close.  I'm usually in bed by 9.  I'm having a hard time imagining myself putting my girls to bed and feeling all sleepy but heading out to the gym.

The last option is pick up kids from the homework, make the dinner, eat said dinner and then head to the gym.  This means a couple nights of not putting the kids down.  (Hubby has morning shift, I take night shift).  Hubby is OK with this.  I'm OK with this.  While it means a little less time with the kiddos...reading the book, singing the song...I think it's better that I be in better shape so that on the weekends, that time is spent doing fun, active things as opposed to sitting around.  

So I realize I've gone into excruciating detail just to get a workout schedule nailed down on this blog but I know there isn't one of you out there that hasn't had this exact same conversation with yourself about finding time to work out.  Are these actual obstacles to working out?  Yes and No.  Yes...we are all busy.  If you've got kids, you multiply the busy by about 100.  If you're Catherine with no kids, you multiply it by about 1000 because you're traveling and living it up with your fiance!  But in the end, it's just excuses.  Catherine works out.  Busy moms work out.  Jenn works out.  It IS doable.  You can't use the excuses as a reason not to do it.  Are they obstacles?  Yes.  But they aren't impossible to overcome.

"So...Smartypants Pandapants....what's the plan?"  You ask.  The PLAN is 4 days a week.  That's for my laziness to take over a day just in case.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning.
Monday and Thursday after dinner,  Wednesday right after work and Saturday morning when I get up.  

It's a good plan.  It's a doable plan.  Only 2 nights not putting the kids down...and it's really not that big of a deal if it's me or Hubby.

I didn't hit the gym yesterday due to mother-in-law (who left this morning.  wahoo!).  So today it is.  After dinner.  

So, really...REALLY...the biggest obstacle I have to working out isn't the time, the money, or the kids.  It's ME.  And I'm getting out of my own way.

Are you ready to overcome that obstacle today?


jennxaz said...

I think it is hard to plan the exercise thing when you and I are all or nothing maybe we need to take exercise however long it will be when we can. Try planning out just the week. Do Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday thats 3 days a week. Spend good quality time with girls during the week and explain to them you need some time on Saturday and Sunday for Mommy exercise time. I bet they will be ok with that. You may want to exercise more and doing 3 days may motivate you to wake up early one day a week to put in maybe just 45min of weights in the am....maybe monday is the best for this because you are the most rested? You can do this!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

It's doable but I hear you. I work out on my way home, which results in me getting the kids and walking in our door at 5:30. Not bad, but bedtime starts at 7ish, which leaves me thinking "well, you could just go straight home and spend time with them!" I look at it in the long run, my selfish me/gym time will pay off, like when we go to the beach and I can keep up with them!

Michelle said...

You just gave me a whole new perspective on life! and this is why I love to blog with you ladies. Here I have no kids, no real responsibility to anyone but me and my job. Hubby and I go and do whatever whenever. You parents I give you props because I could not do it with a schedule like that.

My suggestion if you can afford it, hire a PT you will get the most for your limited amount of time. You would be amazed what a good PT can push you to do in 45 min 2X per week. Forget the gym trainers see if you can get 1 to come to your home on your turf. I'll tell you these PT's thru the gym dont make much of that $60.00 per hour...They would gladly work outside the gym and pocket your agreed rate. Then get your cardio on by bike riding or running and get your kids to do this with you 2X per week.

Cheri said...

Sounds like a very well thought out, great plan. Keep us posted how it goes. :-)

Elizabeth said...

I hear ya! Good post and plan!!

Sarah said...

I am loving all these plans this week. Yours is a good one and well thought out. Well done. xx

PS Do you ever do physical activity stuff with your kiddies?

Jen said...

Sounds like you have a good plan! I am all too familiar with the trying to figure it all out. I've been doing the Tuesday/Thursday Tim comes home and puts Mac to bed for about 6 months now and it just works pretty well for us. Now, I'm adding Monday night in as well since I'm doing yoga. I hate that for 3 nights out of the week, I miss his bathtime, and bedtime.. (thankfully he's still rewarding me with a wake up during the night so i still get to see him usually around 1:00 am! hahahahah) but you are right, you need to do it for yourself!! The other nights/days I just have to figure out.. Saturday mornings work for me b/c we are super early risers and since we have a gym at work, I'm really trying to get in there 2-3 times a week as well.

sorry to hijack your thread!!!
But you will figure it all out, you always do!! that's why you rock!!

adorkbl said...

I never thought I could get up earlier either. I am NOT a morning person... but I have been doing it. It sucks every morning that my alarm goes off... but I just do it.

If the 4 days a week plan doesnt work, give the morning thing a shot. It gives you sooo much energy, and a sense of accomplishments, all before you even make it to work! ;)

Anonymous said...

It is crazy how hard we have to work to find time to take care of ourselves!!!
I get in most of my work outs first thing in the morning but I don't need to start working until 830.
I need to find a way to fit in a few evening work-out also; since I have cut them out my weight loss has been struggling. It is hard to give up time with loved ones but worth it in the end (at least I hope it will be).

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

It's a damn good plan! You go girl. It is tough though I agree....between Rambo and I we have 7 jobs and 2 kids and sometimes there seems like there isn't time to breathe...but there is. I just have to find it and make it a priority. Love you!

Ronnie said...

I'm in the same boat... I have TONS of reasons to not workout. But twice this week already, I've made time. And it feels great! If you need someone other than Jenn to text and "motivate" you at nights, feel free to count on me. :D