Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Day, Another Dollar...

Just doing a quick accountability post.  I did spin and weight training again yesterday.  I tried a different spin class yesterday.  This class wasn't nearly as full as the Tuesday class is and I can definitely see why.  I didn't like this instructor AT. ALL.  Just very different styles and I like that Satan-esque one more.  Let's compare:

Satan:  She tells you what gear she wants you on and then how to tell if it's too high or too low and how to modify it.  "Level 1, you should be here...Level 2 is here...if you can't push that pedal over, you need to be lower...if you're RPM is below 80, you need to be lower," etc.  She has you visualize going up the mountains and down the mountains and around curves and bends and you can almost feel that breeze on the way "down."  She also changes it up between sprints and hills and ups and downs, etc.  so that you don't get bored and stay energized.

Satan Worshipper:  She NEVER says what gear would be ideal and instead says things like "You should be at 75%!"  75% of what?  Someone like me will only push to higher gears and stay in that pain zone if told too.  I find I think my 90% is lower than it actually is until someone pushes me to try harder.  Also, we NEVER hit 100%???  How does that work?  She also doesn't change it up enough...a whole song's worth of Sprints doesn't make me feel like I'm going to die of the exercise but of boredom.  She's just not very motivating.

So I've almost got a plan for every day of the week if I decide to go to the gym.  Chelle had a post about how she plans her week out but usually deviates from it in an organized way.  I realized last night that I'm doing that with the gym.  I'm finding a class, a workout, SOMETHING that I could do every day depending on what day I get to the gym.  Monday - Bodyworks, Tuesday - Spin, Wednesday - Running with weight training (Although I might try a cardio kick boxing class just to see how it is), Thursday - Bodyworks (at a different location because Yolanda rocks!).  All I'm missing is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The beauty is with doing classes most of the time, on the off days where I don't know about a class I like, I can do my run and weights and feel good about that.

So I've gotten 2 workouts under my belt this week...only 2 more to go.  Hitting Bodyworks tonight and then maybe Saturday morning.  I think I'm going to take Friday off.

I've also been PRETTY good with my food.  Hubby has made carne asada and kabobs this week.  Both were very delicious.  Kind of interesting though.  We haven't had cooked veggies with any of our meals this week.  We got a bunch of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and carrots and have just been having some of that with ranch every night (Not too much ranch..well..maybe for the girls).  My daughters are loving cucumbers and I've actually been digging the peppers.  Go figure.

Hope y'all are having a great week and only one more day to go before a nice, long weekend here in the States!


Mari said...

Awesome plan and well done for meeting your goals! Sounds like you're feeling really good for it! x

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I have a hard time with someone telling me "75%" etc. I have no idea what that is supposed to feel like! I love when they tell you to increase or stand up or whatever. Of course, there have been times when I totally faked moving the dial. :)

Way to go!

Chris said...

Wow, think about this - you're at a point in your journey where you're actually comparing two workout coaches' styles and finding one you prefer! That, in itself, is AWESOME!

And yep, raw veggies with ranch is a perfect way to get those in during summertime - enjoy the long weekend!

jennxaz said...

love your workouts! you are rocking it! Throw some cucumbers into water and chill for an hour..its great to have after your workout as a treat!

Jen said...

thanks for the advice, you didn't say anything I didn't already know and need to admit to myself!!
I so know where you are coming from on the different instructors.. I have the same issues with two very different Pilates instructors..
Good job on the accountability as well!!

Elizabeth said...

Nice job on the workouts!!!! :)

adorkbl said...

Spinning. Niiiice. I want to try but I am chicken! I don't want a seat up my ass. Lol. Keep rocking it girlie!!

Leigh C. said...

Nothing worse than a bad instructor to kill your momentum. But you...continuing to kick it with the working out. Good stuff:)

Ronnie said...

Enjoy your long weekend!

I say don't go back to Satan's Worshipper. If she's not motivating... no reason to pay for the class!