Monday, July 15, 2013

Weigh In 7-15-13

Last week: 182
This week: 179
Change: -3

Wahoo!  Finally...a little bit of progress.  I wasn't perfect last week by any means.  I only worked out 3 days instead of 5, I had 2 Starbucks, onion rings and a donut over the weekend.  But the Starbucks were sugar free and the donut was...well, there's no excuse for the donut.  To still lose should give you an outstanding look of how badly I HAD been doing.  Do not let perfection get in the way of really good.  I'm not about to let it.

This week's out 5 days a week, limit to just 1 Starbucks and no donuts.  I feel good about that plan.  We loaded up on a fresh meat and produce to keep cooking at home this week and I'm looking forward to it.  It all sounds tasty and my body is craving that nutritious stuff right now.  I bought more hummus for lunches.  I must be on some kind of hummus kick.  There's not a lot of protein in it but there are definitely worse things to have so I'm going with it.

Boss is on vacation this week so I'm hoping it's pretty quiet.  I have doctor appointments today and Wednesday to have some tests done to ensure everything is OK with my lady parts.  We'll most likely be scheduling a surgery for a partial hysterectomy at this time too.  I'm aiming for the first week of September but we'll see.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and is ready to face the week ahead!

To help you, I've provided a long overdue Monday DEMotivator:


Jeanette said...

Congrats on the progress!

Dawnya said...

Love it when the scale is going down. Good work. Keep it up. You know how to do this...and you can make it stick. I'm cheering for you.