Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 3 - Check

Day 3 was a good one.  I stuck to my food plan and went to the gym.  A slightly lackluster performance at the gym as I was WAY sore.  The elliptical faces the window that looks out over the pool.  So while I was ellipticalling away, I got to watch my girls play with Hubby at the pool.  That made time go by faster.  Once my workout was done, I went down and joined them.  Hubby hit on something last night that is so true.  Monotony sucks.

Going to work, coming home, making dinner, finishing up some chores.  Every day it's the same thing. Work, home, dinner,, home, dinner, chores.  And that's all well and good if you like your job.  If you don't, it's freakin' miserable!  It makes you feel trapped and depressed, thinking "This is my life.  This is all there is to it."  Just adding the couple hours at the pool last night gave a whole new outlook to the day.  Enjoying my kids and husband instead of cleaning up after them makes a world of difference.

This summer has been difficult.  The kids are home and so am I.  It's the first summer I've spent with my kids where they weren't in daycare.  We didn't put them in camp because we have enough going on with family visits and trips that it would be a waste but we have off weeks like this one where it gets to me.  While I think I'd like it if I could be hitting the pool every day or taking them to the beach or to the movies or doing something with them, that's not reality.  I have to work.  My job isn't one that I can just be "on call" for.  I have conference calls all the time.  Today I have 9 calls to be on.  It's boring for them to be home all day and it drives me a little crazy...working, refereeing their fights, making them breakfast, lunch and snacks in between the work stuff.  This week, I log off at 5 and hit the gym and then it's home for dinner and maybe an hour or 2 of family time before bed.  It's exhausting.  This "having it all" thing isn't really what it's cracked up to be.  But for a couple hours last night, it was good.  It was peaceful, fun and all about me and my family with no distractions.  Today is another long day...but we'll make it and I won't kill them.  I may lock them in their rooms but they have lots of stuff to do in there.  LOL.  We'll make it and tomorrow maybe another trip to the pool...because that just felt awesome.

Completely off subject but thought this was an awesome idea for you more strategic drinkers out there...

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Run, Chelle, Run! said...

It's good to shake it up out of your normal routine. I'm glad you guys got some time last night!