Thursday, July 18, 2013

TTT 7-18-13

I can't remember the last time I did a Ten Things Thursday.  Not sure if I have 10 things to write about today.  Let's give it a shot.

1.  I didn't work out yesterday.  It was a conscious decision with no excuse other than I was cramping so bad that I could barely sit upright so I didn't wanna.

2.  We went to the pool and floated around instead.  That was nice.  My food was also spot on so I'm good with it.
No...not our dogs...or pool for that matter

3.  The kids were butts to the babysitter yesterday so today is a day of, writing lines and generally having to do whatever I tell them to do.  SIGH.  I am so over the summer break thing.

4.  I haven't heard anything about the job I posted for.  It's been a week today.  Hmmmm...
Would kids today even know what he's staring at???

5.  I'm tired of hearing about Zimmerman and race relations in the U.S.  Seriously done with all of it.  This is why I give up news for months on end.  It's the same story rehashed over and over.
From now on, this is the only place I'll get my news.

6.  I have a trip to Phoenix planned for 8/7-8/14!  So excited to see everybody.  Any Phoenix ladies want to get together for a happy hour or something?  Who goes to Phoenix in August???  Crazy people who want cheap flights.
And apparently those who travel by camel...

7.  I think we may take the girls to see "Turbo" this weekend.  My oldest really wants to see it and it does look kind of cute.  I love that my kids are finally old enough for family movies and not just the animated ones.  Hubby and I used to be big movie people back in the day...just something we've always enjoyed.  It's nice that we can do it as a family now.

8.  Yes I will eat popcorn at the movie theater.  I just love movie theater popcorn!  I've wanted popcorn for the last two weeks and haven't made any at home because I know I'd rather save it up and have it at the theater instead.  I will, however, forgo the Coke Icee.

9.  I made a fill appointment for when I'm in Phoenix in August!  I haven't seen my lapband doc since November.  I don't have one out here yet and honestly don't know that I want to mess with finding one.  Hubby's working on it for him though.  I know I need a fill but I always feel so weird about asking for one.  Three years - still feel weird.

10.  Ten things.  It's that easy folks.  Hope y'all have an awesome Thursday!  Only one more day to go....


Jeanette said...

Haha the gym/Jim meme made me laugh! I haven't been working out because of the heat- yikes!

Ask Me About My Band, My Lap-Band said...

Movie theatre popcorn is like the BEST reason to go!!! I think we may be seeing two movies this weekend, so I need to pace myself on the popcorn. I love it a little too much!!!

Michelle Stulberger said...
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Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Dang multiple sign ins!


I am with you on feeling weird about asking for fills, though it's what they want us to do!

And this heat...ugh. Running is just not happening. I like the Jim option!

RockBand Barbie said...

I love movie popcorn!!

I seriously had to stay off of fb for a few days because I was so sick of the Zimmerman stuff. Some people said some of the stupidest things.

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

We saw Desp Me II last week and loved it. You can't go wrong with little minions you know?