Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wetzel Pretzel

So paleo was just so/so yesterday.  Was doing fine...stuck to plan and then BAM!  Wetzel Pretzel.  I went to the mall to shop for a bridal shower gift and it called my name.  OK...maybe I went hunting around for it.  Anyway, I bought one bag of the wetzel bitz and ate about a third of it.  I'm not proud of it and it certainly wasn't worth it.  But I logged it in mfp like a good little girl and still came out 100 calories below my target.  The important thing is I got back on track by dinner.  And dinner turned out pretty good.  I made Apple Chicken and super easy and surprisingly good.  My girls liked it so that's saying something.  Here's the recipe.

Chicken Apple


(4-6oz) boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or use leftover chicken from another meal)
tsp sea salt (optional)
tsp freshly ground black pepper
Tbs coconut oil
large apple
tsp cinnamon or allspice


Dice chicken breasts. Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Set aside.
Heat a medium saute pan over medium-high heat. Add coconut oil when hot.
Add diced chicken and cook until slightly pink (about 150° F).
Grate apple into pan.
Add cinnamon or allspice.
Continue to cook until chicken is done and apple is tender.

Here's a pic of how mine turned out.  Forgot to take it straight away so it's already been picked at a bit.

Anyway...pretty good eats.  So out of nowhere, we got this huge storm in Arizona and me, being mom of the year, let my kids go out and play in it.
So Food Plan today:
Breakfast:  Frittata and coffee (noticing a pattern here)
Lunch:  Apple Chicken with vegetables
Dinner:  Steak and mashed cauliflower
Snacks:  Nuts

I feel good about the plan and where I'm heading.  I'm not weighing myself until the 15th but I'm not expecting much.  I had gained 3 lbs from my lowest so I'm hoping just to see that low number again.  Toodles!


jennxaz said...

at least you had it work into your calorie count for the day so I think you did great! Wasn't the rain great yesterday...I loved it!

Steph said...

Where do you get coconut oil? I think I may try that recipie. I totally adore you saying "toodles". No one else I know (but me) ever says that. I picked it up from old "Gidget" reruns back in the 80's. LOVE IT!!!

Jen said...

The rain was crazy yesterday!! I don't think anyone knew it was coming!!

Lap Band Gal said...

Your kids are adorable :) I wanna play in the rain too

Andrea said...

You're doing great! That looks like a good recipe!

Ronnie said...

That apple chicken recipe sounds delish. Will have to give it a shot.

And I am a Wetzel's Pretzel enthusiast. I can't even blame ya, I had a pretzel at Sam's the other day! lol