Friday, May 4, 2012

MFP/Paleo Starts Monday! blogger.  One of my oldest friends has started a blog...No, it's not about weight loss.  She's a technical writer, a novelist and a bookworm so that's what her blog is all about.  If you're a book lover, a grammar enthusiast, an aspiring writer or anything in between, please go check her out.  It's her first blog and she's pretty entertaining.  :)  Her link is here.

I joined My Fitness Pal.  I'm trying to work something out with Angie to hold eachother accountable and she thinks this will be a good way to do it so I'm on board!  I'll start logging Monday morning.  I also downloaded the app to my phone (Have I mentioned how much I heart my phone? LOL).  I'm excited...if anything, just to see where my protein and calories shake out on the new paleo way of eating.

I'm also excited about my new paleo plan.  I'm going to spend some time this weekend meal planning and shopping...maybe doing some research.

I've already asked my friends at work to please support this effort by not even inviting me out to lunch or to Starbucks next week.  I need to detox.  Once I feel like I'm on a good plan, I'll allow myself one lunch out a week (that has more to do with money than anything else) and one coffee house drink a week on Saturday or Sunday morning with Hubby.  Next week the focus is on food...not so much exercise.  One change at a time, right?  So next week, I'm focusing on food and then the week after, I'll start my exercise plan.

BYOC, courtesy of Drazil (link to the right):
1.  Do you have any Mother's Day traditions?
Not really.  Ron usually makes breakfast but he makes breakfast all the time.  I usually get to sleep in which is AWESOME.  Flowers and cards and lots of kisses.

2.  Do you take a daily vitamin?  Why or why not?
No.  I did...for awhile.  Was pretty religious about it.  But I just don't think it's necessary.  Shouldn't you feel better if you're getting all your vitamins.  I never felt a difference and I'm lazy.

3.  Do you wear perfume every day?  If yes, what kind?
No.  I don't buy perfume for myself so I only ever have it when Hubby buys it for me.  THEN I wear it every day.  My favorite that he got me once was Cashmere Mist.  I smelled good for a good year or so with that.  Hehe.

4.  When you walk or run or work out outside - what do you take with you?
This seriously depends.  Before, I would take my running pack with me that had my phone, water and bandaids.  Now, I have an armband for my iphone so I'll probably start using that more also.

5.  Repeat Question.  Summarize your week.
Eh. So so.  Real life is fine.  Nothing too exciting.  Blogland is good.  Ready for the weekend.

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♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Good luck Paleo-ing. It's a solid plan. I wish you success.

Amy said...

I'm on MFP and I use my iphone, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask :) I just got back into logging food again and I feel pretty good about it. I use some of the features on the web that I can't do on my iphone. my user ID is lifeisjustbeginning if you want to friend me there. :)

Andrea said...

Good luck! What is your MFP user name? I'll send you a friend invite.

jennxaz said...

I am not sold that the vitamins really do anything...I notice no difference at all.

Ronnie said...

Hope your weekend goes well! :) Have a happy mother's day!