Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ten Thing Thursday 5-3-12

1.  Paleo starts Monday.  I had told Hubby that I'm willing to give this a real, honest effort.  It's not just about another "fad" diet...what's "fad" about giving up all the processed stuff for real food?  Right?

2.  I hate Dr. Oz.  There I said and I know I'll get flamed for it.  "But Panda!  He's so awesome!  And cute!  How can you hate Dr. Oz?!?!  Dr. Oz loves us!"  Well, let me tell you fictional fans...I cannot stand how someone who is a doctor (and yes, he is a REAL honest to God doctor) constantly pushes the latest diet craze stuff on a national television show.  Here are some titles of his recent episodes: Fat-Burner in a Bottle, Flat Belly in 30 Days, Solutions for a Big Belly or a Big Butt, Supercharged Drinks to Make You Look Young, 7-Day Calorie Confusion Meal Plan. These are fads people!!!  This isn't the kind of stuff the medical community should be hyping.

3.  My oldest starts Summer Break on May 25th.  Where did this school year go???  That means double the daycare costs for the summer...ugh.

4.  I had a colleague at work praise my recent efforts and say how knowledgeable I am for just 6 months into this new role.  Can she tell my boss that?

5.  I'm an Iphone addict.  There I said it...I'm not ashamed.

6.  I had seen a groupon for unlimited crossfit classes at a nearby gym for $47.  Talked to Hubby about it.  He said do it.  I forgot and missed the deal.  Maybe I forgot on purpose?  Ugh.

7.  I keep meaning to clean my desk at work.  2 weeks ago, I bought cleaner and keep planning to bring it in and I don't.  The dust bunnies are killing me.

8.  I need a vacation.  Like a real honest to goodness vacation...a week off of work at least, even if I don't go anywhere...

9.  I had a gynecology appointment yesterday where they did an endometrial biopsy - meaning they stick this brush up your vajayjay and spin it around.  I saw a different doctor than my normal one and he says, "Let's hammer this out."  I told him that was a very poor word choice.

10.  Making commitment to going to a rock gym for the first time in the next two weeks.  This is something I've been wanting to try for awhile...gotta check it out.


Morgan said...

Ugg, I sometimes hate the indignities of being a woman. Vaginal ultrasounds are also unpleasant!!

I don't think its out of line to ask someone to extend a compliment of you to your boss, just do it in like a jokey way. Like "Hey you should let Miss Boss know, hahaha!" If someone said that to me I would totally go talk to their boss.

Is Hubby on board with going full bore Paleo?

Dawnya said...

A rock gym sounds like fun. Let us know how that goes.

Andrea said...

Good luck with the Paleo eating!

Maria said...

I'm dying laughing! I can't believe the gyno said that!!!

Good luck with the paleo. I've been hitting it about 75% for the past two weeks. Feeling pretty good!

Leigh C. said...

K, number 9 really cracked me up! And I have to agree about Dr. Oz...

Steph said...

Dr. oz is an ass, IMO. "Let's Hammer this our?"...Classic!!

Hon, you WILL get to your goal. Sometimes we all need a little bitch slapping here and there and I think that you are doing it to yourself and you KNOW what you need to do. You've some this fal. Go all the way!

jennxaz said...

I hate how Dr. OZ pushes all these supplements..really I would just eat pills all day if I took what he thinks I should. Hammer it out......tooo funny!

Ronnie said...

Dr. Oz. What a tool. Glad someone other than me thinks so, my best girlfriend is always going ON and ON about him. *shudder*

I guess I didn't like him after he did the lapband segment on his show that one time and only featured women who eat like complete morons. Oh well!