Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Paleo Day 2

Day 1 went pretty well.  I AM surprised at how difficult it is to stay  under 1200 calories though.  I DO think it estimates my coffee calorie intake a bit  high but whatever.  I came in 92 calories under the calorie goal and got 91 g of protein in.  Of course,  mfp says  that's way too much and also thinks I take in too much fat but I'll just have to live with mfp's opinion on that.  Paleo is similar to low carb in that it doesn't think fat by itself is a bad thing.  So I'm not going to worry to much about it.  I even managed to stick to my food plan despite having to leave work midday to pick up my youngest as she was running a temperature of a 103.  Hubby is actually who picked  her up from school but since he's  not permanent yet, I didn't want him having to take the rest of the day off.  So  we looked like quite the corporate pair yesterday.  Hubby picked her up and got her to the doctor and then I met them there to take her home.  He was in his  business attire and for  whatever reason, I was wearing a skirt and nice blouse yesterday.  Talk about sharing the load and new gender roles.  It just struck me as funny.  This IS the modern family.  But despite the shake up of schedule, I stuck to my food plan.

Today I'm home with my daughter.  Being able to work from home is such a blessing in times  like this...I don't get behind on anything and I don't have to use sick time.  Awesome.  I have a plan for the day.  Just wrapping up breakfast which is the same as yesterday.

Meal Plan:
Breakfast:  Frittata and coffee
Lunch:  Tuna with tomato slices
Snack:  Nuts or an apple
Dinner:  Paleo Shepherd's Pie

We'll see how I do.  Forgot to mention my NSV over the weekend!  So Hubby and I went to see Avengers and we were deciding if we wanted popcorn AND nachos or just nachos and  we realized that we weren't hungry so we didn't get anything.  Not even a drink.  This one was tough because it felt like we SHOULD get a snack because that's what we do when we go to the movies.  But we didn't.  Very proud of us.

One thing I am struggling with is the "no soda" rule.  To recap, I gave up soda at the beginning of my banded journey and slowly went back to having maybe 1 every once in every couple weeks. I finally figured out that my horrible shoulder pain was caused by the carbonation.  So I gave up all carbonation soda, no beer, no sparkling wine...  It's been several months  now and no pain.  Great!  For some reason, the last couple weeks I have wanted a coke or a beer so bad!  I think it's the hotter weather and nothing tastes better than a nice cold soda on a hot day.  So far I have withstood the temptation because it's not just about being healthy or the sugar or the empty calories, it's about the pain.  The pain that actually had me unable to get out of bed one day.  So I'm not going to do it.  But I miss it.  Isn't that jacked up?  Anywhoo...hope you're all doing well.  Thanks to Angie for checking in on me today!   She's doing great with tracking and is motivating me to stick with it.

In other news, I think there's some big announcement coming at work.  The signs are there...unannounced meeting at 8:30 this morning,  our quarterly business meeting  at 10 and then an uppity up scheduled a follow up call immediately following.  Generally, this doesn't bode  well.  We shall see.  I'm bummed I'm not there...but I've got some eyes and ears keeping me posted.  

Happy Tuesday all!


Morgan said...

I am so happy that you stayed on track even with your change in plans. That's what always gets me, I can find an excuse anywhere!!

And a great big WOOT on your movie NSV, it's hard to change those 'always' habits. But if feels so good when you do.

Azmomo2 said...

I went to see Avengers this weekend too. I did buy a bottle of water and snagged 8 peanut M&Ms from my son. Bad me... oh well at least I didn't buy the Reese's Pieces I usually get! Small victories right?

Paleo Sheppard's Pie... sounds interesting. Do you use cauliflower instead of mash?

Ronnie said...

The no soda rule is a hard one to follow - stay strong!

Hope the little one is feeling better today.