Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Come to Jesus Moment

OK...I don't want to make any religious folks mad out there with this frame of reference but I feel a "Come to Jesus" moment coming on.  I told Hubby last night that it was coming but right now, I'm going to say it to you and myself via my blog because this is the stuff that's rattling around in my brain.  I have 171 days to go until the Warrior Dash and STILL 30 lbs to go until I reach my goal weight and I have been doing NOTHING to help myself accomplish either of these goals.  I have NOT been watching what I eat, I have NOT been watching my portions, I have NOT been abstaining from sugary treats.  Why did I go through the hassle of having surgery if I wasn't going to commit to going the whole way?  Why did I incur all kinds of copays and deductibles and months and months of my time and gas to go downtown to these doctor appointments if I wasn't going to USE this tool the way it is meant to be USED?  Do I need a fill?  I don't think so.  When I eat RIGHT, I can't eat much and I stay satisfied for hours.  I'll re-evaluate once I'm really paying attention to what I'm eating.  There are so many people out there with more obstacles than me hitting their goals every day while I sit on my lazy bum and DO NOTHING.  Well, that stops...NOW.  I'm getting my head back in the game one small change at a time.  Getting back to the good habits and first and foremost, that means no more sugary treats or fast food!  NONE.  Period.  This is one trip to a coffee house a week.  Period.  That's it.  NO MORE than that.  It's going Paleo starting Monday.  Getting rid of all the processed food and manmade junk.  It's exercising...getting outside or inside or whatever and MOVING.  It's no more enabling Hubby to do the same bad stuff!  We're terrible role models for eachother and that needs to stop.  We need to be strong when the other is feeling weak.  We need to be the sane one when the other one is on the brink.

I know this post is kinda rambly but I'm so frustrated with myself at this point.  I cannot stand people who bitch and moan and complain about things but take no steps to better the situation.  And look what I'm doing.  I log on here, blog about this or that and complain that I'm not losing weight.  It's true...I'm upfront with everyone about why that is.  I make no excuses and take full responsibility but that just makes it even dumber.  At least if I were in denial, then a well placed ass kicking may wake me up.  So so tired of having this same chat with myself over and over and over again.  Seriously...what is it going to take to get my butt in gear?  What kind of wake up call do I need to do what I know I need to do?


Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

I feel like I am in the same boat with you. I just had a fill two weeks ago and I am not doing that well with it. Yes it is baseball season and we literally have one free night a week and then Sunday's which is usually catching up with the house chores and such. I am so upset with myself because I am more than half way to goal and I have lost my mojo. This time of year is hard on me because our schedules but I need to stop making that excuse. The gym that I go to is open until 11pm every M-F. Even though I am really tired when I get home, I still have the time to get there before they close.
I'm with you on this. It starts now. I need to do this and I have no more excuses!
Lets do it together!

Jeanette said...

I think you have some good plans in place, it's the first step! Next step: following through. It's hard, very hard.

I will say, I hope you and your husband can be strong for each other. I think I would have failed at this long ago if my partner wasn't right alongside me on everything (he's gone totally paleo and works out with me constantly). I can't imagine the struggle if I didn't have his help!

jennxaz said...

can you say burned out! I think when you are gong ho for so long its easy to get burned out. Its hard then to get back to the grind. You have to be ready or at least fake it till you make it. I find that my best weeks are the weeks I plan my meals out on the weekend for the week. Otherwise I will eat out(bad choices made then) but I still find that I can't always be the planner I want. This week is a good week and I hope to see some results. Last week was not so much...I ate out more and consumed more calories than I should. I hope you find what works for you!

Morgan said...

Hoo-rah! This sounds like a rally cry post!

I hope you can get your hubby on board with you, when I am feeling weak Peaches really puts things into perspective for me, helps me keep my head in the game.

Jen said...

Thanks for taking accountability for your situation. That's a huge first step in my opinion. So tired of hearing everyone making excuses when it's them that's the problem. YOu've got this.. you've been successful and you know what to do to get to where you know you want to be! I have tons of faith in you!!

Catherine55 said...

Something I taught myself to do, which is useful to me, is that -- before I eat junk, I take a second and think "Do you really want this? Are you even hungry?"

It doesn't stop me from eating junk here and there (seriously.. I ate Oreos yesterday). But, when I do, it's a conscious decision and not a mindless thing (which is what, for me, it had been before, and that was the problem for me).

I'm not sure if your situation is the same as mine, but if it is, taking a second to evaluate whether you really want something "bad" before you eat it may help keep you on the good path more often than not.

Anyway, it's great that you are thinking all this stuff out and are trying to figure out why you were sabotaging yourself. I think we all do it -- I know I certainly have gone through phases like that. Hang in there!! You've come so far already -- only a little way farther to go!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Amen sister. We ALL need Come to Jesus moments if you ask me.

Leigh C. said...

Good for you! It takes a strong person to admit all that you have and take that kind of accountability. With that attitude, you will complete your goals. Now go kick some ass:)

~Lisa~ said...

We all DO need a "Come to Jesus" moment - and mine came with all the Easter candy that is STILL around this house - I must NOT touch it because I just don't know when to stop (and reeses cups slide down much more easily than carrots)

AMEN, sister! I'm with YOU!

shakingoffthepounds said...

Kudos to you all, Determination and goal setting is what it takes. You can do this!! I recently lost 40 lbs..