Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Paleo Day 3

Yesterday went well overall.  I did have an apple with peanut butter last night to fight off the sweet tooth and the peanut butter brought me in at 62 calories over my goal but I didn't break down and have a blizzard or anything.  Those sugar cravings are at full force and I know if I can just get past these first couple days, it'll get better but it's definitely rough at the beginning.

Food Plan Today:
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream and sugar
Lunch:  Paleo Shepherd's Pie
Dinner: Apple Chicken (new recipe...if it's any good I'll post it here)
Snacks if needed:  Nuts

So I should probably explain a little bit about paleo (I did a huge long post about it here) and how what I do is just a touch different.  So paleo is eating like a caveman before they invented preservatives and hydrogenated oils, etc.  This means cutting out ALL processed food which includes pasta, wheat, dairy, etc.  It also means eating organic as much as you can.  Getting back to eating NATURAL stuff...even "all natural" boxed food has been processed in some way.  So there you have it.  So am I paleo in the strictest sense?  No, absolutely not.  I do eat dairy as I think calcium is important and I don't like taking supplements but also, I'm not lactose intolerant at all (A LOT of people are and don't realize it) so milk just isn't a biggie for me.  Now, I don't use much.  I have cream in my coffee and use cheese in recipes and that's about the extent of it.  That's the biggest thing...then you have smaller things like my goal being 80/20.  The peanut butter last night was not paleo (if it were organic, all natural peanut butter, it would've been but didn't have that handy in the house).  But it's better than the alternatives so I'm OK with it.  I also use sugar in my coffee but it's the equivalent of two packets for the entire day so I don't sweat it much.

So there you have it.  As for the paleo shepherd's pie, that's basically just using a cauliflower/turnip blend instead of potatoes (even though potatoes are TECHNICALLY primal, the turnips are healthier).  We also did use cream of mushroom soup which is not all that paleo.  There are some people who can get very judgmental about the paleo thing...hard to believe I know...that if you're not 100% then you're not doing it.  Well, to them I say "Phooey!"  I think the more you can eat all natural and eliminate the chemicals in your life, the better.  Truth be told, we're less paleo and more "primal blueprint" but they overlap on most details.

Another day, another dollar.  I'm back in the office today.  My little one is feeling better so off to preschool she goes.  I feel so bad that she just had to sit around all day watching TV.  Since I had to work from home, I couldn't entertain her much but she behaved beautifully which may have been a testament to how poorly she was feeling.
Lori on the couch - where she spent the vast majority of her day

The big news at work was non news.  Uppity Ups become bigger uppity ups and a rah-rah session for my company.  Whatevs.

How about a Hump Day Happy Thought to keep us all in the right frame of mind this week?


Grizzlyrider said...

Hey, try the powdered peanut butter (PB 2) you can get it on Amazon. It is just peanut butter with most of the oil squeezed out. It tastes great and has only 45 calories per 2 tablespoons (as apposed to 180 in regular pb) You could dip your apple in that and save a lot of fat and calories. When I get home from work I cut up l/2 banana sprinkle some on it, mmmmm!

jennxaz said...

I second the powdered peanut butter...if you mix it with greek yogurt its awesome to dip your apples in and I don't like greek yogurt but I love the snack and lower calories...great job on counting your calories!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I'm so proud of you. Paleo is tough but I believe in its principles. You go girl. And screw the uppity ups. I mean not literally...oh you know what I meant.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I've been hearing a lot about paleo. Going to read your longer post about it. And the uppity ups...ugh

Steph said...

I think what you are doing is great as we really do eat so much processed crap. Good for you for trying it and keeping us in the loop. It's always good to learn new ways to eat healthy. How was the apple chicken stuff?