Monday, May 14, 2012

The Weekend Stuff

Friday, my daughter lost her 9th tooth!  Seriously...I have no idea how the child can still eat!  Luckily the other ones have come in pretty quickly!

So Saturday I went to the Bridal Shower.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.  I was dressed OK.  Jeans, cute top, wedge shoes.  Cute casual, not sloppy casual.  But once I was about a block away from  the house that  the  shower was being held at, I realized I was in trouble.  The gate guard (oh  yeah...THAT type of neighborhood) told me how to get to the house.  I pull up and it's redonkilously big and beautiful and RICH.  I'm awkward in social situations with people I've known for YEARS and now I'm going to a shower where I don't know anybody AND they're high falutin'.  I entertained the thought of texting my friend, apologizing that I couldn't make it at the last minute and just going home.  But instead, I  decided to face my fears and go anyway.  For the first time ever doing this, I wish I had gone with Option A.  *sigh*  First, I was the only one there NOT in a dress.  I was also the only one there who couldn't tell you who makes the latest designer shoes that everyone must have and also the only one  who spent less than $100 on a shower gift.  The whole afternoon was awkward and terrible and didn't make me feel so good about myself.  I was as friendly as I could be given the situation but I felt like hell that I allowed these people to make me feel so badly about myself.  To top it off, I started questioning whether I even want to hang  out with a person who comes from this kind of environment.  Mind you, this girl has never been anything but nice to me, has  never seemed uppity  to me, has even had us over to her house for beer pong and chicken pot pie.  Honestly, if I were to stop being friends with this girl just because she comes from a lot of money then I'm no better than the women who think they're better than me because I don't have a lot of money.  Right?  I need to get over myself...and over my shortcomings, lack of income, and general insecurities and move on with it.  I'll still go to the wedding but you can bet your butt I'm going to be doing some serious dress shopping before then!  To give you an idea...Some pics I snapped on my way out  (I bailed a little early so no one saw me take them)
The front door.  Seriously, it's like going into Oz, it's so big.

Before you get to said "Oz" door

1/3 of the driveway - that's right, 8 cars on 1/3  of the driveway!

View from back.  The pool is actually in the front because it has a better view.  Kinda weird.

Other 1/3 of driveway as I was leaving.  

Sunday started off nice.  I woke up at 8  (which is totally sleeping in at my house) to red roses, a new french press and a jewelry box.  Awwww...they done good.  Then things went rather downhill from there.  My youngest started puking everything up.  Poor thing!  And yet she refused to go to sleep.  I took my oldest daughter to see the Avengers which she loved but  I felt bad leaving Hubby and little girl alone.  Then we went to my mom's house to deliver her cards and catch up from her trip to South Carolina.  Lori fell asleep there for a couple hours so at least she got some rest.  She was finally able to keep some crackers down last night.  She's home today.  My mom was kind enough to watch her for a few hours so I can dial into the conference calls I need to be on this morning.

So  how did I do over the weekend?  Crappy!  I ate anything and everything and didn't log a calorie of it. Portions were fine but the choices were abysmal.  I'm feeling rather grumpy today about everything in general.  So there ya have it.  My weekend and Monday morning in a nutshell.

I don't really feel like doing it but it's Monday so I gotta...Monday DEMotivator:


Anonymous said...

Oh Honey, money doesn't make the person. That is a big house but even people that live in big houses have troubles you can't see. Don't let that keep you from enjoyng someone you like.
Sorry about the sick little one on Mom's Day. I hope she is feeling better.

JRD said...

Hugs, lady. I understand about the awkward feeling - I am frequently anxious in social situations too, but I try to push through them. Sometimes it just sucks. Seems like you had a wonderful mother's day - hope your Monday gets better!

Sarah said...

What Robyn said ... What about the sisterhood of the traveling bandster dresses ... surely someone has something incredible in your size?

Ronnie said...

What sizes are you wearing now? I might have something that'd fit you. No promises, I've gotten rid of alot of things. But ya never know! :)

Sorry your shower was awkward. I know that feeling all too well, unfortunately. :(