Thursday, May 17, 2012

TTT - Warning - Downer Post

1.  I'm losing motivation to blog.  I don't know if it's because I don't seem to be getting much out of it anymore or if it's because I'm sick of repeating myself (back on track, etc.) or if it's because my weight loss has been stalled for so long.

2.  I'm trying to push through this because blogging has led me to have many awesome people in my life for inspiration and support that I never would've found otherwise and blogging has been great therapy for me.

3.  I haven't eaten primal all week.  I have yet to exercise.  My Warrior Dash is in 155 days.  Eek!

4.  My BFF has decided to come to Vegas with Hubby and me to cheer me on and celebrate my success.  Her hubby is coming too.  It will be great fun but I hope this pushes me to make sure I'm good and ready for it as there will actually be someone other than Hubby watching.

5.  I'm going to spend the rest of the week looking over old posts.  I may just read my blog from start to finish and hope that I can capture 2 things.  1) The inspiration to continue documenting my journey and realize that this journey will never be over and 2) rekindle that motivation I had in the beginning before everything just kind of fizzled out.

6.  My oldest daughter is now sick.  She woke up vomiting last night.  I still came to work today and we're trying to figure out how to deal with the whole daycare situation today.  I may end up leaving early.  Sometimes it really sucks being a working mom.  ETA:  My mom was able to watch her today.  We're now home and she's resting on the couch with the TV off (per her request).  You know she must not be feeling well.

7.  I hate my job.

8.  Hubby's contract with the big company has been extended to the end of September.  On the one hand, it's nice to have the additional 4 months of income.  On the other hand, we were really hoping for a permanent position to be offered.

9.  We couldn't go out to celebrate Mother's Day because the kid was sick and now we can't celebrate the extension of Hubby's contract because the other kid's sick.  Ugh.

10.  I'm shocked I thought of 10 things today.  I know they weren't the most uplifting and that's another reason blogland is less appealing to me these days as I'm sure it is to any followers still making it over on a semi daily basis.  Hoping the oulook brightens soon.


RockBand Barbie said...

Hope your daughter feels better super fast!

A.J. said...

I am losing my motivation to blog but if I list the reasons why then people will tell me I am whiner and that no one will be my friend if I don't stop whining. (True story--I've seen happen). Sorry you hate your job.

Jen said...

Please don't stop blogging! Honestly, when I go onto Reader, I always look to see if you've blogged.
I'm sorry your little is sick. You are right, it does suck to be a working mom.. it's hard to balance when they are sick! I'm learning that very quickly!!!
That's awesome your BFF is coming to Vegas, that will be so fun when you aren't dashing!!!

Linda said...

I love when I see a new post from you. I may not always comment, but I always read it. I feel that I always write the same thing, but honestly don't we all?

P.S. - I hate my job too.

Sorry if this posted twice - blogger is crazy.

Momee3021 said...

Im with the rest of them. I look to see if you have blogged and your comments make me feel so much better and put a smile on my face I have a passive aggressive boss that makes me hate my job when she's either passive or aggressive. Being a mom is my most important job and working away from home sucks but I think the kiddies admire what we do (or at least they will later). You're going to kick butt in Vegas - be proud - maybe you can blog about that instead of the weight loss for a while - talk about panda's, koala's or any other cuddly creature you like but please don't go...

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Don't leave...we newbies would miss your wisdom. This part about getting re-motivated is actually more important to document than the beginning exciting stuff. You will get your mojo back, I just know it!!!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I would miss always leave the best comments and I look forward to reading them and your blog but I don't think anyone "loves" it all the time. I'm sorry your kids are sick..Banana is sick tonight too and I'm freaking out about daycare! UGH

tz said...

would miss you too.....

Reggie said...

Don't go Manda. I would miss you too much. You have offered me alot of wisdom. I hope your daughter feels better and that you get a date night soon.

o.c. bandster said...

well you can see from all the comments above....WE DON'T WANT YOU TO STOP BLOGGING. Majority rules so you are stuck with us!

hang in there!

Leigh C. said...

Please don't stop blogging. I love your comments. I may not comment on every post, but I always read:) I would miss you too!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

This sounds like many weeks I've had. I hope your daughter feels better soon. I definitely hope you don't stop blogging b/c you're awesome. I know that sometimes we all get down but I know you will hang in there and come out stronger than ever!!!!

Kristin50 said...

Remember my dear your BLOG is for you first and for most. A place where you can write whatever you feel like, where you are not judged.

I hope you continue to blog, as you are a huge inspiration to everyone and we love you!

Sorry the little one has been sick, that so sucks.

I will tell you if you hate your job, try to change that. There is nothing worse than trying to pry yourself out of bed to go to a job you hate.


Dawnya said...

Although I love it when you is ultimately up to you.

Just blog when you feel like it!! That is what I have been doing lately. I still read...I even comment on occasion...but I only post when I feel like it.

Don't feel bad because you are stalled. It happens. It's called life. But I believe when your body is ready to catch up with your head it will.

I hope your kiddo feels better and that your hubby gets a full time offer.

Pen-Up Girl said...

Don't stop blogging! Your posts are what get me through the hectic mornings when I have to come into the office!

(Don't smack me for this), but have you thought about compiling some of your posts and turning it into a book about your journey? You are an inspiration and maybe it's time to take it to the next level!

jennxaz said...

I would miss you terribly.
I can sense your building frustration...I think on many fronts---sucks your hubby didn't get that permanent position...maybe next extension. Sick kids put a drain on your energy and it is frustrating when it interferes with work. I wub you and don't want you to leave!

Morgan said...

I would really miss you if you left!! I love to read about your family and you always bring up good points that really touch me.

I have a question about your goal though, why is it your goal? You have been struggling for a while now to 'drop those last 30 lbs' or 'get back on track'. Why aren't you happy where you are at now? Why can't you just be in maintanence? Is it a number you have in mind or a size, what keeps you thinking you have to keep trying to make it and have not already made it?

4 Smith's said...

Newest follower, newly banded and fellow blogger :)

I feel ya on Mother's Day! I was on pre-op diet that day somi couldn't eat out or do anything I would normally do. A big ol' giant push into my new reality :)