Monday, May 21, 2012

Still Here...!  I'm truly overwhelmed by the response to my last post.  I promise I wasn't looking for an ego boost but I sure got one.  And just to clarify, I would never stop reading or commenting as I love following along with everyone's lives (it's better than the soap operas I used to watch as a kid) but I find myself finding it hard to come up with blog posts that don't say the same thing over and over, but I digress.  Obviously, I am here and writing so it is what it is for now.

Moving on to the weekend.  Double ugh!  So kiddos were sick last week with that stomach yuckiness.  Hubby caught it Friday and it hit me like a truck Saturday afternoon.  Let's rewind a bit though shall we?

So Friday, I started reading through my blog.  I made it to October 2010.  Just 3 months into my banding.  I'm determined to read the entire thing through but wow...I had a lot to say before I was even banded.  For those newer to my blog, you may not have realized that I was initially declined by insurance for my band and I was devastated.  I want to emphasize this only for those who are going through the insurance hoops took over 2 months of wheeling and dealing before I was able to get my surgery approved (and that was after the 6 month supervised diet, psych eval, nutrition consult and $1000 program fee).  And while I whine and carry on, I have lost over 70 lbs that I know I couldn't lose on my own so it was worth every tear, post, phone call, letter, etc. that I went through.  Anyway, I was reading through how my training walks were going preparing for the 3 Day and realized how much I missed those long walks on the weekends.  So I decided to see what I could do about that.  So I ping'd the only person who might understand that and might be crazy enough to do it with BFF.  I texted her and said "Could I talk you into doing some training walks, or runs or hikes every once in awhile in the morning?"  She responded "How often and how early?" I said, "Every couple weeks.  About 6 a.m."  Her answer?  "How about tomorrow?"  Now I honestly think she was calling my bluff but I couldn't very well say no to the very first one so I said "Sure."  So at 6 a.m. Saturday morning, we went for a hike.  It felt great.  Some parts of the trail were pretty steep so felt like we got a good workout.  My friend and I both have a version of mapmyrun (she has map my dogwalk...they're all pretty much identical) apps on our iphones so we were able to see how far we went.  The only thing I'm not real sure about it if it really takes into account the elevation or just how FAR on a line you move.  Gotta look into that.  Anyway, according to that, we went 4.38 miles in 2:14.  Not too shabby and it felt good getting out and being active.  I'm going to spend 2 weeks looking into a hike I've never done before (not difficult out here as I've only done one peak) and we'll both try something new and hopefully not get lost.  I'm liking this plan.
Early morning in the Valley of the Sun
So I get home Saturday morning, about 8, to my sickly husband and 2 kids.  Feed them breakfast, go to my parents' house (we're house sitting) to feed the dog and christen the pool for the first swim of the summer.  For some reason, my youngest is now terrified of being let go in the water.  She was swimming fine at the end of last summer so I'm hoping she gets over this and loosens up again.  Water was still a bit cool.  Anyway, by Saturday afternoon, I had the stomach bug coming out both ends and we went home and I went to bed.  It was still touch and go Sunday but am at work this morning.  This bug is nasty but it is short lived.  Everyone seems to recover within 24 hours.  Also, while Hubby and the girls were nursed back to health with 7up and Gingerale, I remain carbonation free.  I didn't want to tempt the pain gods on top of everything else.
Just had to include this.  My mom learned to text! And pictures even!  This is my dad at the Dbacks game in Kansas City..

So where are we this morning?  As I said, I'm at work but not incredibly motivated by it.  Aunt Flo came to town Saturday which is awesome (please note the sarcasm here).  I have my ablation scheduled for Thursday so that's not going to be incredibly fun but hopefully pays off in the long run.  And so in Candyland when we don't feel particularly motivated and it happens to be a Monday, then the best thing for us is a Monday DEMotivator, yes?  And, in honor of A.J.'s comment on my last post, I thought maybe this one would be most appreciated:


A.J. said...

omigosh!! Love the Demotivator. My Hubs is a big soccer fan and we have talked about what "drama queens" Euro soccer players can be. :)

jennxaz said...

yay! your still here!

Chris said...

HA! The Italian boys are the best divas, aren't they?

And OMG, you will LOVE your ablation - I had mine about 3 years ago and although I still have some cyclical bleeding, it's such an improvement over keeping extra clothes at the office, just in case, ya know? Good luck!

Momee3021 said...

Im totally getting that app. I hope they have it in Canada. Im so not motivated but maybe since the nights are still cool around here I better get my butt in gear and go. I have no idea how you gals in the south do anything in that heat? ps. Im glad you blogged! Happy Whinning Monday!

Jeanette said...

Having a partner, someone who is totally willing to do even crazy things (like super early mornings haha!), is soooo helpful. I don't know if I would be where I was without my guy, who jumps in headfirst to all my crazy fitness ideas!