Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up 1.9.12

Weigh In: 160 lbs.  Ugh. Ugh. Ugh!  I've been at this weight, one pound above my lowest for what seems like forever and I was kind of OK with it because I knew I wasn't doing what I needed to do to get it done.  But I was good this week. I was back on track.  I was eating better, tracking EVERYTHING, started working out again.  And my reward for this effort?  Zero, nada, zilch.  Now, I admit I had a fleeting "Eff it" thought enter my head this morning.  I mean, I was hovering here when I was eating whatever I wanted, indulging in sweets and alcohol for an entire month.  Why bother working harder when I don't have to and it's not going to make a difference anyway?  But I got past it.  I got ready for work, packed my breakfast and lunch, made my homemade coffee to take to work and left the house.  I'm sticking to my food and exercise plan.  I know the scale does not always reflect the effort and that's OK because eventually it will.  I admit though, it's made me a little grumpy this morning... so instead of focusing on that, I'm going to go into my exercise stuff from the weekend.

2.3 miles in 33:26.  Not terrible.  I ended this run at my mom's house and got in her hot tub.  It really helped with soreness the next day.
1 mile walk back to my house in 17 minutes.  It was meant to be a cool down.

16 push ups (girl push ups - +4 since last effort)
7 sit ups (+- 0 since last effort)
A little explanation here.  This isn't the total I do in my workout, just the highest number I do in a row in my workouts.  I alternate between push ups and sit ups until I can't do anymore.  Small improvement here as the last time I couldn't even do 1 sit ups after finishing the 7 but this time I was able to do 3 more after the break so it's something.

2.6 miles in 34:03 (-2 minutes from the last effort)

So we're moving right along in the fitness goals arena.  I've decided to incorporate a kettle bells routine to my off-running days.  Knowing that my girls love to play with them and I don't need to be worrying about them dropping them on themselves, we went out this weekend and bought their own.  My oldest is crazy.  She's 6 but super strong, so she got a 10 lb one and my youngest got a 7 lbs one.  I figure it's never too young to start building some muscle as long as they don't hurt themselves.  Hubby keeps an eye on them to make sure they aren't doing anything crazy with them.

Doing my push ups and sit ups tonight, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and my runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I'm feeling pretty motivated by the exercise as it feels to good to get out there and be active.  No chance of hitting my 5 lb goals this month at the rate I'm going so that's incredibly disappointing but I'll survive and keep the ticker up there until the end of January.  Might as well see if I make SOME progress.  OK...that was a little negative...banishing those thoughts from my head for now.

And for your Monday DEMotivation:


jennxaz said...

bummer, but you mentioned you are sore so your muscles could be retaining water...keep it up and I bet you see a drop soon. I envy the running...I used to be such a runner(ran a 1/2 marathon 7 years ago) but now I couldn't run 2 blocks. I will get back into it though! Good Luck!... BTW I tagged you in my blog!

Anonymous said...

Keep going- the scale will catch up with you.

Jessica said...

Tag, you're it!!

Leslie said...

Bummer about no scale movement but I bet next week that scale is going to be lower.

You are doing awesome with the exercise, very inspiring!

chloes_countdown said...

stick with it, sista. I know that my good behavior (and bad!) always show up on the scale about a week or two later. it'll catch up with ya....

Lucy said...

I know that can be such a bummer to not see change. There is always the happy thought that it didn't go up. You will get there, you are already on the way.

Michelle said...

I find if retain water after upping my exercise or adding new things to it. It will move just stay strong:-)

Sarah said...

Just try to focus on that when it starts moving (and fingers crossed for big jump to reflect the effort) you will setting yourself a new lowest weight!!! :oD

Sam said...

I thinks it great that you are installing a healthy life into your kids :o) it's the one thing that I would change in my upbringing if I could go back in time!

Jen said...

I love the pissed off panda!!! I betcha you will lose next week!! You are doing so well!! Good job on the running!! I'm impressed and a little jealous b/c I suck at running!!

Ronnie said...

I have faith in you! It will pay off.

Now you're motivating me to do some push-ups and crunches. Thanks!! :)