Friday, January 13, 2012

NSV and Tracking Issue

So yesterday, I got home and had a little inner dialogue with myself which I will share with you now.

Inner Demon: "Self, you know you don't want to run today.  You've exercised every single day since last Wednesday.  You can take a day off."
Me: "Hmmm...maybe you're right.  I'm really not feeling it today."
Inner Demon:  "Maybe just a short one?"
Me: "Alright...just a short one."

Do you see the NSV?  Even my inner demon isn't quite as evil as before! He's at least willing to negotiate.  Last month, the inner demon was sabotaging me at every turn ("Sure, there are no calories in Christmas cookies!" or "Exercise?  And miss The Grinch on TV?  Are you crazy?!?!")  While I really wasn't feeling doing a run, I did a "quick" 2 mile jaunt in 26:33.  Not too shabby, especially since the alternative was doing nothing.  How'd the rest of the day go?

No Soda:  Check
No Fast Food:  No check.  We had Subway for dinner (it's better than a burger and fries)
Calories:  Check.  Still below allotted range even with the Subway and a cookie for dessert.

So what's my tracking issue?  I've said before how I think I sometimes overestimate my caloric intake because homemade stuff is difficult to get the nutritional value on but I discovered another problem yesterday. Before I left work, I tracked out my subway dinner to see what I could get and still be under my calories for the day.  Nothing like planning ahead.  So I figured I could have a sandwich, a few chips (not a whole serving) and a cookie and be alright.  Well, I ended up taking the top half of the bread off immediately.  I ate the first half the sandwich and then got stuck.  The next 3 bites came back up.  Then another 2 bites later in the meal.  I ended up not even touching the last quarter of the sandwich at all.  I had a few chips (stuck to that) and a cookie.  How do you track 3/4 of a 6 inch sub with no top bun and 5 bites that came back up?  I have no idea.  So I didn't try.  I stuck to my calories as if I had eaten the whole thing.  Also, as a side note, I didn't feel any guilt at all about the cookie because it was planned and within my calorie restrictions for the day.

We'll see how this weekend goes.  I have a birthday party Saturday night where I'm sure there will be lots of finger food.  I'll try to avoid it, maybe have dinner before I go.  Otherwise, it looks to be a pretty boring weekend.  Maybe I'll be able to catch up on a bit of sleep.  Hope y'all had a great week and exciting weekend ahead of you.  Now, for a Friday Funny...


Rachel said...

I can totally relate with the tracking issue - what goes down and stays there vs. what comes back up and any other changes you make to your food. I figure I would rather overestimate than underestimate and be disappointed. xx

Dawnya said...

I agree with getting the proper calories for homemade items. Everyone says use spark people or myfitnesspal to create your meal. However, I don't think that information is always accurate. Especially since I don't measure my food as I cook it. I cook a meal and then I measure out what I'm going to eat. It's very frustrating.

Regarding what comes back up. I was told that you count the calories even if it comes back up.

Lyla said...

As long as you aren't trying to shoot for 800 calories (the absolute minimum we should be eating, from what I've read), then I think overestimating calories is ok.

I've found that I've begun overestimating what I can eat (it sounds like you did that) when I go out and I end up ordering way too much food. The other day for lunch I ordered a small chicken sandwich and fries, even though fries are the one thing I tend to get stuck on. The bread of the sandwich went down slow on the first bite, so I took the chicken off and ate about 3/4's of it, had about 3 fries, and I was full. I waste so much food and money this way because I'm just sort of convinced I can and will eat more than I should/or will eat. This has only been happening for the last 6 months-- it's like all of the good habits I adopted after surgery are gone in my brain. Luckily my band is still there to keep me in check. This is why I think the band is awesome for weight loss-- because if I didn't have it I'd already be inching back up and unable to maintain.

Good job yesterday!

Leslie said...

I'm right there with you on the tracking. I'm the type of person who wants to know the exact calories if I'm taking the time to count everything. I really liked using my fitness pal, it helped because on some things especially stuff like subway, other people already had the entries made up. I would also rather overestimate and than under because than at least I'm eating less instead of more than I think.

Samantha said...

I tend to count the whole thing as if I ate it. Partially as others said, better to over estimate than under.. and usually after a PB I'm not hungry anyways, so it's like I ate if (if that makes sense)

chloes_countdown said...

GREAT NSV!!! I think this whole thing is mostly mental so that was critical win. nice :)

Ronnie said...

I always count everything... I have no idea why, though. Except cookies. And when I'm standing up. hehe, jk. But it'd be fun to not. Then I'd feel better about my eating.

Sorry you got stuck on your sammich. I always seem to lately, too. :(

Glad your inner demon is being nicer!

Andrea said...

That is definitely an NSV! I still track my food even if it comes back up.