Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Second Post Today

I warned you...

First, I did do my kettlebell and other workout yesterday.  Kettlebells are freakin' hard.  I used an 18 lb one.  Holy crap.  I have this 6 minute workout thing we did and then a little 1 minute exercise with them at the end.  So 7 minutes with the kettlebells.  Doesn't sound like much but was hard.  I hope to build up with them.

Push Ups: 23 (Girl push ups - +7 from last effort)
Sit Ups: 11 (+4) from last effort.

Good progress on this front.

So Hubby is working on editing videos we took when the girls were smaller to clear up space on the camera.  Side note:  We have all these videos of when Maddie was little and Lori was REAL little but no recent ones.  I don't know what it is about the second child but they really get the shaft when it comes to the memory makers, huh?   So anyway, we were watching some of them over the weekend and I was just blown away by how fat I was.  It was really shocking to me.  I knew I was big.  I mean I felt big when the videos were taken but I know I didn't feel THAT big.  I've seen before pics (and have posted them here) but I guess there's just something about moving fat that just makes it seem even worse.  What's even sadder is that I didn't even want to watch the videos because I hated seeing myself in them.  Precious memories of my girls that I don't even really want to watch because of my own issues.

I don't want to let my husband record anything else because I'm afraid that when I look at it, I'm going to be just as disappointed with how I look now.  I feel like I've made such great progress and I don't even mind seeing myself in pictures anymore but I just don't know about this.  I'll get over it and I know we'll take more videos but it was a real eye opener as to how bad it really got a few years ago.  I know we'll be taking video this summer of the girls in the pool and I really don't want to be hiding from the camera this time.  If anything, it got me remotivated.

And motivated I am...let's check in on some of the other things.
No soda:  Check
No fast food:  Check
Vitamin: Ummmmm....
Calories:  I would've gone over yesterday if not for the exercise, so still need to work on this one.

I'm doing my run today after I pick up the girls from school.  One nice thing about having hubby home right now is getting some help in the afternoons so I can go work out and not have to try to get motivated to do it at 8:00 at night.

Hope y'all are having a good Tuesday...the week is officially in full swing.  Here's hoping it's a good one!


The thin seeker said...

Looks like you got in a great workout today. I was all set for a good workout today but then I read some disturbing news that completely threw me off kilter today and ended up trying to watch comedy movies to get to being happy me again.

Amanda said...

I've never tried kettle bell before!! Maybe I should!

Never will we be totally happy with ourselves. We are women Amanda. there is something that we always want to be better or look better...and perfection just isn't an option. Much to my misery! I am at 185. My low was 177. I will get back there but damnit if it isn't happening slow!

jennxaz said...

I hear you on the hang ups...I am in the opposite spectrum right now. I am still fat and I have to force myself to make videos with me in them so that my son has something to look back on and remember us both. My mom was not in that many videos of us when we were younger and I miss seeing that interaction..I would not care if she were overweight or not I miss seeing our bond back then and I suppose I will watch them more when she passes...I don't want my boy to feel that way because of my hang ups. I also like how you make yourself accountable with soda, vitamin, workouts and fastfood...if you don't mind I am going to add that to my blog because I am also trying to take my vitamin, workout and eat better! Love you blog by the way...I just made it threw you 3 year journey yesterday! Feel like I know you and we have never met! Kinda makes you a celebrity and me a groupie :)

Amy said...

holy shinolie!! 18 pound kettleballs? that's admirable - I'd die! :)

Ronnie said...

Great workout! And I know what you mean, honestly... I'm a little disgusted with how big I let myself get. :(