Friday, January 20, 2012

Nothing Much

Nothing much new to report here.  This week has mostly been about work.  This new position (Is it still new after 2 months?)  requires more hours but not more work which is fascinating.  Here's an interesting aspect of the corporate world.  In my old position, I felt like I worked hard and was making a difference for my company but got virtually no respect (or money) for my efforts.  In this new job, I do MUCH less work, don't feel like it really makes a difference at all and get way more respect and money for less effort.  WTF?!?!?!  This is why I'm not cut out for corporate America.  So I've had to work late 2 days this week but that's alright...with Hubby out on his own, this position couldn't have come at a better time because he can pick up the kiddos and I can bring home the bacon, so to speak.

I came home yesterday to find a big ol' bag of stuff from Victoria Secret.  Dear, sweet Hubby loaded me up with 3 new bras and a gaggle of panties.  NSV:  The panties are size MEDIUM and the bras are 38C.  They are all fairly functional (although some are obvious a man picked out. LOL) and they're all in pretty colors and designs.  I admit...under garments are one of those things I have put off buying...I guess I'm just more concerned with what everyone sees on the outside.  They don't know if my panties are baggy, ya know?  But I guess Hubby knew and now I've got all new stuff that fits and looks sexy.  How awesome is he?

We went to a salad bar yesterday - Swe.e.t T.oma.toes.  Now I know some people love this place.  I've never liked it but we had a coupon and my favorite salad bar closed down.  So we go...first, WAY overpriced for what you get.  Premium toppings (aka PROTEIN) cost extra and it's set up so that you don't feel comfortable getting more salad if you want more.  Then they have 8 different kinds of soup, a couple hot pasta dishes, fresh fruit (this was whole apples and pineapples folks...oh yeah and jello...since when is jello a fresh fruit?) and ice cream.  The soup was ick, I avoided the hot pasta dishes, jello isn't fruit and mac and cheese is not a suitable option.  So I basically had a small salad, a chocolate chip cookie, 2 bites of nasty chili and finished my youngest' ice cream cone.  So will not be going back.  What made me laugh though is that this band can work two ways.  Since I can't eat very much, I want WHAT I eat to be very yummy and satisfying.  However, in cases like last night where everything is just so-so, it's OK too because I don't have to eat that much of it to not be hungry anymore.  It's a win-win.

After dinner, I reached in my purse to find a tip for the server when I realized my lip gloss had leaked all over EVERYTHING.  Time to find a new purse.  I went to JC Penney and found one I like for $8.  Can't beat that.

No plans for the weekend.  Hubby is going to a soccer game Saturday night so it'll just be me and the girls.  Otherwise, pretty boring. I might post a BYOC later if Draz gets around to putting one out there, but for now I leave you with a Friday Funny:


jennxaz said...

I agree sweet tomatoes sucks! How sweet of hubby to pick out his favorite unders for you! I haven't bought anything pretty down there in years....I can't wait!

tz said...

it's just adorable that hubby picked those things out for you...I love it when hubby's shop for their's not the gift itself but more that he was thinking about you...very sweet.

Stacey said...

That reminds me of Fr3sh Choice here. The salad bar part is awkward, but of course the unhealthy stuff is easily accessible. And not very tasty. But way overpriced.

Leslie said...

I love your funny!! So cute.

I think it's super adorable that your husband bought you some new things, what a guy!

Oh don't even get me started on work. I'm in the underpaid/under appreciated camp right now and it drives me bonkers.

Jen said...

Sweet Tomatoes is tough as a bandster! I don't mind it but it seems like a huge waste of money now that I can't eat whatever I want there!!
your husband is awesome for his sweet gift to you!

Have a good weekend!

Ronnie said...

That salad bar place sounded pretty gross. I'm with you, if I'm out somewhere and I have something not fantastic, I lose my appetite. It's a love/hate kinda thing. ;)