Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hump Day Hijinx

OK - There's really not much hijinx going on but it sounded good.

2.3 miles in 32:12. (-1 minute from previous effort).  I'm definitely improving slowly but surely.  Not as sore after it today either so it's all good.  Also, if anyone is mathematically challenged like myself and need a distance, pace or time calculator for their walks/jogs/runs, this one is easy -

No Soda - Check
No Fast Food - Check
Vitamin - Egad!  I don't know why I keep putting this one up here.
Calories - Close but no cigar.  I went 53 calories over the goal yesterday.  I do tend to overestimate on my tracker so I may still be OK here so no biggie.

I was tagged again.  No way can I come up with another 11 random things so I'll just answer their questions.  First...
My Questions from Sarah
What (if anything) are you allergic to? Amoxicillin and Penicillin
What colour is your bathroom?  White
What is your favourite book?  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
What are your favourite flowers?  Red Roses
What attraction near to you, have you never seen? Rocky Mountains
Which classic film have you never seen? Ben Hur and I don't think I care to...
How many photos do you have in your lounge/sitting room? Who/What are they of? No photos but 2 paintings - Eiffel Tower and a Van Gogh cafe thing
Do you garden? Nope
Who is your favourite comedian? Daniel Tosh is HILARIOUS
Handbags or shoes? Neither but really not handbags
What is your most expensive piece of clothing?  I don't have any expensive clothing.  Sad but true.

And my questions from Grace:
1. What is the thing you miss most about not being banded (not being health-conscious if you aren't banded)?  Not being able to take that first REALLY big bite of something like a burger or pizza
2. What is your favorite thing about having a band (or being health-conscious if you aren't banded) besides the weight loss?  Liking how I look in clothes
3. What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?  TMZ
4. Do you drink protein shakes or eat protein bars regularly? Why/why not?  No.  I hate the taste of protein shakes and I'd rather just have regular food than a bar.
5. What is your favorite exercise method/move?  I don't do Zumba anymore but I loved it.
6. What is your least favorite exercise method/move? Treadmill...UGH
7. If you could have dinner with 1 person, dead or alive, who would you choose & why?  Hmmm...I have no idea.  I struggle with this because as I've grown older, I'm not that intrigued by historical figures anymore.  It seems no one is as interesting in real life as you've built them up in your mind. The fatty in me would say some fantastic famous chef who could cook me something fabulous. LOL
8. What was your least favorite job experience?  I was a seating hostess at Perkins.  The wait staff hated me and the manager was a dick.  It sucked.
9. What was your favorite food before getting on the weight-loss bandwagon? Pasta
10. What is your favorite food now that you're on the bandwagon?  It's still pasta - I don't ban foods from my diet...I just have less of it less often  :)
11. What is your favorite place on earth & why?  Home.  My best friend (Hubby) is there and my kiddos and when they aren't there, it's nice and quiet and I can just be me and stay in jammies all day if I want.

So more interesting facts about yours truly.  Overall, life is good.  Not so sure about this new job...may not be a great fit for me but I'll need to stay in this role at least a year so I'm not sweatin' it.  TOM came yesterday so I'm attributing my nonweight loss on Monday to that.  It may have nothing to do with it but I need something.  I'm having lunch with a friend today and then a birthday party on Saturday.  I'm hoping I can keep my choices reasonable.  Even if I don't, I'll be logging.

How about a Hump Day Happy Thought to round things off?


Lucy said...

I havent reallybtaken any food awaybwith except onesbthat ALWAYS make me PB like Subway bread even the flat one. We always do Sunday jammi day in my house, love it.

Amanda said...

Good lord I want to take a big bite of a burger, pizza, or a sub!!

jennxaz said...

Tosh O cracks me up!

Leslie said...

I love Tosh! He is freaking hilarious!

Jen said...

I am so with you on the taking a big bite of a burger, sub or pizza.. I sometimes sit in restaurants and watch people do that and am majorly jealous!!!

Perry Joyce said...

"By all means, keep moving!" Can I get that tattooed somewhere?! Seriously, that's gotta be the most perfect quote ever.

I still do that big bite thing without thinking sometimes. Bad habits die hard ;)

Ronnie said...

I still take that first big bite sometimes. Always a mistake when that happens. LOL

Congrats on shaving that minute off your time. :))