Thursday, January 5, 2012

2.6 Mile "Run"

Check.  I always put "run" in quotes because at my pace, it's not really running...hardly jogging really.  Anyway...last night, after dinner, I put on my work out clothes and headed out the door.  I did 2.6 miles in 36 minutes.  Not too shabby for my first time out in FOREVER.  After my run, my legs still felt OK but seriously need to work on the cardio aspect of it.  I could barely breathe.  Today, my legs hurt.  So, a couple lessons learned.  #1:  Run BEFORE I eat.  I seriously thought I was going to puke.  #2: Suck it up and bring the runners pack.  Holding on to the water bottle sucked.  I admit I felt a bit like a cliche.  Here it is, January 4th and I'm running.  I passed (and got passed) by all kinds of people who are still grasping to New Year's resolutions.  How many times have we done this in January?  I tried to remind myself that it's different this time because I'm not doing it because it's the new year.  I'm doing it because I just had a month long vacay from fitness and health.  If May was preceded by a month of cookies, cakes, pies, parties, booze and culinary delights, May 1st would be my "back on the wagon" day, right?  Right.  So I got over that feeling and just felt proud that I got out there and did it.

More check ins:
No soda:  Check
Vitamin: No check (think I need to buy more)
No Fast Food: Check
Calorie Deficit:  Check

And how can I be sure I had a calorie deficit yesterday, you ask?  Because yesterday I signed up for myfitnesspal.  *sigh*  I am not a tracker.  We've been through my little tirade about hating having to track food before.  However, when I'm struggling, it's an excellent way for me to get focused.  I did it in December 2010 and actually lost weight that holiday season (probably should've reverted back last month but I digress...).  So I'm tracking.  I probably took in a little less yesterday than it logged but when it comes to tracking homemade stuff, serving sizes and nutritional value is harder to figure out.  So I overestimate on stuff just to be safe.  Yesterday looked good.  I would've gone over my allotment if not for the exercise but that's what exercise is all about right?  Right.

So overall, feeling good so far this year.  Feeling more focused and ready.  I came up with a team name for my Color Run (I still need one more person to make a team so if any of you are in the Phoenix area and want to join me, just ping me).  I picked "Roy G Biv for President."  It's a goofy name, I know...what can I say?  I'm kind of a dork.  ROYGBIV is the acronym kids use to remember the colors of the rainbow so I thought this was cute for a Color Run where you get doused with paint every 1k.

Oh! Oh! Oh!  I almost forgot.  So the fabulous Fluffy had a giveaway where you could win Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD.  I won!!!  It came in the mail yesterday.  I've decided that February will be my Jillian Michaels month (I know February only has 29 days but I think it's OK) as I need to focus on my 5k training for January.  I, of course, will track my workouts here.  Special thanks to Fluffy for the're the best!!!  By the way, if any of you are NOT following Fluffy, what's the matter with you??  She's such an inspiration, especially on the fitness front!

So I snapped a quick picture of myself in one of my new outfits this morning.  It's really the same outfit I've had in like 5 variations since I was 18 but it's a good business casual look for work.  Shopping is kind of boring in transitional sizes because it's always stuff for work and it's always like a pair of black pants, brown pants, gray pants, etc.  But anyway, some of you asked to see some of the other stuff I bought so...ask and ye shall receive:
If I don't look thrilled, please keep in mind that it's 4:45 a.m...also, I know the top is a bit see through, I AM wearing a cami underneath so I don't get fired.  LOL that's it for today, I think.  Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness.  I DO plan on running/walking again tonight.  With these legs, I expect a slightly slower time as they're sore but that's alright.  The point is just get out there and do it.  Happy Thursday!


Amy W. said...

Well, who cares if you are a cliche. It's better to at least try and start off strong right...even if we peter out about 2 weeks later. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! No! We are women hear us roar, in numbers too small to ignore...lalalalala

Jen said...

I agree with Amy!! at least you are doing something to start the year off strong!!! Way to go and thanks for your support on my blog yesterday!! it helps to know that others's are keeping track of me too, keeps me accountable!!

Dawnya said...

Good for you for getting out there yesterday!! You are moving and that's all that matters.

Cute shirt!!!

Sarah G said...

Running is running no matter how "slow". Don't minimize what you are doing!!!