Friday, January 6, 2012

Rest Day Yesterday

So I've decided I'm going to run every other day to give my legs a rest between days as I was REALLY sore yesterday and I don't want to risk injury.  So instead of doing my run, I got started on my push up/sit up goal.  It was PITIFUL.  I knew the sit ups were going to be bad as I have virtually no core strength but I was pretty shocked at how bad it was.  I'm posting it here because that's what I do but it is a bit embarrassing where my fitness level is at with these.

Push Ups: 12 (girl push ups - I'm working up to regular ones...gotta start somewhere)
Sit Ups: 7

Yep. You read that right.  Pretty pitiful huh?  But I've got all year and if I do this every other day all year long then I'll probably be alright.  Maybe.  As for my pull up goal, I don't own a pull up bar so I haven't started on this one yet.  Hubby's friend has one that goes on a door jam or something and he's going to give that to us so I've got one on the way.

Other goals:
No soda:  Check
No fast food: Check
Vitamin:  Doh!
Calories:  Check

So yesterday I talked about how NOT to educate people about childhood obesity.  Today I'm going to talk about a really good idea.  My oldest daughter is in first grade.  One day she came home raving about a snack bar in her cafeteria that is free for kids.  Now we pack my daughter's lunch every day to ensure that she's not just eating crap and to save on money so I was concerned about this snack bar.  I'm also STILL not sure that it's actually free...I'm waiting to get a bill at the end of the year but it's alright but this "snack bar" is actually a SALAD BAR.  That's right folks...salad, as in lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, etc.  My daughter has been visiting this thing almost every day getting a few raw veggies to supplement what we're packing for her.  She loves it!  So how great of an idea is this?  For an elementary school to offer something like this for free to kids.  My daughter says a lot of kids in her class take advantage of it and I think it's awesome that they have it.

So running today, come hell or high water.  On the menu for dinner tonight is chicken meatballs with tsaziki sauce and hummus with cucumbers.  Very excited.  I'm hoping to stay active over the weekend, maybe a couple of family walks are in our future.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I leave you with a Friday Funny:


Rachel said...

Lucky kid!! free salad bar... wish they had something like that at work!! xx

jennxaz said...

LOL! great funny. That is an awesome idea for the school to offer the veggies up! Hopefully starting that at their age they will continue to like them.

Dawnya said...

Free salad bar. Ummm...I would have died. All I wanted in elementary school was a pudding pop or a cinnamon roll. LOL

Good for your daughter for enjoying that healthy option.

It's amazing to me that with all my belly core is pretty strong. I can easily knock out 50 sit up. Do I...hell to the now!!! LOL

Have a great weekend. Oh...maybe the family can do a hike or something. That sounds fun.

vickyd said...

A free salad bar is an awesome idea...I wish they had something like that at my son's school.

Kristin50 said...

You have to start somewhere Kudos on doing them I hate them with a passion :)

Jen said...

that's awesome about the Salad Bar!! I wish we had something like that here at work!!
Your dinner tonight sounds delish!!

Stacey said...

Awesome free salad! I would be in heaven!!!

Congrats on running! We did our Wk1 Day3 today. I am super excited that we are all sticking to this. :)

Ronnie said...

I wish they had stuff like that at my school growing up. I love the changes schools are slowly making.