Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shopping and Fill

So I did some shopping yesterday.  My incredibly awesome mom gave me mucho dinero to buy clothes with.  This was her Christmas gift to me.  No, it's not "What Not To Wear" new wardrobe kind of  money but it was very generous.  Now I could think of a dozen other things to do with this money.  In the past, monetary gifts have gone towards bills, stuff for the kids, car repairs I had been putting off, etc.  This year, I committed to ME and spending it on ME. So I did.  I bought 4 new pairs of pants for work, a few shirts, 2 new camis and a sweater.  I was going to buy the first dress I've bought in a long time but instead bought a new pair of jeans.  I wasn't looking for jeans but had to buy them because of what the jeans SAID.

Uh huh.  Vera Wang Size 12 ULTRA SKINNY!

And me in the jeans....kinda blurry. sorry.
All the pants were a size 12 but I did squeeze into a size 10 and was able to zip them up but they weren't flattering.  I spent all of the money and I don't feel guilty about it...not one bit.  OK...maybe a little guilty, especially since I'm hoping they're transitional clothes but I was feeling pretty frumpy in my current stuff.

I also got a fill yesterday.  Last one of the year and last one where I only have to pay a copay.  I really hope I don't need another one any time soon...our "fill budget" will be completely taken up by Hubby's stuff this year, I think.  Anywhoozle...I weighed in on the doc's scale at 160.5 lbs.  Their scale always runs a lb or two heavier than mine (and I'm fully dressed on theirs as opposed to when I weigh in at home) so I'm actually not too upset about this.  It was only a 1 lb loss from my last fill though.  I could tell the doc was hesitant to give me another one as we both agree some poor choices are the main problem but he caved and gave me a small fill anyway.  I also found out that we'll save more money by going to self pay once my insurance changes over at the beginning of the year.  The office visits aren't as expensive as I thought they would be that way so I was relieved to get that straightened out yesterday as well.  So far, so good with this fill.  I'm hoping this jump starts some weight loss for me.

So what else might jump start my weight loss?  Perhaps the 5k I've decided to run in January.  That color run I've been talking about?  I'm doing it.  I start training a 4 week program figured out so that should definitely help shed some pounds also.  I finished my last 5k in 40:35.  We're going to see if we can beat that.  I may have someone running with me and it's just a fun run/walk, not a race so we'll see.  Not gonna stress over it.  The main thing is to run the whole thing.

So that was my Hump Day happy place...a little shopping, a little fill... all good stuff. I'm taking tomorrow off so I'm happy it's my Friday.  Preview of what's up next on Panda's blog:  New Year goals and my "word" for the year.  Hope y'all have a great weekend and a fantastic New Year!


Jacquie said...

Yay for new clothes! You look great.

A.J. said...

I remember that feeling of being obligated to use all gift money to "get ahead" on bills etc. -- not fun times. I would call spending all the money on you, as it was intended, a total NSV. Part of how I got to needing a lap-band was constantly failing to make myself a priority and not admitting my needs count for something. Good job for actually gifting yourself with your gift money and good job on the "Ultra Skinny" jeans!!

Cece said...

You look fabulous ... seriously, fabulous ! I understand about the 'what will this fill cost' dilemma. I just had my first where I'll be responsible and have no idea what my ins will pay.

Ronnie said...

I'm proud of you for doing something completely for yourself!

Would love to see the sweater and stuff, too. :)

Dawnya said...

I'm so excited that you actually spent the money on you. I know how hard that can be when finances aren't that great. You deserved it.

I'm thinking aobut the color run here in Austin. It is in February.

Kristin50 said...

You look so AMAZING! I cannot believe your transformation! I am also glad you spent money on you, that is wonderful! You look fab!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, those jeans look amazing on you. they are worth whatever they cost.
I agree with Ronnie- let's see the rest of the loot.

Lee Ann said...

ULTRA skinny jeans, awesome!!! You look incredible.

Andrea said...

Yay! Ultra Skinny! I would have bought those too!